PAROXYSMS (What is on my mind?)

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Chapter 4

“What was he saying?” April asked with her brows furrowed

“Drinks” peel said flatly.

“You want to go out with him?”


“That prick never thought a girl could abandon his perfect little ass after one night sex.”

“I was drunk April” Peel’s face remained straight as April burst out in chuckles.

“But I know why he gushes over you, you are admirable honey!” April slowly whispered with a flirtatious grin.

Foxan Magazine was a monthly cosmopolitan magazine covering fashion, lifestyle and social agendas. Its main headquarter was in London. Miguel Rodriguez was the editor in chief, April and Peel were sub executive editors. April was in charge of the fashion and lifestyle issues the magazine covered, whereas Peel was in charge of the social and current affairs occurring across the globe.

The divergence of two discrete topic the magazine brought to its reader made it more feasible to a larger audience. The Pagers did not want to go for a rapid expansion, they waited till they got deals from bigger investors, quickly opening its second branch in Bristol following South Hampton and Cambridge, dominating in the south. Now with opening another branch in Liverpool its target is going to be taking over England, before making it to the international market. The Pager’s strategy was simple, they would say “focus on growth and expansion shall follow automatically.”

Over the past two years the company’s main profit was because of the magazines fashion and lifestyle segment and that solely because of April’s visionary. Her creative mind was like a wildfire shooting up sparkles of ecstatic colorful flares and the team did an excellent job in composing her contemplations. Peel on the other hand was a black and white classic beauty, her write ups spoke volumes. Her words inoculated seeds of dark reality of the modern world in her reader’s minds making it inevitable for them to ignore. Forcing them to ponder upon their privileges and assets. April and Peel were like two sides of the same coin, different intellectuals with strong traits.

April was a twenty seven year old homosexual woman. She felt threatened by Peel when she first arrived thinking she would dominate the magazine. Later she ended up admiring her. Peel loved the energy April brought with her. Her ideas were intriguing like her style and her outfits were the perfect amalgamation of comfort and fashion. She mostly wore bralette with skin fit coats, long length loose pants, flat sandals and occasionally sneakers at work. Her hair was straight, short bob cut, brushed back with messy spikes, ears pierced. She would were accessories that complimented her style further. Chokers, long chains, big finger rings. Smoky eyes nude lips, she smelled like strawberries. Peel was fascinated with her vape tricks which she showed her when they went out for drinks. The first time she saw April make rings with smoke she literally shrugged her shoulders clasping her hands together in amusement.

“You are such a baby Peel” April chuckled and Peel blushed in embarrassment.

“But I know why he gushes over you, you are admirable honey!” Peel thought she was the one who was admirable. Peel was shorter than April even with her heels on. April was like the big sister. Peel found comfort in the warmth of her platonic hugs and caress on her rough days.


When he said, “So you will pick her over me?” I wanted to say, “Any day to every day.”

He had the ability to sweep me off reality into a trance of euphoria but she kept me in the actuality, showing me vivid colors of joy that I was in denial of existing. She is like a rainbow cotton candy.

She makes me happy.


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