PAROXYSMS (What is on my mind?)

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Chapter 8

It was 6 AM in the morning. Peel found herself lying against the wall beside the drawing cabinet. She still had the sticky note with Owen’s name clasped inside her fist. Holding onto the cabinet supporting her body against the wall she managed to get up. She walked into her bedroom, falling onto her bed she fell fast asleep.

A beam of sunlight peaked into the room from a gap in-between her curtains. She twitched as the ray fell over her eyes, covering up her face with her palms. She rose up her upper body, slanting her back with the bed frame. Her eyelids felt heavy. She looked at the alarm clock, it was 8 35 AM and she needed coffee.

Twenty minutes later she was seated in a cafe. The warmth of the place made her feel cozy. It was like a blanket draping her ice cold body. She looked out the window, a middle aged man was walking across the street with a little boy, holding a red balloon in his hand. Memories of last night came flooding in her mind. The doors, the darkness and the voice.

It was the last day before the final publication and even with only small touch ups remaining there was so much anticipations centrifuging around. Everyone was at their desks. Mig, Peel and April were scrutinizing through the improvisations. There were no rooms for errors at Foxan.

By 7 PM Peel was done. Four empty coffee mugs lay on her desk. Her back was aching, arms cramping. She needed open air. She got up from her chair walking out the door. Amaranda was not there. Her hazel eyes scanning across the place as people continued working. She limped her way out the magazine building without saying anything to anyone.

When she reached home she found a note lying on the dining table saying “I will be out on a vacation with my son. I will come back on Wednesday”. Mrs. Garners name was written on the bottom left of the paper. Peel sat down on the dining chair, staring at the wall beside the drawing cabinet.

“When you will see me you will not hear me and when you will hear me you will not see me.” The words echoing in her head. The chair glided as she rose up on her feet, heading out the main door, she needed drinks.

It was 9 PM when she returned back with twelve beer cans and four vodka bottles. She changed into her tops and pajamas after showering and sat down on the floor before the drawing wall. She felt a strong surge of inquisitiveness, her mind was dominating her body sending thousands of impulses to every corner of her skeletal framework. She felt an impending urge of unleashing all the unknown answers to the questions that stood in front of her. Her mind was racing at a pace her body could barely cope up with. Without even realizing she had gulped down an entire beer can followed by sips from the vodka.

Her tongue was burning with a sour bitter taste. She jerked off her head sideways, her breathing increased before it all took couple of minutes for her to adapt with. Slowly she found her body give away its weight. All the memories she had from work, the issues, the articles, everything started to fade away. Her upper lids began to drop and the wall appeared into a thin line before it all went blank, veiled by the darkness.

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