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Incomplete, 16+ mysterious

Mystery / Romance
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The beginning for me

Beads of water cascaded down the windowsill to the sound of the birds early songs. Hailey was in the kitchen bakeing, you would hardly realise the tragedy that had struck us, that is until you heard the screams and screeching of the sky. No one was sure what was happening, it was only the beginning.
There were other odd phenomena, people were leaving there homes and comeing back as diffrent people, there souls were changed.
While this was all happening the weather was toxic. First of all weather patterns switched. The driest of desserts faced flash floods while midwestern states in midwinter, at the brink of cold temperatures, were in the path of a unbearable heat wave.
Hailey and I live in Georgia. Usualy it is humid hot weather but it has been -23 degrees farenheit for the past 3 days. Our heating system hasn't been keeping up so we've been doing everything desperately trying to stay warm. From opening the stove for heat to burning anything for warmth.
We havent left the house since the screams have started and I dont know if we ever will.

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