Her Life was a Lie

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She didn't know... She didn't know who... what she was until that day she was provoked.

Mystery / Fantasy
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The Editor

'Oh, I'm late again. I need to understand the meaning of 9o'clock!' Rose rushed out of her house, talking to herself. 'Oh! Car keys!' Rose goes back to grab the keys to her beloved Rolls Royce. She floors it to the office in 20 minutes flat.

'Hey, Grace, give my usual latte, please.' Rose said to the cafeteria worker in a hurry. 'I'm sorry miss, we don't serve to people other than staff.' The worker said, confused at Rose's demand. 'But, I am one of the staff.' Said Rose, beginning to get a weird vibe from her very usual routine.

'I've been like a friend to Grace for 3 years, ever since I joined. Why is she acting like this?' Thought Rose, in desparate need of something consoling after her best friend acted like she didn't know Rose.

'I'd better get to my cabin or I'll miss out on the deadline.' And thinking, Rose rushed to her cabin to find someone else on her desk, working on her files. 'What the hell? Who the fuck are you, sitting on my desk acting as if it's yours?' Shouted Rose, now angry. 'Hello, miss. What can I do for you?' asked the man sitting on the desk. 'First, you can get away from my desk!' 'Who are you? What your desk?!' asked the man. 'NVM, sorry' Rose said and, in a daze, hurried out of the room.

'Only a long drive can calm me.' Thought Rose, and, grabbed her car keys rushing out of the newspaper office.
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