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His Beautiful Mute Wife

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"She was mine,is mine and will be mine. Forever and ever" He returned after six years to claim what belongs to him but he is not the same chivalrous guy anymore. He turned into a ruthless, arrogant, cold-blooded assassin with no heart. He is the whole and sole heir of H.L enterprises and Inc., most eligible bachelor of New York with piercing Sapphire blue eyes but he despise women as the most pathetic creatures in the world....except her. She is his high school sweetheart ,a beautiful sweet innocent girl. He returned after six years only to find out she lost the ability of speaking and cannot even remember him. But he will go to any extent to make her his. "Read to find out"

Mystery / Romance
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"Run..Eli.....run to save your life.." I muttered to myself encouraging. I am running a marathon in a dark dense forest covered by lush green trees and bushes. Darkness enveloped the complete forest and the only light emitting is moonlight. I can only hear some bird chirping sounds and sound of footsteps of the guys chasing me.

They all are dressed in complete black attire and killer black masks on their faces.

Sweat is rolling down my forehead. My legs are numb from the constant running and it feels like I will collapse on the ground any minute.

I halted in my tracks and bumped into something hard. I knew this is the end of my life. I just prayed the Almighty god to forgive me for the mistakes I did and let me rest in peace.

I raised my head to see if there is any last hope of escape. My eyes came in contact with the most beautiful piercing Sapphire blue eyes looking at me very intently. I cannot see his face in the darkness of the forest.

He held my wrist and pulled me towards him. I landed on his hard muscular chest which is raising and falling due to heavy breathing. I looked up to see him but he dissappeared into smoke. I turned around to see the black masked guys chasing me but they all also disappeared.

"Eli...Eli....Wake up..." I woke up from my beautiful nightmare by the shouting of Kathleen, my roommate.

"Again..same nightmare...." she asked with an exasperated sigh.

I nodded to her and sat on the bed abruptly wiping the sweat off my forehead.

She shook her head with an incredulous expression. I motioned her to go for a bath with my hand.

The same nightmare is haunting me from the past two weeks. The same sapphire blue eyes saving me from the black masked guys.

The beautiful sapphire blue eyes belong to him,once the most important person of my life who left me abruptly six years ago without even a goodbye. One of the reasons for which I lost my ability of speaking.

I started massaging my temples. I stopped dreaming about him two years back. I dreamt about him very rarely in the last two years but these nightmare have become more frequent in the past weeks.

I am a cardiologist working in 'H.L Multi-speciality hospitals' in New York. I live in hospital dorms with my co-doctor Kathleen. She works in ophthalmology department.

I am an orphan and lost all the precious things in my life six years ago including my ability of speaking. As a doctor I know only strong determination and support are needed rather than medications to bring back my ability of speaking. But I am dead person inside and have no hope of living.

Life is not a bed of roses rather it's a bed of thorns especially for me. I have gone through lot of hardships and humiliations to come the current position. I get a good income in the cardiology department for my daily expenditure and savings. I just want to move out of this dorm and buy a new apartment for me.

I just want to lead a simple life till the death welcomes me.

But what I don't know is a intruder from my past is going to enter my life and change it completely.

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