Blacked Out

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Chapter 12

Mom called me to ask if I was okay. First thing in the morning, Lucia had called her and told her everything and also warned her not to call me since I was with unreliable, other worldly people.

I was still with the cops. They asked me if I knew these women. I ended up talking with mom and started answering the cops that I knew about both of the women. I told them their names. One of the cops looked extremely discomposed and bewildered. He whispered something into his partner’s ear. Both of them signaled me to sit inside another car since they were taking me to their headquarters for further inquisition.

Upon reaching the main place, I sat down in front of Andrea Ryan, who was the head of the police department. And that’s how our conversation went.

Andrea : ‘Hi, Miss Cloe Langston. We’re sorry for the inconvenience but you need to answer some interrogations that are confusing our scrutinization cases. May I begin?’

Me : ‘Sure.’

Andrea : ‘How do you know Stephanie Williams and Indigo Junes?’

Me : ‘Actually, me and Stephanie worked under the same department in our company, so it was mandatory for both of us to stay in contact with each other. Not only this but, her father and my dad were good friends since they both started their career together. But recently, they stopped meeting probably because they had a quarrel between them. Whereas, Indigo was my neighbor in the building where I resided. I actually shifted from that place after a tragedy with my house worker, Teresa.’

Andrea : ‘We were also responsible for the investigation in Teresa’s case about a couple of months ago but her uncle closed the case just a week ago. So, we ended up with slight clues. Please elucidate your situation. Kindly tell me what happened after you left from here or if something unusual took place in between?’

Me : ‘Nothing unusual after I left. But before the tragedy, I saw a middle aged woman leaving Indigo's apartment. She spoke English whereas Indigo spoke french and her english was completely rough. She looked well off and I didn’t peep into much detail after that.’

Andrea : ‘Fine. Do you wish to re-open the details? Because I think your abduction and Teresa’s tragedy might be connected at some point.’

Me : ‘I would be grateful if you’d catch the culprits’

Andrea : ‘You also spoke about hearing a woman named Agatha from Stephanie’s mouth?’

Me : ‘Yes. She said Agatha! Agatha! To help her pick me up since she thought I had fainted due to dehydration and hunger. According to her, I hadn’t eaten anything for a day or two. But with my intelligence, I crawled up to the vending machine and ate the chips and crackers out of it. But I simply don’t know who this Agatha is.’

After our long conversation about the cases, I departed from the headquarters and left the investigation to the police.

Mom was extremely worried about me. I had received 30 missed calls from her on my phone.

When I reached the hotel, Lucia was sitting and working on her laptop. When she saw me, she immediately came running and grabbed me by her arm. Then, she told me that mom and dad had already booked tickets for me to go back to them as soon as I’d get done with all the police deals.

I got a call from the police headquarters. Andrea Ryan was calling me for an important piece of information. I immediately sat in my car and went to her.

She told me that they had incriminated Stephanie and Indigo of the crime that they’d committed. She made me sit down and wiped down the sweat which was grouping up on her forehead.

Then, ‘You won’t like the sad truth but you’d have to listen to it. Long time ago, there was a group of people named The Teenductors. They would appear alternately in different groups and would kidnap thousands of Teenagers altogether. It had stopped a couple of years ago but started again. This year, Stephanie and Indigo were a part of this group. They were so specialized at this job that they’d often disguise themselves as different people ( even the local health workers ) to confuse people. That day when you saw a woman leaving Indigo’s apartment, it was Stephanie masked in a costume of a woman. Indigo and Stephanie were cousins and had made fake surnames and sub-fields to perplex their community circle. Fun fact is, when you talked about your whole routine, you forgot to mention about the coffee cup that Indigo had requested you to bring. Her sinister aspiration was to catch your fingerprints in order to get you inculpated with Teresa’s murder. Fortunately, Teresa survived and you were saved with her. Later on, when the police started scrutinizing the crime scene, they told that both of these girls called Teresa’s uncle and threatened him about selling his remnant properties on criminal cases so he’d be accused for some governmental reasons. And that’s why Teresa’s uncle wished to close the case. And with that comes your abduction too. Also, Bruce Anderson from your company never existed. He was Stephanie’s brother trying to disguise himself with fake Ids. The whole family was indulged in these crimes.’ Andrea explained.

‘Wait… Wait… Wait… But Connor McCarthy. He confessed and claimed that he’d seen all the papers of Bruce Anderson’s death.’ I interrupted.

‘Oh poor girl, those were all fake. Even the funeral was held within half of the people involved and they all knew about the spurious personalities. And even Agatha was Indigo’s fake name to confuse you. Simple yet discombobulated. Any more inquisitions?’

‘Many. But I won’t go deep into that information. Thank you, Officer Andrea Ryan’

I went to my company’s department. I saw Connor coming towards me but I ignored him. It felt like everyone who was with me, or surrounding me was a liar and I thought even this company and my life was a hoax. A complete HUMBUG!

When I reached my Boss’s office, I knocked on his door and told him in clear words that I was resigning. He kept asking me for an appropriate reason, so I wrote down that I had to visit my parents in a crisis that they were in and I left without saying a word and after gathering all my things from my personal room, I sat in my car and gave the building a fantabulous last look.

When I was departing from my building, a middle aged man started walking towards me and he said ‘Hi, Are you Cloe Langston?’

‘Yes, I am’ I answered.

‘Oh! I actually chased you till here. I wanted to know if your apartment from the Warhol Community Building is vacant. Basically, I’m the head of the services from that building.’ He narrated.

‘Oh, nice to meet you Mr….?’

‘Ah! Mr. Timothy that is.. I would want to take the documents and keys of that apartment. I heard you’re amenable to selling the place.’

‘Absolutely. The files are in my car. But I want to see who that person is.’

Mr. Timothy led me to his office which was built at a corner of the building. I gave the files to him and I saw a woman coming towards Mr. Timothy.

She said ‘Yes? You called for me?’

Mr. Timothy introduced me to her. She was in her 30’s and looked familiar to Lucia. She told me that she’d been buying and living in places like these since she had 5 sons and 3 daughters and they all wanted luxurious yet comfy places to live.

I even gave the woman a frown several times since I didn’t like the word ‘Luxurious’ fitting into this conversation. The meeting had been done and my apartment was now given in the hands of someone unfamiliar.

And that was the last time I gave the Warhol Apartments, the place where my journey started, a last look.
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