PAROXYSMS (What is on my mind?)

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Chapter 7


The serene darkness soothed down my apprehensions. There are so many doors that lay close in front of me. I see the black door, a white door that has Miguel scribbled on it on its left and a red door with Owen Gray scribbled on the right. I stare at the red door. It is so old yet so bright. Classic vintage design with intricate engravings. Intricate just like our relationship. I tilt my head to the black door. I would never open it, tilting my head further I see the white door to Miguel. Opening it will be futile because I know it will lead to a vague road with no destination. I stand there watching.

“Tell me about them” a voice demanded.

Cold wind brush through my hair. I turn to find no one around. I stand there quietly waiting for it to show itself.

“Talk to me!” the voice softened.

I turn around moving away from the doors, there was nothing but the darkness.

“You cannot see me incase if you have not figured it out yet.”

I let in a deep breath allowing the air to resonate inside my windpipe, exhaling out my words” Who are you?”

There was a long pause from the other end.

“I never thought you will hear me.”

“Why not?”

Another long pause. I looked around and the doors disappeared.

I sat down waiting for it to respond, suddenly I found a hard support growing against my back. I move my neck tensing my shoulders. There was now an invisible wall standing behind me.

“Lean on me.” the voice demanded.

I pause for a while and do as it says.

“When you will see me you will not hear me and when you will hear me you will not see me.”


“You will know soon”.

“Tell me about the doors” the voice continued.

I sit down discombobulated. Nothing made sense. It was all so absurd. My mind felt heavy, I felt completely paralyzed down my neck. My body dropped onto the floor. I could no longer move. The darkness grew sprawling out forming a tangible meshwork of dark web.

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