Lewis Keene Mysteries how it started

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Lewis and his sister lily are in grave danger. While there father is in prison their mother has been kidnapped! Find out if they save their mother and what happens to their father.

Mystery / Adventure
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A mystery to start with.

A Mystery to start with 1
CH. 1
Amy Haleigh, Annie Haleigh, Julia Miller, and John Torres are the coolest kids in

town. Not only are they detectives but Amy is the sportiest kid in school. Annie is the

prettiest and smartest kid in school. John and Julia are cousins and are pretty smart if

you ask me. Well here is the biggest mystery yet and I get to tell it to you. My name is

Annie but you can call me Ann. It all started about a week and a half ago when

Emma Jayne

came to our detective agency. I could tell by the look on her face that there was

something wrong. " What happened?'' said John. '' Last night'' Miss Jayne started ''I

came into Mr. Watson's store and he was out cold. I finally woke him up he said some

men came into his store and ordered to tell them were he keeps the dugs. He refused

and they nocked him out. He said that one of them looked vaguely familiar.'' She

finished. '' Were the drugs there when he woke up?'' Julia asked. No.'' Miss Jayne

'' Why did Mr. Watson have drugs in his store?'' Asked Amy.

''I don't know.'' Miss Jayne said promptly. ''I didn't mean to offend you.''

Amy said shyly. '' Well'' Miss Jayne said '' I must get on with my duties. She swung the

Door open and shut it behind her. I suddenly noticed a note where Miss Jayne was

Just standing. ''What's this?'' I said after picking up the note. Written on the note it

Said. MEET ME AT MR. WATSON'S AT 6:OO PM Georg E.. ''What we all said in

Unison. Georg E. was the meanest bully in the state and he loved tormenting whoever

he wanted . '' oh no!'' John said.

An Alarming Note 2
Ch. 2
We stared at the note which felt like hours until Amy broke the silence. '' There

has to be an answer ether Miss Jaynes story is true or its all a hoax.'' '' That's a tuff

question we only have one story and we don't know is we can believe it.'' Said Julia

''There is only one ways to find out it's investigation time.'' I said. The next day us

Four kids went to Mr. Watson's store. We questioned him, the only thing that bothered

My was he said '' Did Emma come to your detective agency?'' ''Ye.....'' Amy started to

say but I cut her off. '' no, may i ask why?'' ''No reason'' he said eying me. '' Well let's

Have a look around.'' John said. ''Good idea.'' Julia said. We all went to different

sections. John went to the drone section. Amy and Julia went to the makeup section

While I went to the '' Employees Only door'' the room was long and at the end there

Was a back door that lead to the outside. There were several boxes I peered inside. I

Gasped, inside there was counterfeit money! I heard a noise from a room I hadn't

Noticed. I looked inside a man was tied in the corner he looked as if he had been

Nocked out. I tiptoed into the room there was a desk in the center of the room

And a window behind it. The man was tied to a chair in the corner of the room.

I noticed on the desk there was a note. It said

I heard something behind me. I twirled around the man who had been tied was untied

he had scar on his face knife in his hand and he had a missing tooth in the front. I

gasped he sneered and said ''Caught you.''

I grabbed the note and said '' i left it here on accident.'' Hoping my charm would

work. He nodded '' head write on out missy.'' he said. I ran write out the door into Mr.

Watson! He stared at me and then picked me up. John ran in through the door Julia

and Amy close behind. John tapped Mr. Watson on the shoulder Mr. Watson turned

and John whacked him in the face he dropped me. We ran out the back door and

didn't stop till we reached the tree house. We got to the tree house and pulled the

ladder up. '' Did you find anything out?'' Amy asked. ''Yes'' i said '' look at this note can

you decode it? '' yup, got it it says ; meet me at the harbor tonight , haunted house.''

"What does that mean.'' John asked. ''That means we go to the Mallion House.''
The Mallion House
Ch.4 6
" The Mallion house!" they all said together. " you mean the house that is

supposedly haunted ever since Mr. Mallion died?!" Said John. " Well guess we're

about to find out. " I said.
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