PAROXYSMS (What is on my mind?)

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Chapter 2

You could not tell by her apartment that she was the only resident. A dining table for twelve, luxury sofa set, master kitchen with black tiles, three bathrooms plus an open bathtub in the balcony guarded with glass doors, which was a one way see through from the inside. Her bedroom had a dressing room attached with all her clothes, shoes and perfume collection inside. She was obsessed with few things fur, lights, candles and mirrors and that was visible from her apartment. The soft furry Italian carpets around the house were sleek. Her place had neon lightings especially in the bathrooms and living area. Artificial grass and real stones were placed against each and every single wall, a small mini garden inside a luxury apartment. Her parents had bought her the place seven years back when she had moved to London to study law. She never wanted anything extravagant but they had bought it anyway. They anticipated with the flat it would be easier for her to host parties. She never hosted one and there were no guests.

She opened the packaging and placed the candle on a small table in the bedroom beside her king size bed. She stripped down naked and placed her clothes in the basket with the pile of other clothes. The housekeeper did her laundries alongside other chores. She went inside her massive bedroom bathroom turned on the shower. The water was cold and relaxing. Resting her head against the tiled wall, allowing the water to trickle down her back she cocked her hand to reach for the shower gel. It was milk and butter cream. One compliment Peel would always get was that she smelled nice. She got out wearing a bath robe, hair tied with the towel the way her grandmother had taught her. She called it the classic beauty tips. Thinking about her always made Peel smile. They had memories she could cherish for a lifetime. She knelt down on her Italian fur mattress and reached out for the drawer. She took out the white chiffon and net lingerie and put it on. Her dressing room had mirrored doors. She would usually take out the clothes and dress outside except for rare occasions where she chose to dress inside. Inside there was a small table mirror for her touch ups. She slid down the bath robe in front of the mirror ignoring looking at the reflection of her bare body and was more focused on putting on the lingerie. Her bikini had to be tied around the neck and back. She made the knots and went for the panty. Two clean knots around the waist and she was done. Her hair was longer at the front then at the back. Her skin had a hue of cherry red and a light brown tone. Small breasts which were in proportion to her body, little bit of belly fat, plum buttocks, chubby thighs. She looked up in the mirror content with how god created her. She was a beautiful lonely twenty-seven year old. The sirens, red and blue lights, cacophony around the city all seemed to peek into her eighteenth floor apartment. She sat down in front of her reflection near the mirror. Thoughts streaming down her mind, millions of raw emotions flooded through her. She could not tell whether they were joy, sadness or arousal. Her body felt ice kisses planted gently around her neck, breasts, belly and back while she felt moistness seeping down in-between her thighs.

She got up and cleaned herself taking off the lingerie. She changed into loose sweat shirt and pants. Blowing dry her hair she tied it up into a messy bun before opening the laptop and working on her article. Five hours later she was done with the piece.

She walked up to the balcony. A starry night draped with cool breeze and smell of snow flakes and dry leaves. The tranquility was lonely yet peaceful. All this while she had not realized she had been starving. The last time she ate was at the coffee shop. She needed to eat more.

She sat down on the cold floor placing the coffee mug and cookie jar beside her, leaning against the balcony sliding door. Tomorrow will just be another day. She had worked so hard to be where she was today but now when she had it all was she truly happy? Was it the way she wanted things to be? No! Things turned out different than she had anticipated and she did her best. She was not a miserable damsel who needed a potential man to come for her salvation. Cinderella left her crystal glass slippers and the prince sent soldiers to find her and when he finally found her they married and got their happily ever after and yes of course! The part where Cinderella was told to be kind because kindness always comes back. In her story it came back in the form of an old fairy godmother, handsome prince, mice, birds and what not. Grandma used to whisper in her ears about the handsome prince who would come and take her to the lands of happily ever after. She just had to endure the pain a little longer and be a good little girl till he arrived. Did the prince come? Yes he did! He did give her butterflies, make her heart race, was the best thing about her days before the wretched whirlpool of darkness sucked her inside and she found herself lost and all alone.

The sound of the alarm clock woke her up. She had fallen asleep on the floor. Her head felt heavy. It was 8 AM. She got up, packed her laptop, dressed up. She needed coffee.

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