Blacked Out

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Chapter 16

Soothing Coffee sips with Mom by my side could be my sweetest Saturday dream but the dilemma was that it wasn’t a dream. It was in my environs, my real surroundings. In fact, I could ask for nothing more than me resting on my dad’s shoulders even if it was a corpse.

The problem was, I was never too satisfied with anything. When I talk too much, people would point to me as ‘The Most Verbose Girl In the Community’ and when I don’t talk too much, people say ‘She’s so Rude. What’s she got to be so proud of?’ Well, where did the discussion just end?

To make matters worse, I just got a call from Jennifer when I was about to give my tongue the taste of incredibly hot coffee.

‘Hello.’ I said politely.

‘Hey Girl! What’s up? I thought you’d come back by now. How’s everything in Chicago? I just came back yesterday from my trip.’

‘Yes, everything is fine. And No, I didn’t come back because I’ve already been appointed for a job here. It’s a good chance.’

‘Oh! So glad to hear about it. Okay then, I’ll keep asking you about other things as well. Bye!’


I ended the call. And I clicked on the documents for my online work when unexpectedly, I clicked on the PDF file of my taken photos from unknown sources. I copied the phone number and immediately called Officer Andrea Ryan.

She picked up the phone and narrated that someone was still looking out there for me. And it’s not just a stranger but a person who really knows I’m involved in several activities. She further suggested that I visit my nearest police area and meet Ms. Melinda Martin from Florida. I couldn’t wait to know about Ms. Melanie’s answer to all this so without further Ado, I just took my car keys, said goodbye to coffee and Mom and left for the investigation.

When I reached the area, I knew there was something quite different. The trees outside were so dull and gloomy. But without any other mischief, I took permission for meeting Ms. Melanie Martin upon request and in no time, she was sitting in front of me.

‘Hi, I’m Cloe Langston. Officer Andrea Ryan suggested that I come to you and solve my problem. Or should I say, the criminal case in which I’ve been indulged in lately.’

‘Oh, Officer Andrea Ryan you say. That’s good for a suggestion. Look, she hasn’t told me yet about you or your case but it seems to be very serious. Let me talk to some other people too. But first, explain me about your backgrounds’

I spoke as requested and answered all her questions so she told me to wait for two days before she starts my investigation with the official team to catch the sender of these jittery photos.

‘Hi Mom, Hi Fiona’ I said entering in.

‘Oh hey, Cloe’ they both said in unison.

We all had dinner together and soon after, I was in my bed. Mom kissed me goodnight and I was looking forward to seeing everything normal afterwards. When Mom was leaving my room, I remembered about Fiona’s daughter’s death and her weird way of stopping me.

‘Mom, Can I tell you something?’ I asked.

‘Sure, Cloe. Go on.’ Mom said.

‘When I entered my room for the first time here, I saw a teddy bear lying in the corner of my bed. I took it in my hands and was about to press it softly when Fiona stopped me and warned not to touch it again. She said it belonged to her daughter Amelia who died years ago. Did you -- know about it?’ I narrated.

‘Cloe, Fiona has gone all through this alone. It’s a huge tragedy for her. Yes, I knew about her daughter. She told me months ago but I thought it wasn’t necessary to tell you.’

‘But What Actually happened?’

‘Well. It’s a long story.. Are you sure you’re not sleepy?’

‘Haha, No! I want to listen to it.’

‘Okay then, here it goes. Fiona’s husband died due to Lung Cancer after 3 years of their marriage. Amelia was an infant that time and Fiona didn’t have a good life anymore nor any hopes for her daughter. When Amelia was five years old, she felt sick. So much so that Fiona had lost all hopes for her survival. And that’s what actually happened. It’s been two years since Amelia's death and Fiona looks like an old woman because of the tribulations she’s gone through. She’s still on medications due to her depression. Anyways, and about that teddy bear. Well, any mother would want to own the object her daughter loved before her death. She doesn’t want anybody to touch it. Now, goodnight’

I don’t remember any last words of Mom because I’d slept in the middle of the story and in my opinion, Mom might’ve left an hour later.
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