Blacked Out

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Chapter 6

Mr. Harrison’s house was just some miles away and it took us no time to reach there especially because we were going in a car. Mrs. Harrison welcomed us inside and it seemed as if I made her look stupefied from my arrival. Dad went inside Mr. Harrison’s bedroom.
Years ago, Our family and Mr. Harrison’s family was more like a complete, perfect and phenomenal FAMILY. We would spend vacations together, go on important meetings together, have dinner together and sometimes even have sleepovers when our car got problems with long tours.
Mrs. Harrison took me to the living room where she looked at me for a while. She then touched my cheek and said ‘Aww! You’ve grown up so much! Hugo would be more than startled to see you. He’s coming from Chicago today.’ I blushed. Dad and Mr. Harrison came out and said they were going on a very important visit to their friend. It seemed to be fine with Mrs. Harrison but NOT with me. Dad was going out too and I was stuck with Mrs. Harrison. The point is, she is good but not TOO good. While I was chatting with Mrs. Harrison for a while, I got a call from an unknown number. I picked it up and talked. ‘Hello, this is Ms. Carla Peter. Is this Cloe talking?’ My blood froze as I heard the name. I was talking to Teresa’s aunt. It was like I totally forgot about Teresa and how everything materialized. ‘Hello? Is this a wrong number?’ said Ms. Carla. I replied ‘No, This is the right number. I’m Cloe talking.’ Ms. Carla answered ‘I wanted to give you an update on Teresa. She’s constantly asking about you. Teresa is doing very well. She’ll be discharged from the hospital today. Her pain is healing pretty fast. We’re taking her with us.’
‘Well.. That's good news! Goodbye and thanks for informing me,’ I replied.
After ending the call, I could see Mrs. Harrison’s bewildered look on her face. She was curious to know about the call, and asked rapidly ‘Is everything normal?’
I didn’t know the answer for this one so, I nodded, assuring her that everything was fine. Mrs. Harrison said again ‘I know there’s something wrong. It’s okay if you don’t want to share.’
I replied ‘No, Mrs. Harrison. Everything is really okay. It was just an important meeting that I had missed in the company for which my co-workers were nervous. That’s all. I promise.’
She was still curious. Anyways, after a couple of minutes, Mr. Harrison and my Dad came home. Dad signaled me that he’ll drop me after ten minutes. By that time, Hugo had reached his home. Sure enough, he was quite startled for a moment until he rebooted his memory to actually re-assure that it was me..
‘Oh my God! Cloe, Is that you?’ He asked surprisingly.
‘Yeah, wow. You’ve grown up too!’ I said.
‘No way! Not as much as you have. When did you come here?’
‘Just some hours ago.’
‘Come on, Sit down. Let’s talk for a while.’
‘So.. How was your life in Connecticut?’
‘Very good… I suppose. Anyways, what about you? Where are you working?’
‘Oh! Remember Pete from High School? He and I are working in the same company.’
‘Wow! Seriously? That’s cool.’
We talked for a couple of minutes until Dad asked me to go. And so, that’s where our conversation ended! When I went home, I told mom about everything that me and Hugo had communicated about. And my day passed like that.
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