Blacked Out

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Author's Note :

Hi everyone!

“Blacked Out” has been going up recently and I'm really happy to receive everyday short responses. Keep doing that for my books and it always brings a smile on my face :)

Below, you'll be able to know all the questions related to this extra chapter all of a sudden :

« Why is there an extra chapter?

- The need for an extra chapter arises when you get reviews and comments from your readers on your ebooks. I got multiple reviews and comments asking as to why I haven't further described the reason of why Jennifer and Cloe broke up in the first place. From the start, I knew I would have to give some more details about the two girls' friendship but what I didn't think of was as a reader. I was constantly engaged in thinking out loud as a writer, not a reader so when I finally took out time for that, I noticed that all those comments and reviews meant something. So, this chapter is mainly enlightening all those events, scenarios, dialogues and wreckage that took place between the friendship of Jennifer and Cloe.

« Why is the chapter named ‘Flashback’?

- The name of the chapter is mainly because of the plot. It will focus on all those past events which created a huge mess in Cloe's and Jennifer's friendship in the future. This flashback will help to create a wild 'imagination' in the readers so that they can picture themselves in a world where a horrible past wrecked the future.

« Is this supposed to be an epilogue?

- No, ‘Chapter 17’ is still an end/epilogue to the story. There's no need of an extra epilogue. This chapter ( as I have mentioned earlier ) is just a way to unfold the misunderstandings in some readers' minds.

« Will there be more frequent updates for “Blacked Out”?

- No, this is the end.

« Will this be in someone's POV?

- Yes, this flashback will be in Cloe's POV.

Thank you everyone for reading this story! Now enjoy the flashback :)

•••• FLASHBACK ••••

Cloe's POV :

I was standing in the gallery of our new house that my dad had bought a couple of weeks ago. The fresh morning air hit me hard on my face and I somewhat enjoyed it.

From behind, I felt someone's eyes on me so I turned around to see my mom eyeing me through the glass window.

I waved at her but she didn't return it. Instead, she gave me a weak smile. My smile turned into an expression of worry and with long strides, I reached the living room where my mother was sitting.

Being a fifteen year old had its own advantages. Running was one of them. I ran like a free teen, swiftly passing the huge television and then finally I knocked on the door.

“Come in” my mother's voice called me in.

I nodded inwardly and opened the door, barging inside and then swifty landing on my mother's lap.

“Are you mad at me?” I asked, pouting like a five year old kid but in reality, I was a girl who just graduated.

“Oh, no. Why would I be mad at my angel?” She asked.

“Nothing. It's just, you didn't return the smile that I gave you back there” I pointed at the gallery.

“Sorry, I was just reading an emotional book” My mom gestured towards the book. I was too worried to notice the title so I just asked her a simple question.

“What was it about?”

“It was about a mother who lost her daughter. I-I don't want to lose you, Cloe.” My mother whispered in my neck. I shivered at her action and then started giggling.

“What's so funny?” She asked, confused.

“Mom, are you serious? This is just a book. Literally. Just a legitimate book. Nothing real” I said in between my sharp giggles.

My mom got up from her chair and started roaming around me in circles.

“Oh yeah?” She asked playfully.

I nodded and hummed in response.

Then, she nodded back and went outside the living room.

What just happened?

Without a second glance, I stood up and walked outside only to be met by the air conditioning greeting of my bedroom. It was so pink. I hated pink and I had already told my mom a million times but she wouldn't listen. “You're already becoming an old lassie, Cloe” She'd say.

I sat on the edge of my bed, slowly holding my phone up to my face and then checking a few notifications that popped up.

Jen : Hey, Cloe. My house at 7 today. Sharp.

Jennifer's text brought a smile to my face. We had been best friends from as long as I can remember. She was my best friend and I was hers and we lived in our own little world. Even now, she adored me and I admired her very much.

It wasn't that, her father was very rich and she was the ‘popular’ girl of our school but because she was very kind hearted, innocent and shy. Just like me. When she had become popular all of a sudden, I became popular too. But it was only because I was her best friend. I enjoyed that much attention but also feared that this attention was only because of Jen.

Me : Yes sir! I'll be there.

I texted her back. She wanted to FaceTime me but I wasn't in the right mind and mood. I was still thinking as to how emotionally weak my mother had become all of a sudden. I should take care of her, I thought.

Standing up, I checked the time on the clock. It was around afternoon and I was happy that I had time to get ready.

Digging in my closet, I took out a fresh silk sky blue dress that reached my calf and then I chose to wear sky blue tights underneath because it was cold and because I hated wearing socks or jackets. The dress was half sleeved yet stylish.

I quickly took a selfie of myself and then looked at myself in the mirror.

I'm not the same Cloe Langston. I was never the party type.

Jennifer was always the first girl to throw a party and this time, it was because we had recently graduated.

I quickly opened my make up kit and applied a minimal amount of face powder, some lip balm, blush and I was ready to roll!

Brushing the unneeded dust from my dress, I clutched my purse with my phone inside, tightly in my hand and after closing the bedroom door, I passed by the living room only to see my mom and dad talking to each other on the couch.

“, dad.. I'm going to Jen's” I announced, not intending to break their talk.

“Oh okay dear, be safe and please come early. We don't need to disturb you by calling each minute” My dad answered. He was always a caring man.

I went over and hugged both of them. My dad returned the gesture with a sweet smile while my mom hugged me tightly for more than a minute.

I let go of her figure and smiled at my old people. Then, I rushed over to the door, opened it and before I could come outside I was stopped by a voice.

“Ma'am” Robert, our security guard spoke.

“No questions, Robert. I've already told my parents about it” I simply stated without even turning back and started driving in the car after safely buckling up myself.

Time Skip.

