Blacked Out

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Chapter 10

I was still kept at the same place. I hadn’t eaten anything since last night. It was morning.

There was a rotten cheese burger beside my chair. The putrefying smell of the deadly burger made me puke twice. I didn’t say a word to anyone.

Nobody came near me.

I couldn’t recognize the place. I didn’t know where I was. My hands weren’t tied so I took out my phone and saw that the signals were 100%. I texted Lucia that I was kidnapped. And I was waiting for her reply, when suddenly out of nowhere I thought about the magnificent street, the beautiful well furnished houses, the fragrance of flowers from that familiar street. I really wished I hadn’t come out for a tour outside the building and none of this would’ve happened.

After a while, Lucia texted back saying, ‘OH MY GOD! Cloe, tell me where you are. Quick! I’ll send the cops along with myself.’ I texted her back saying that I didn’t know the location and there was no need to involve the cops at such an early call.

Out of nowhere, Stephanie came out and saw the phone in my hands. She frowned angrily and came running towards me. She held my wrist tightly, twisted it and snatched the phone from my hand.

Scrolling up and down, she turned off the phone and frowned again, in fact much angrily.

And then, ‘Huh! You were trying to take my place, missy? Well. I abducted you so I could tell you your worth. You are a silly person and so are your parents.’ she said.

I immediately told her in a lower voice ‘If you think you look cool abducting me and keeping me in an unknown place then I think you’re forgetting something. I’ve already called the cops and they’re finding me.’

Stephanie seemed to take no notice and said ‘Huh really? As if I didn’t read your chats.’ I lost all hope of getting myself out of this predicament.

5:00 in the evening. I got a call from Lucia. She asked me how I was. My legs were feeling as if someone was bruising me with nails. I felt fatigued and prostrated. How am I ever going to get out of this place?

Now, everything came in front of me.

Clear as a crystal.

Stephanie’s father worked in the same office as my dad did 6 years ago. It had been a lot of time and they were good friends. My dad often mentioned his name at places like dinner, lunch and picnics. His name was Henry Williams and he was not a good man. I couldn’t remember anything clearly except that once, I had seen his picture on Stephanie’s phone’s wallpaper but I couldn’t validate his portrayal. But now it was clear. Some years ago, when my dad was talking to someone on the phone, it was him who’d called and wanted to ambush my dad into a kind of crime that he hadn’t committed. It was all why Stephanie was so friendly with me as she wanted to assure me that she was my friend , so I could never blame her for my abduction. And the middle aged woman who was with her, might be her elder sister or perhaps her mother.

Every single person from this entire family of Williams is a fruadster! I thought.

My stomach was churning out inevitable sounds which led to hunger and frustration. There was nothing in reach except a rotten cheese burger and a vending machine.

The Vending Machine!

But the legs were tied.. I didn’t even have a choice. I checked my pockets if I could find something sharp to cut this thick chain or probably a material much more unique and strong. Thank God they didn’t fetter my hands

. I checked my pockets in search of a weapon. And then, out came a nail cutter. Oh yes, my silly, yet useful habit to keep a nail cutter in my pocket wherever I go. I gently opened it and started twisting the fetters in order to cut through it.

‘Ugh! What the…’ The nail cutter broke. I found something else in it. Oh! The pair of small strong scissors in the nail cutter’s rear part. I gave it a try.


One of my ankles was free. Stephanie had somehow managed to keep two little circular iron made objects in each of my ankles so I would never be able to get through them.

The scissor was still in a good condition. Much stronger than the nail cutter which had betrayed me a couple of minutes ago. Does everything in this world need to betray? Similarly, I twisted the scissor gently and pulled it hard. Almost done. But the hardest part was still left. Gently and unhurriedly, I twisted again and.. There it was. My free legs and hands!

I could move!
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