PAROXYSMS (What is on my mind?)

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Chapter 15

Dr. Mason was in his early sixties. He was a tall man with gray hair and a small beard. He sat down on the chair beside the bed. Peel lay on the bed with her body slanted, supported by the pillow she was looking out the window when Dr. Mason walked in with Dr. Williams. April was seated on the couch. He greeted both ladies warmly.

“How do you feel today Miss Peel?”

“Better.” she replied.

“We checked your reports, you can go home today if you like.”

Her dull eyes sparkled up with joy.

“Do you remember anything about the accident?”

She nodded in a no.

“Do you drink a lot usually?”

She nodded again.

“Where you stressed over work dear?”

She looked down at her palms interlocking her fingers not answering.

Dr. Mason got up from his chair heading towards the door when Peel muttered.

“He said I could not see him when I heard him and I only heard him when I was drunk.”

Dr. Mason paused.

“What did he say his name was?”

Peel looked up with her gloomy eyes. Dr. Mason had dark black eyes. His eyes reminded her of the times she had spoken to him with darkness lurking around. The solace she had found in the serene bliss.

“Logan” she replied.

Dr. Mason smiled before heading out of the room.

Few minutes later April was sitting in Dr. William’s office with Dr. Mason.

“Is she alright?”

Dr. Mason angled his arm on the table resting his chin on his fingers facing April.

“Miss April you said you saw your friend sitting down resting her head on the wall crying.”


“Her body was found lying injured on the floor beside a wall in her apartment.”

“Yes! So?”

Dr. Mason lowered his arm inhaling in, looking up straight into her eyes as he said,

“Miss April your friend most likely has schizoaffective disorder.”

April twitched her eyes in perplexion.

“She thinks there is someone inside the wall that talks to her when she is drunk.”


“Yes she is deluded. She has developed a character in her mind thinking he speaks and listens to her when she is drunk.”

“She might have injured herself accidentally in the process when she was subconsciously talking to him.” Dr. William added.

“How is any of the things you are saying possible?” April’s voice trembled with fear.

“Her hallucinations may be due to stress, past emotional trauma, psychological, any abuse, genetic cause or combinations of factors” Dr. Mason replied.

“It will go away right?” April squealed.

“With proper medication and counselling her symptoms may improve” Dr. Mason’s voice was assuring.

“Can it deteriorate?”

“Yes if she does not undergo a treatment plan.” Dr. Mason replied warily.

“Do you know anyone from her family?” Dr. William asked.


“You need to inform them fast” Dr. Mason added.

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