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A moment which you want to relive. A memorable moment in which you wished time to stop. If given a chance, will you relive? What if the moment you relive is a painful memories? The memory which you had erased came back to haunt you.

Mystery / Fantasy
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Why me?

The sun light always disturbs my beauty sleep. I extend my hand and look for my phone or a digital calendar. My side table is always a mess. If something is missing then for sure the first place to look for it is my side table. I hover my hand on it and it finally lands on the big family calendar.

I rub my eyes and sit on my rigid lower bed.
"Which year is it?" I ask myself.
It is hard to keep a track when I keep coming back.
"It's 2002! You travelled again?" the girl on the top bunk bed asked me.
"I guess yes if you guys are not pulling a prank." I said.
"Argh! Now I again need to take care of you!" the girl scratched her head and complained.
"Sorry." this is all I can say.
2002... What was I doing in 2002?
"Today is the test." the girl came down and told me my schedule for today.
"Can you not travel to an important day." she whispered because our other roommates entered the room.
Sia was looking at them to make sure that they didn't heard anything.
"Sia, it's not in my hand." I replied her back.
"Fine! Take a shower now." Sia instructed me.
Today is really an important day. It can change my future if I don't do it correctly.
I am a detective in the future and today in my final test of civil services. I don't have control on my travel. Sometimes it is hard to find out if I have travelled or not. Sometimes I even travel 24 hours back and it gives me a chance to relive a day and correct my mistakes but I need to make sure that the future is not disturbed.
More than living in the past I want to see the future. If anyone is given a chance then they all might choose to see the future. The past should remain untouched and one should not worry about future but one day I suddenly found myself 5 years back in time.
I was confused and didn't know what to do. At that time I didn't know Sia and met her on my way to my house in future. She was the one living there before me.
There were rumors that a girl had committed suicide because she failed in her college exams. Her parents are strict and will scold and beat her, so she gave up her own life.
While I was still in past, I tried to be her friend but I went more in the past and it was the middle school time. I asked around about her and found that we went to the same middle school. It is easy to make friends when we are young.
In no time we were best friends. We started to hang out together. I stayed in my middle school days for 5 days and came back to my time. I woke up in the house where Sia had committed suicide. I thought I failed.
I went to my kitchen to get a glass of water and found her cooking breakfast for me. We both were living together.
I changed her future.
I thought that I got those powers to change her future but I again went back in time. It was the day when I had my college entrance exam. Sia always crashed at my place to study to spend the night. I forced her to study with me and we both passed with good marks.
In my real time, I was already studying for civil exams. So, when I used to travel back I continued my study. Sia got interest in civil duties and we both together applied for civil exams.
After changing her whole future, I thought that I wouldn't travel more but I was wrong. I started to travel back more often. The schedule and the time were not fixed.
I found this when I travelled back in time when we had college entrance exams. I had already mended the time and don't have anything else to do. It's then I realized that it is not because of Sia but it is something else.
I needed some advise so I told Sia. As a human, she didn't believed me and was not ready to accept the fact that she is actually dead and I saved her.
To make her believe I memorized all accidents and murders. So that whenever I will travel I will tell her what is going to happen and then she might believe me.
I travelled back to college exam day for the third time. I told her a car accident will happen on the day we will have our last exam. As I am from the future, I was right.
It took her some time but at the end she believed me.
She still thanks me for saving her life but it is not the correct thing to play with the laws of nature. I always fear that this might be her last moment. We still have not figured out the reason of my travel but it is good to have someone support you in every crazy thing.
Sometimes her past self asks me about her future but I always refuse to expose her wonderful life. She needs to work hard, it was never easy on her. Her parents always disturbed her studies and she even needs to work part-time jobs to pay for her tuition. She doesn't accepts my money because she thinks that she already owes her life to me and doesn't wants to become a burden.
I always respect her choice and will support her just like the way she supports me.
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