PAROXYSMS (What is on my mind?)

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Chapter 3

The hallway to her office room felt like a chaotic mess with all the dissonance of human voice, phone rings, paper fluttering, and series of voice greeting her. She walked head high, back straight, heel first then toe. The best attire worn was her confidence. She greeted back with a slight smile, eyes flinched and a cordial modest jerk of her jaw.

She pushed open the door with her shoulder, holding the laptop in her arm. She walked in, placed the laptop on her desk, drew out the chair and sat down. She tapped on the electric call bell on her desk and within seconds Amaranda flung open the door, walking in with her gaped smile. Today she wore a bright red blazer, white t-shirt inside, red mini skirt. Her outfit perfectly told off her figure. She was in her early forties, pear shaped body, round protruding belly, bigger projecting breast. She smelled like candy and moreover looked like one!

“Good morning Miss Con, you have quite a schedule today! A meeting at 10 with Miguel, a meeting with the board of directors at 12:30, then you will be having lunch with them, seven write ups for editorial correction and a final check for Monday’s issue.”

It was 9:53 AM

“Thank you Amaranda.”

“I will be leaving you a hand note on your desk, just in case you need it.”

“That is very thoughtful of you Amaranda.”

It was going to be one hell of a day Peel thought, as she watched Amaranda leave closing the door behind her.


She is always doing something extra to show how much she cares even though it is not obligatory.

Her smile is the most beautiful thing about her.


At 10:03 AM she was at the boardroom. The art directors, designers, picture editor, copy editor, production manager were already seated across the big round table. She sat down resting her notepad and pencil on the table. Not a minute late Miguel was holding the door open for April who strode in with a disparaging grimace, vividly illustrating her agitation to his unnecessary chivalry. She drew out the moving chair beside Peel and sat down sprawling out her upper body, slouching against the chair. She seemed so exhausted and messy. Miguel walked in behind April with lighter pace being inattentive to her notions, minding his very own business as he had pretty plenty of them.

“Good morning guys! Happy to see you all and now let’s get down to business!” he continued.

“As we all know Foxan Magazine has been growing rapidly ever since being founded by our founders Foxer and Andrew Pager. Seven years in this publishing business with our London headquarter and three branches in the south, Cambridge, Bristol and South Hampton the board has now proclaimed it wants a further expansion targeting the northern part of the states by building our fourth branch in Liverpool. Thanks to our annual profit escalation of 2.9% over the span of last 2 years. We need to assemble a new team, appoint people. There will be promotions and this is going to be more work and excitement then you can all even combinedly anticipate for now.”

He paused resting his palms flat on the table,

“The board of directors and the Pager’s will talk you all through this more elaborately on the 12:30 meeting, any proposition is welcome of course given the fact you have to knock me up with it prior to the meeting and that will be a wrap for now! I want the designer and production team in my office within fifteen minutes.”

Everyone rose on their feet with their note pads beginning to leave when Miguel called out.

“Not you miss Con, I have something very important to discuss.”

Miguel was a tall guy in his early thirties. His dark hair was always brushed back with side partition. He had thick slightly arched eyebrows, light pale white skin with a slight pink tint, perfectly toned body with well-defined abs and arm muscles. His mother was British and father Spanish and that explained his impeccable sensuous traits.

Peel stood still as he approached her. Her eyes fixed on him as he went behind her, cocking his temple over her shoulder, his nose close to her neck exhaling out a cool breeze of air. Shiver skittered down her spine. His cologne had the scent of vanilla and a fresh sea mist. The incense rekindled her memories of the ephemeral past they shared.

“I miss you Peel” he breathed.

Peel stood rooted to her place not answering.

“Let’s go out for a drink tonight, after work” His voice hardened.

“I have plans tonight Mig” her tone was bland.



“So you will pick her over me?” He scoffed.

“We have plans.”

“Do you? Want me to join?” His voice playful.

The door creaked open and Mig paced back a step, while Peel remained standing at her place as April walked in.

“Hi boss!” She snarled gently gripping Peel by her waist she said “I need to talk babe.”

Peel smiled in affirmation.

“Is it okay boss? It is urgent” she continued.

Mig tilt his head with a gentle smirk.

April glid her arms across Peel’s waist to her shoulders walking her out from the room.


Fresh sea mist and vanilla was what I breathed in when he was inside me. The scent reminded me of my beach holiday at San Diego when I was seven, I remember I was sad because grandma could not come with us. It made me sad that night too! His scent made me sad. Before I could realize a teardrop streamed down from the outer corner of my eye. The melancholy was soon expeditiously taken over by a precipitous shudder setting ripples of sensation across my body as it made its way up my spine. My lower body felt numb. His tongue whirled around my clitoris, I purred like a cat gently caressing his hair as a gesture of gratitude while spreading out my thighs even more, asking him politely not to stop. He planted a soft kiss before nibbling on my clit, he was inside me once again, growling out loud. The tattoo beneath his left collarbone said something in Spanish I wondered what it was as I brushed my fingers across it, I took in my middle finger in my mouth sucking it while he stared with his eyes widened bewildered. I glid the wet finger over his ink engraving letting out a brief chuckle while he continued thrusting.

It all came to climax leaving behind my moistness as a trail of dominating fragrance. The room was filled with a sudden calmness before I drowned into the tranquility of the night.


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