The Enchanting Midnight

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Mystery / Romance
Aditi Mishra
4.9 103 reviews
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This is the story of a girl’s journey into dark secrets, hidden enemies and the escape from her past; the story of another man’s journey through his fears and victories; the story of conspiracy, love, miracles and mysteries.

What is it that scares us the most---the ghosts of our pasts or the uncertainties of our futures? What is it that we need to find out--the mysteries of our lives or the stories of others? Why does it happen in life that the chapters we have closed at some point long back, seem to get opened again, probably at the time, when we think there is no point in facing them? Perhaps it is a way of this universe to pull us back into those dark alleys or is it a way to find answers to those questions which we have buried inside the heart long back?

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