The Enchanting Midnight

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As we travel back to Bhopal, I know the Mishti who had found herself there is back and now she won’t leave. Nothing can leave her broken now. She had conquered everything and my heart is in a state of bliss to see that she is the brightest star I can see around me. I am proud to be her amazing friend.

She looks at me and I realize that it was this midnight that we had always awaited in our life. The midnight of bliss for both of us, when everything would be alright, when there won’t be any fears, when there would be two amazing friends on a winter midnight, trying to wonder the beauty of souls in another unknown world, through the miracles they had once lived, through their innocent dreams and through those unsaid promises of standing by each other, as the most amazing friends.

“I will never forget this midnight doctor”, she says, feeling the chilly breeze from outside, looking at the moonlit sky.

“Same here”, I smile at her, as this midnight reminds me of another one long back, when I had known what she meant to me through those miracles, in that beautiful weather.

We reach Bhopal, but she has a long way to go. I know she won’t stop right now.

“Mishti we would have loved to be with you”, my mother says.

“I will come back, but I have to go somewhere”, she looks at Avantika and me.

“Promise me, you will be back”, Avantika says, “you have to play basketball with little Mishti”.

“After some time”, she replies with a smile.

We see the train leaving the platform, as my amazing friend, the girl of strengths leaves for her miracles.

One Month Later


It is really very beautiful here near Darjeeling; lovely winter. I am in this village where it is indeed the most beautiful winter. I think you all should visit this place too sometime. I miss you all a lot here, especially aunty, Avantika and my little Mishti. I have to visit a lot more places. But I will come for sure. I have to play basketball with her after all.

I am sure you must be enjoying the weather too. You know the trick well by now. I am sure you know which midnight was the most enchanting one.

Take care of everybody and yourself. God bless you all. Convey my regards to uncle, aunty, Avantika and love to little Mishti. Happy birthday to you and her in advance!

Experience miracles my amazing friend


Yes, I enjoy this weather. I remember everything that she had taught me. I experience miracles. As I feel this chill reading her letter this night, I know I have an amazing friend and I am proud to know her. I can never forget the girl of strengths, who never gave up, and whom I had once loved, feeling her presence everywhere around me till now, in everything I do, when I look at my better half or at my daughter. But far away remains the girl of mysteries, who will always be mysterious to me by her lovely ways of blessings.

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