Blacked Out

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Chapter 17

I got a call from Ms. Melanie Martin. She gave me some really good news. The person who had been stalking me and my number had been arrested and was now waiting for my answer.

When I reached the place, I saw the room where the criminals were residing rather not say, residing though. They were kept there intentionally.

I walked upto the room where Ms. Melanie Martin was standing and she told me straight away that they had done all the investigations and that I knew this guy really well. I was feeling nauseous.

After they uncovered him, I was dumbfounded. So much so, that I gasped so loud that the whole area was turning their head towards me. My gasp wasn’t normal. It was full of betrayal and much more. There was nothing I could do about it.

My expressions were supposed to be so unsettling because standing in front of me was Connor McCarthy. I didn’t know how to look at him. He looked so filthy. The only thing I did was to see his face and then I asked Ms. Melanie tons of questions.

She explained that Connor had already been playing with me fiercely since the day I joined my first company. He had been finding ways to somehow take over my trust. And he was also involved in Teresa’s tragedy somehow because Ms. Melanie said that his criminal record was long and his fake name was Astor Jeremy.

Startled, I told Ms. Melanie I’d heard that name from Indigo’s mouth when I was leaving for my company one day. I could see my world circling around me. This time, I really blacked out and the last thing I heard were the cries of my name before my vision started blurring and I lost interest in the cruel world.

I opened my eyes in the hospital. There were a lot of noises. I saw Mom crying and Fiona calming her down. There were two other people too whom I couldn’t recognize.

When I got fully conscious, I waved at mom. My hand felt tight but I somehow raised it painfully and just took hold of Mom’s hand and she was saying words like ‘Please get well soon Cloe and we will be a happy family again’

I thought twice about why Mom called us a HAPPY FAMILY. Everything had collapsed. There was no way we were going to be a HAPPY FAMILY again. Then I suddenly remembered everything. Hugo was right. He really has proved to be a good friend. Giving me the advice of keeping a good eye on my surroundings was perhaps because he knew about Connor. What if?
When I came back fully into my senses, I saw Fiona near me. She was using her phone and didn’t even care if I was sleeping or not. I wanted to ask her about Mom but I was facing slight paralysis.

That meant my mouth was feeling pain when I was speaking or even moving my mouth to absorb some air. I moved my hand slowly. That’s when Fiona noticed my presence and smiled at me. She said ‘Oh! Look who’s woken up. How are you, Cloe?’
I nodded. She understood I was having a problem in speaking so she went to ask the doctor if that was normal. Within that, I was alone.

But after five minutes, I felt someone touching my hand. It was very soft. When I opened my eyes, I saw Jennifer in front of me. She was touching my hand and was smiling at me. I could see small drops of tear in her eyes. I didn’t know why she was here and if she was trying to betray me too.

I didn’t think about it anymore but just smiled back at Jennifer. And trust me, it was all by my heart.

***THE END***

Author's Note :

Hey readers! So, Blacked Out has been finished. Whether it was an abrupt ending or a satisfactory conclusion, I think I did it right to explain everything in detail. Anyways, cloe needs your support. Make sure to give me feedback about the book and I'll be able to accept your suggestions for my next piece of work!!

Until next time... Sweet Dreams! :)

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