The Castle On The Hill

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Out of all the chaos that were going in Sam Tyler's life right now, his escape to a remote town that was located in a tiny corner of California was supposed to be an uneventful one. He just had to lay low and wait for his fake id to be ready. But everything changed when his friend's father died under mysterious circumstances and he promised to take a look. One thing led to another and after a connection to his past surfaced, Sam was forced to partner up with the headstrong and uptight local detective Alysa Parker. Although he gave word that he was going to stay and assist on the investigation, he planned on leaving once his id became available. What he didn't know was his misfortune was just beginning and he will leave the town alright- just not on his own will! The Story will be updated with a new part every week.

Mystery / Thriller
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A gentle hand caressed his cheek and almost immediately he felt the pricked sensation of hair falling on his face. His eyes slightly fluttered but he didn’t open them. Rather he placed his hand over her hand and asked,


-as a slight smile crept on his face.

“Nothing…Just checking if you fell asleep.”

Her melodious voice rang out.

He slowly opened his eyes. A beautiful face filled his vision. Her everchanging hazel eyes were staring straight at him-he could see his face reflected on those two clear mirrors. The long and dense eye-lashes cast an almost invisible shadow on her rosy cheeks where a faint trace of blush still remained. Her lush red lips were slightly open and wet. And her head full of red hair encased his face as if the world is theirs alone.

He couldn’t resist the urge to tease her seeing her serious face.

“You know, I never realized how big your forehead is. But from this angle—mmmmm…”

She pressed her hand on his mouth before he could finish the sentence.

“Mmm…mmmm-” he continued to mumble.

“Shhh…Promise not to spout nonsense when I move my hand?”

“” he bobbed his face up and down.

She was just about to remove her hand when she suddenly stopped. She looked at him and asked,

“Have you thought about our future?” and removed her hand.

“What about our future?” He slightly cocked his head.

A hint of disappointment flashed past her face. But her eyes quickly turned serious. She stared straight into his eyes and spoke,

“We can’t keep doing this if you are unsure about it. Tell me now. It’s better to end now than too late.”

He was surprised. He didn’t expect such a strong reaction from her. He opened his mouth and spoke,

“Where is this coming from? Why now?”

Her gaze turned sharper. She immediately responded,

“Actually, it’s been long overdue. Now if this goes on and you still can’t decide then…”


“Then I would have no choice but to move on.” She spoke with no hesitation.

He was struck speechless and realized that he underestimated the gravity of the situation. Greatly.

A silent tension slowly filled the room. And she was still staring intently into his eyes expecting an answer.

He raised his head and planted a peck on her lips attempting to break the tension. Surprise sparkled on her eyes but she accepted the kiss while simultaneously cupping his face with her hands. And slowly enunciated her words as she broke away,

“Answer me seriously. Is there a possibility of a future? Our future?”

His eye widened. When he looked into her eyes he knew. He knew she was serious. Dead serious. He also knew he had to decide. Right there and then. What he’d been avoiding for so long.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in an attempt to organize his mind. Countless thoughts flashed past, countless scenarios. But there was only one common thread.


When he opened his eyes, he had already decided what he would do.

She slightly cowered seeing his determined look but recovered before long. She looked as if she’d prepared for the worst.

He smiled seeing her reaction. As if to reassure her he raised his hand and gently caressed her cheek. Then slowly opened his mouth and spoke---

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