Blacked Out

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Chapter 14

‘Rebecca! I’m so glad to see you.’ Aunt Veronika said in a whispering voice.

‘Hi, Veronika. Can we come in?’

Aunt Veronika nodded.

Me and mom went inside just to find a whole floor full of kittens and cats. Some were on the refrigerator, others were inside the kitchen cabinets, two of them on the television and a whole bunch of them were having a party at the main table.

And as they all saw us approaching, they started having panic attacks but Aunt Veronika gave them a quiet signal which was a miracle to us.

The corner situated room was the only vacant one in which cats never went due to the weird fragrance coming from inside it.

‘Okay! One day won’t hurt. Right Cloe?’ Said Mom to me.

I nodded and frowned slightly. Aunt Veronika didn’t welcome us warmly but it was enough for us. For a while, the cats were in one place now. All of them were fighting for food while we were munching up on some leftover cookies.

The odour coming from the plates ( in which our food was served ) was pernicious. And I guessed the plates to be a thousand years old.

Living in someone else’s house has its own consequences. I did know that it was going to be difficult but this sitch was more than strenuous.

Aunt Veronika slept early with one of her favorite cats, Callie. She adored her a lot. Even though all her cats slept with her, Aunt Veronika used to cuddle up with Callie until she looked like a dead feline.

That night, I got a text from Jennifer. She wanted to explain the situation :

Hi Cloe. I am very sorry for not knowing about your dad. Since I was already
In Chicago, I chose the best way was to have fun until my family calls me back
I hope you understand that it wasn’t on purpose that I couldn’t call to ask the
Situation from you. Hope to see you soon! <3333

Okay, now that was another problem. Even though Jennifer was a good girl from inside, the way she was buttering me right now was none other than lurking me again into her horrible friendship. I kept focusing on the number of hearts she had sent me via the four 3’s.

I just texted her back with another heart ( it was black ) and kept my phone away from me for the following 5 hours.

‘Cloe! Wake up. Don’t you have to go for an interview?’ Mom Cried.

Oh My God, yes

Today was my interview and I was sleeping so calmly. The room where I was sleeping didn’t have any proper windows, so I couldn’t identify whether it was night or day.

Upon leaving my room, I saw a bunch of cats already having their “ROYAL” breakfast. Some of them even stared at me like a wicked witch trying to hide her potion.

Did you know? Mom told me that years ago, Aunt Veronika fainted and the doctors said she’d been cursed. Upon proper indagation ( Both scientifically and religiously ) the people said it was because of a cat named Nala who had been involved in slight witchcraft. And it, itself was cursed by a possessive force.
Honestly, I never believed in this notion.

‘Cloe Langston. Please come inside’ called the receptionist at the company.

I went inside with my legs half cold and half shivering, I entered the room and was welcomed by a woman who seemed to be the boss.

‘Hello, Ms. Cloe. Please have a seat,’ she said politely.

I sat down with my hands folded together.

‘May I?’ She asked, looking at the files in my hand. I handed her my files along with my previous ID card. She seemed impressed to hear that I had been at a higher post in my previous company.

‘I’m quite impressed by your career referral qualities. Oh, And I’m Cassandra Thatcher.’

‘Nice to meet you, Ms. Cassandra. May I ask for my time for tomorrow?’

‘Sure. My manager will guide you through this.’

After saying this, she called someone ( probably her manager ) and told him/her to come inside.

When Cassandra’s manager opened the door, I got goosebumps ( not of fear, but of excitement ) because the person standing in front of me as a manager was Hugo Harrison.

Oh yes, My pre-school friend. He smiled when he saw me and I ultimately smiled back. For a while, Cassandra understood there was something weird and that was also the reason why she asked if we knew each other. I was speechless so I let Hugo take my place of speaking.

When Cassandra heard about it, she got galvanized. And that’s how Me, Hugo and Pete worked in the same company.
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