PAROXYSMS (What is on my mind?)

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Chapter 14

When Mrs. Garner’s arrived at the apartment around 8 am in the morning, she screamed in dismay as she watched Peel lay on the floor covered in blood. The land phone had eighty two messages on voicemail. Mrs. Garner ran off to the elevator crying out for help. The security guards came up. An ambulance was called and she was taken to the hospital. The police arrived shortly interrogating the neighbors, guards and Mrs. Garner.

It was Wednesday morning and April was at the office. She called on the land phone hoping her call will not end up in the voicemail. It was picked up on the other end. “Peel where the hell have you been?” She yelled.

“There has been an accident Miss Peel has been sent to the St. Thomas hospital.” A male voice replied.

April rose up from her chair and rushed to the hospital.

When Peel regained her consciousness she found herself lying in a room with monitors and oxygen mask. Her body felt pinned down with a heavy invisible weight. April was standing beside her squeezing her hand. She moved out her oxygen mask mumbling out slowly “Where is Logan?” Before she passed into deep sleep.

When she woke up again two officers were standing beside her. April was seated beside her on the opposite end. She felt fatigued, her eyes sullen, cheek bones prominent, body emaciated and paled.

April removed her oxygen mask, the officers greeted her and she replied with a nod.

“Miss Peel, has there been any occurrence at your apartment?”

“No” She replied nodding her head.

“We found you covered in blood, did anyone attack you?”

“I must have injured myself accidentally officer, I am sorry to have caused a trouble.”


“I am sorry I do not remember.” She replied meekly.

The officers stood their baffled. “Ma’am you should be careful.”

“I will be next time.”

“We will be needing to record your statement in a document once you get better. If you recall anything please inform us.”

She nodded in affirmation.

When the inspectors left April asked Peel about the accident. All Peel could remember was she was with Logan before everything happened. By evening Peel had another visitor. Mig walked in. He gently kissed on her head brushing his fingers across her cheeks.

“I came as soon as I heard, what happened?” He whispered.

“I don’t remember” Peel’s voice squeaked.

April walked out the room giving them a moment alone.

Mig sat down beside her bed, caressing her hand. Pain flickered in his eyes. She squeezed his fingers smiling faintly.

He sat beside her for a while then walked out the door kissing her on the cheeks. April was seated outside sipping in coffee. He sat down beside her, exhaling out a deep breath.

“Jesus Christ!” he whimpered.

“I am going to be staying with her tonight.” April said turning her face towards him.

“I am staying too!”

“No you need to be at the office.”

“Give me a call if you need anything” he sighed with his eyes closed, head rested on the wall.

“Sure boss.” She replied flatly.

Ten minutes later April was in the doctor’s room. Dr. William told her that Peel’s condition was stable and she would be dizzy for the pain killers and tranquilizers. The glass shards from the broken vodka bottle had pierced through her back muscles but luckily there were no organ injury. He said she could take her home tomorrow. April was relieved.

Thirty minutes later when April returned to Peel’s room, the room was dark and she was not in her bed. She quickly turned on the lights, Peel was sitting on the floor, her forehead pressed against the wall on the corner. She was crying. April knelt down beside her perplexed, gently touching on her shoulders. Peel looked up tears streaming down her eyes. She tightly gripped on April’s arms begging her to take her home.

April wrapped her in her arms rubbing her back. She felt moistness on her fingers.

“Peel shit you are bleeding!”

They sedated her so she could fall asleep. April had her head buried in her hands.

“She is acting so strange!”

“What happened?” Dr. William asked.

“When I got there I found her sitting on the floor crying against the wall!”

“Has she ever acted this way before?”

“No” April replied.

There was a long pause.

“Miss April I think Miss Peel needs Psychiatric counselling.”

Her mouth gaped in aghast as the doctor continued.

“She was alone in her apartment when the accident happened.”

“It was an accident and she was drunk!” she snapped.

“Could be Miss April but we found cut mark scars on her left wrist.”

“What are you applying?” Her voice shrieked.

“I have informed Dr. Mason, he would be here tomorrow morning.”

April walked out the door. Five minutes later she was standing, staring at Peel through the glass door as she lay asleep on the bed. Tears streamed down her face.

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