Alien Amos Calling

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It was a stormy afternoon when the creatures from the great beyond landed with the curse of with-holding.They arrived fashionably late as the world was predicted to end in 2012 and it was now 2020.

Mystery / Scifi
Amos Ofentse
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Chapter 1

It was a stormy afternoon when the creatures from the great beyond landed with the curse of with-holding.They arrived fashionably late as the world was predicted to end in 2012 and it was now 2020.Amos was sitting still in the corner of his room, on that cold afternoon,Tormented by the voices in his head as if they spoke through the walls cornering him.

The voices were speaking in a tongue he never heard before except in his head,A language he doubted even existed but he somehow understood.

You see,at age three, Amos could already speak many different languages,some not of this earth and he believed in Dinosaurs and unicorns which was normal for a three year old but he often had frightening visions of Dragons burning this earth to ashes and Aliens riding on hoverboards to rescue him,That”s when the curse of with holding was placed upon him by his parents.He was not allowed to share his visions,experiences or thoughts unless it was with family.This made him shy and lonely but he also learned to love his own company.

At age 4,all of his friends were imaginary as he did not attend school like other kids his age but had to home school instead, so he barely had the chance to make real friends.Most of his imaginary friends were Aliens, some were rather bullies than friends,often convincing him to attempt stuff normal kids his age would not do,like attempt to build a rocket instead of building sand castles.

He once constructed an entire galaxy with completely new planets using a bunch of legos,all this at age 4.

By the age of 5, Amos could read and write in all languages and could play any musical instrument placed before him like a professional.Clearly he was Gifted and it was a curse that all this had to be kept secret.Out of boredom and desperation he created imaginary planets and started telling stories of a place where Gods and Mystic creatures dwell.He was completely obssesed with this idea, and with each passing day...he felt more and more Alien.

Amos’s private tutor who also served as the help around the house and was the closest person Amos had as a friend.The two grew fond of each other despite the Age gap between them ,Amos was no ordinary child and Adina,his Tutor knew that he was by far the most matured child in the world.Adina got more and more absorbed into Amos’s world or what she deemed to be a fantastic imagination. She took care of Amos as if she was her one and only child and thoughts of abducting him and keeping him all to herself often crossed her mind but she sensed that Amos was too brilliant a child to belong to mankind.

Adina was new in town and had only managed to make a few friends ,mostly people from her church,the latter day saints. She was rather a shy, reserved and religious person. she was quite intrigued about how Amos comprehended complex spiritual concepts and had a rather interesting interpretation of the bible and how events unfolded.

Adina grew to be believe that Amos was a prophet and rumours were spread around town about this.

Adina got into trouble and had to leave town but not before she shared a gift with her favorite kid as she now called him.the gift was an everlasting smile on his face,tears fell down her eyes and as she envisioned their re-union years later or wondered if they would ever cross paths again.

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