“You look so beautiful, Jen!” I complimented my best friend who was wearing a full sleeved pink cocktail dress with a boat neck. Her hair was tied in a cute bun with loose strings of hair near her head.

“Thank you, Cloe. You look so great yourself!” she squealed.

I blushed at her comment. Even though we were best friends, we would still enjoy each other's comments even if we appreciated each other each minute.

“Thank you for inviting me, Jen” Someone said from over my shoulder. The voice was masculine so reflexively, I turned around to be met by a Greek god who was looking down at me. I was like a little chick in front of him.

Nobody calls Jennifer ‘Jen’ instead of me. He must be a close friend, I thought.

I raised my eyebrow at his sudden appearance and when Jennifer noticed my stern look, she came forward and put her hand on my shoulder.

“Cloe, this is Hunter - my best childhood friend and our fathers are best friends too. Hunter, this is Cloe. My .... Classmate”

A wave of rage washed through me as I heard Jennifer introduce me as her ‘classmate’. I looked from Hunter to Jennifer and then back again. Without a second nod, I clenched my jaw and fists and left the dancing room.

What just happened?

If I were to leave this party this early, then Jennifer would've thought that I was a crybaby and i would never let my emotions take my day so without any thinking, I entered the kitchen.

“Can I please get some cocktail?” I asked.

The man nodded and I quickly took a huge sip from the glass. It was soothing so I quickly took a chair to enjoy my night.

This was for me. I graduated too, didn't I? It's not only for Jennifer. She ... Betrayed me. Didn't she?

“Cloe” I heard a familiar voice call my name and it hurt when I heard the voice. I closed my eyes and blinked rapidly while looking away from her figure as I tried my best not to cry ... Not today.

“W-W-What?” I stuttered.

“Cloe. I-I need you to leave” Jennifer ordered.

“Cloe, leave now!” She yelled at me.

My body started trembling and before I knew what I was doing, I slapped her as I stood up on my tip toes.

The hall was filled with music so nobody heard the smack.

“Listen to me, J-Jennifer. I-I never was and never will be your friend. You did something to me that even an enemy wouldn't do.” I said with all my courage that the cocktail had given me.

Jennifer held my wrist and twisted it. Instead of wincing in pain, I smirked at her which caused her to twist my wrist even more. Now that's painful.

I easily headbutted her and she fell down on the floor. Without a second glance, I reached the exit and that's when I looked behind to see a ... Smirking hunter.

I raced through the roads in attempt to reach my home. Jennifer lived near me so it was easy to reach pretty quick.

Robert, who was still glancing at me with a stern look started giving me a sign of worry but without looking at him, I quickly took out my purse from the car and started marching through the big house to reach my room.

“Cloe?” My mom asked in her sleepy voice. I inhaled heavily and turned around with closed eyes.

“Cloe? Are you alright, sweetie?” My mom asked again, more sweetly as she came to grip my shoulders.

“I-i'm fine mom. I'm just tired” I managed to say.

My mom nodded her head and let me go. I paced towards my bedroom and laid on the bed, quickly shutting my eyelids and letting all the tears flow.

The next day, I woke up with a heavy head. All the last night events came rushing through my head and I quickly started rubbing my eyes reflexively.

Afterwards, I got up from bed and saw a note on the nightstand.

Sweetie, please have breakfast. I'll be at the library all day today. Linda will help you give breakfast.

Love, Mom.

I nodded inwardly and went over to the bathroom to have a shower.

Time Skip.

“Cloe... Egg?” Linda asked me as I reached the kitchen island.

“Not today. Can I have pancakes with maple syrup?” I asked.

Linda nodded and quickly started cooking. Linda was a middle aged woman who used to work as a maid for us. She was new and was still learning work here.

“How're you, angel?” Dad asked as he kissed my hair.

“Morning dad. I'm fine. You?” I asked while I gave a peck on his forehead.

“I'm fine. Will just be leaving for work. You good?” He asked again, definitely not convinced from my answer.

“Yep, all good” I lied.

After breakfast, I got up from my table and went to the living room to have some fresh air. After opening the two white windows, I glanced at the gallery outside. It gave an amazing view of all those houses filled with greenery.

I took out my phone from the pocket of my hoodie that I was wearing, and opened it.

I was shocked and not too shocked at the same time, at the amount of notifications and most of them were from Jennifer.

Jen : Cloe, we need to talk.
Jen : please pick up my phone.
Jen : Please?
Jen : You're such a stubborn girl!
Jen : Fine, I'll leave you be for now.
Jen ( after an hour ) : You here?
Jen : Fine. We're done.

I rolled my eyes at her dramatic texts.

What a drama queen!

“Better die than listening to her explanation” I mumbled to myself.

I started typing my answer.

Me : Goodbye, Jennifer. Forever. I don't want to be in any type of contact with you. Stay away from me and please leave me alone. We're done.

I sighed in peace as I clicked send. After two minutes she read my text.

Jen : Ok.

I knew she was pissed.

I heard the living room's door open and in came dad. I stood up as he walked towards me in his blue suit.

“Goodbye, Cloe. I'm leaving for work. Take care of yourself and call me-”

“Dad! Come on, I'm a teen now!” I protested after giggling and cutting him off. Dad smirked and with his index finger and thumb, pinched my cheek.

“Yes, you are.” He smiled and hugged me.

“Dad, can I ask you for a favor?”

“You don't even need to ask. It'll be done as soon as you say, my angel”

I smiled and said “I want to change my number”

“I won't ask you why even though I want to, but okay. I'll let it be done today”

I smiled at my dad as he looked down at me. Giving him a tight hug, I let him go and went back to the couch.

Now the old Cloe Langston is back. And she's definitely not the party type.

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