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VERY SHORT STORY Prompt: Write a Mystery where an important person disappears completely, with no trace that they ever existed. (Cover) "erase and rewind" by neys is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

I rubbed my hand over my face again and sighed. Where could he be? The police station buzzed around me as I contemplated. After the fourth missing person report of the week, the media was in a frenzy. Four missing people, and not a trace that they had ever existed left behind- unless you count their families, who were going crazy trying to find them.
​I turned to leave the station without the hope I had come here trying to find, as there were still no leads, and the only strong connection between the men being my husband, Jaxton Anderson. The police already knew all about him though, as did the mob of paparazzi shoving microphones into my face.
​“Mrs. Anderson! What do you make about the disappearance of these men?”
​“Why do you think your husband’s associates are also being targeted?”
​“Do you have any suspicions on who has taken your husband?”
​“What is it that your family is hiding?”
​“What has your family done to provoke these kidnappings?”
​I tried my best to ignore the vultures, but the last question almost made me talk. Almost made me scream about how no one deserves this, and that my family hasn’t done anything wrong. And the question before that had cause me to whirl around in shock before I realized that they still didn’t know. Of course they didn’t know. How could they? My husband’s brain tumor has been a fiercely kept secret, because of the repercussions the public knowledge would have on the company. Just imagine! No one would trust a man with a brain tumor to handle millions of dollars. Especially one that causes him to lose all judgement and restraint. To lash out. It would destroy us.
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