Blacked Out

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Cloe Langston is in need of friendship. She has been betrayed a lot of times and is now living in her own short world. Her parents, her ex best friend Jennifer and her pre school partner Hugo are her life. She lives within them. But what happens next? Does she get betrayed one more time? Will her sudden black outs help her to revitalize her special moments? Or will she keep running from the world to save her life? Read this story and follow me if it gave you the chills. Written by : Nashra_Pervez ✓ Copyright 2021©

Mystery / Action
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Chapter 1



The outsides of the Warhol Apartments were sceptical. There was more traffic than usual. People were running as if they had lost a very precious part of their lives.

I was watching everything from the window. Me, Cloe Langston. I had been entirely caught up in work during the past couple of weeks and didn't get the time to Observe the surroundings.

'One cup of tea, please.' I ordered Teresa, a girl ( who used to work for me ) at my house. She'd been working for years and had built enough trust in my heart.

'Will you have sugar in your tea today, Cloe?' asked Teresa.

I wasn't habitual of taking sugar too much, so that was an everyday question of Teresa from me in case I changed my mind about sugar.

It was a dull evening. I had to work too much on my schedule. It was different but not difficult.

I have been receiving a lot of calls from Jennifer recently. I didn't wanna talk to her. It was a little too hard for me if I'd call my PAST friend and tell her why I was never too satisfied with our friendship. She was now a forgotten side of my memory.

After having some hot sips, the tea now got cold and I ordered Teresa again to keep it back.

To remind you of Teresa, she was just a good family worker. She never married and would never intend to either, so I thought it would be a good option if I'd keep trusting her for a good NO WORK life….

Night lights shone so early today. I hadn't even finished my work when I was ordered to sleep. That order was not from someone else but from my mother, via a text message.

She would always remind me of my childhood routine. When I looked at the time, it was just 9:30. I sent a sleeping emoji to my mom, to let her know that I was about to sleep although she knew I always lie to her but I couldn't just break her heart and tell her that I hate her way of treating me like a child and always instructing me to do this and that.

I wasn't bothered by her text message but it was a habit for me. Like the habit of taking less sugar or NO sugar sometimes.
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