Blacked Out

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Chapter 11

My exuberance was ineludible. So much so that I immediately ran towards the vending machine.

First, I checked my surroundings twice if everything was clear. Then, I checked my pockets. I had enough coins to get something good out of it. I put in the money and boom!

Here came a pack of crackers and chips.

There were drinks too and I was thirsty. I could see an energy drink right beside the sweets. I put in some more coins and there came the drink. Then, I sat down on the chair and drank like a hungry beast chasing its prey. I drank first in order to keep myself hydrated before another person came to attack me. Finally, I opened the crackers and chips and chewed them with all my might. I still had bad breath in my mouth but I couldn’t do anything about it.

I threw the energy drink and wrappers of chips and crackers in a nearby blue box which seemed to have something else in it and then I sat down quietly. I checked the time on my phone.

9:00 P.M ( Night ) and Stephanie might be at work at the moment. I looked here and there to find a clue about the place. But it was of no help.

I don’t remember how much I slept after being stuffed. But as far as I knew, the time was 12 at night and there was still nobody in sight. My ankles were still untied. I stood up and started roaming around in a dim light. I had to find a light switch to make myself livelier.

After about a second or so, I heard a noise

‘Right.. Yes, yes. I’ll be there with her. After all, she’s my best friend’ and then a treacherous laugh.

I immediately went back to my chair and somehow managed to cover my ankles in the iron made objects so I wouldn’t get caught. Then, I slightly closed my eyes. Half opened, Half closed and I could see everything with one eye open.

In came Stephanie.

She started giggling as she entered. ‘How was your day, Cloe?’ I pretended as if I was feeble and hadn’t eaten anything for days. I kept quiet and then Stephanie knelt down and said ‘You know I never wanted to do it but.. You made me. Um.. you know, Cloe.. I never let anybody, not even my own sister take my place. And yet you were just a friend. And now you’re my biggest enemy. I don’t wanna scare you but just to be honest, I really killed my own sister in the same way in which you’re in. And yet nobody could even censure me for such a case.’

I didn’t move or react.

‘Oops! Have you eaten anything?’ asked Stephanie. I nodded my head as if to say No.

She laughed and said ‘Good Girl! My work is in process. The sooner I kill the boss, the sooner you’d be released from my seizure. Good luck!’

Saying this, she left and unhurriedly, I stood up after she’d locked the door. I ran towards the light switches and turned them on one by one. Now the stage was full of light! I felt lively and energetic. But of course, There’s no place like home. It seemed like this was where I was going to live for my entire life. And then.. I got an idea. An idea which could ultimately transpose the conditions. My plan was to let Stephanie come over here and pretend that I’m dead. Then, when she’d go out to inform another woman, I’d take out the spade ( It was kept beside the vending machine ) and hit her with it. Then, I’d take her phone and call the cops after seeing the exact location from her phone. Simple and diverting!

The next morning arrived and so did Stephanie. I was sleeping in my chair and when I heard the door opening, I immediately nudged my head to keep in mind the plan. Stephanie came over to me and my eyes were closed as an eagle.

I took a deep breath slowly and waited for an action.

‘Oh, it seems like you’re unconscious. Agatha! Agatha!’ Saying this, she started walking. I took the spade and hit it so hard with all my anger and vexation. She fell down without a single gesticulation.

I searched for the phone in her pockets and I found it’s battery was full. After scrolling down, I checked the location and copied it and sent it to my number. Immediately, I dialed 911 and swiftly told the cops about everything. As soon as I heard the sirens, a wave of euphoria and exhilaration went through me. I felt more energetic.

After dumping the phone in Stephanie’s hands, I went through the door and shouted in a heavy voice to open the door and get me out of there. But unluckily, the room where I was kept was very far and inaccessible. I waited before the cops searched for me.

Miraculously, one of the cops saw me and signaled to the other one to come forward. Then he took out something sharp and incised the door lock in order to rescue me. As they opened the door, I saw an unfamiliar woman who was handcuffed behind the cops. There were 4 cops in total. Two of them scrutinized the area and the rest of them took me outside. I don’t know what happened inside but I saw the handcuffed woman coming out of the place and was staring at me like a predator. I couldn’t recognize her but I knew that she knew me very well.

I saw her more carefully and then… I saw her… I saw her light.. Her confidence… her posture...Indigo Junes! The woman from my apartment. She looked so different...much beastly and disgusting.

There was a weird vibe coming out of her. And yet everything was still left to be vouchsafed.
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