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The rubbish theories

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About the writer- I'm a 16 yo boy Who wants to write some rubbish theories which I think of ..

Mystery / Thriller
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RT- 1- immortality of soul

There are so many energies in this universe . They can never be created . They can never be destroyed. Energy keeps on changing from one form to another. Energy is such an amazing thing ! Turn the fan on , electric to mechanical . Turn the bulb on , electrical to mechanical.
Energy is transformed , not created.
The law of conservation of energy says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but keeps on changing from one form to another. Energy is the main source of life on this planet .

In holy books it's written , the body dies not the soul ..

In the books it's written energy can neither be created nor be destroyed.

People burn the bodies.. The body gets converted to ash and liberates heat and other energy . The body kept in coffins, decay and changes to other energies..
The old mythology might be right . All the theories are somewhere interlinked with each other .
When a person dies may be that person changes into energy which is faster than light and we cannot see it ..
That might be the reason of te existence of ghosts ..
This might be true .

- all these are theories not facts .

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