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What we do when we don't understand

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

She exists, in a sense I can affirm that.

My eyes can see her, my ears listen her, my nose can smell her, and even my skin can feel her.

But there is something else, I cannot explain, even my sensory system cannot comprehend her, which implies she have another entity.

Events which leads to our meeting can trace back to the very first moment of Big Bang.

And why we met is yet another philosophically profound question where schools of thought continue to beg differ.

I really don’t know what should I do, I’ve her two lives all over me, yet I can access only one part of her, where the other part remains unknown.

Why can’t we have a single life whom we can consume physically and dissipate after union.

Whether she is to me or I’m to her is still a mystery. Is our fate of lives destined already, I’ve no clue.

If we’re part of random events, can I accept the fact and see where both her lives goes?

If our lives refuse to be at intended position what I’m desired for, then why my mind cannot acknowledge the child play of randomness and move on.

I’m in distorted state. I must do something.

Maybe I should kill her and I killed.

She is vanished without a trace, my senses can longer can feel her. But she is not dead, she continues to live with her other life and it is intense and it is painful than she were having two lives.

She appears to be somewhere near to me, so close, so familiar.

So I tried to locate the life which is haunting me to find answers, I roam all around the worlds but I cannot find.

Then one day I had a strange revelation that she is inside me, the life which I'm trying to access is within me. She entered to me on the day I met her. She set her to a comforting place inside me, the place which she felt so secure.

I cannot bear her life inside me and I killed myself to put an end to strange algorithm rather than living in a strange meaningless paradigm of life.

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