Blacked Out

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Chapter 3

‘Ms. Cloe Langston, it’s an order for you’ said Connor as I was sitting on my chair with my head down. I seemed to take no notice at the start but then I did. It was from my mom and sure enough, she sent a brand new Thanksgiving suit for me.

I loved it. There was also a note that said :

Dear Cloe,
I know I couldn’t send anything for you last year on Thanksgiving but this year, I thought I should. Please wear it and tell me if you liked it or not. Your dad and I are always waiting to meet you sooner. Have a nice day and don’t forget to text me before sleeping.

Connor looked at me for a while and then said ‘Ms. Cloe, work time’s over.. I think you should come out now.’

I said ‘Yes, I’ll come outside in a while. Please don’t wait for me. Just tell the security guard to close the entrances.’

Connor said ‘Yeah, of course.’

I glanced at the clock and the time was running fast so when I saw Connor going outside, I thought I should leave too. I took a cab and then reached my apartment ASAP.

Now, without my car it’s really hard to reach the office on time and Benjie, the car mechanic hasn’t repaired my car yet, so I would need to catch a cab for two more weeks before I drive my car safely once again.

As I was unlocking the door, I saw Indigo Junes coming outside of her apartment. I didn’t want to communicate with her, so I promptly went inside my room and peeked from an inch of the door which was opened. Indigo first looked here and there and then walked straight outside the apartments. But I was still peeking out.

After about two seconds, a suspicious woman walked outside of Indigo’s room and locked the door. Then she called someone to pick her up. She didn’t speak French nor her English showed some French accent. So, I was sure she wasn’t Indigo’s mother or some relative.

I couldn’t see the woman’s face clearly. But without any indulgences, I shut the door quickly, probably without leaving a single noise and then I took off my coat and took a short nap.
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