Blacked Out

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Chapter 7

The next morning, mom woke me up with the smell of caramelized pancakes. I quickly went downstairs and was surprised to see a whole plate full of them! Just some seconds after, the whole plate was vacant as I had craved even a single particle of the pancakes.

Later that afternoon, I got a text message from Uncle Peter. The text message :

Hi Cloe! Mr. Peter here. We have told
Police about the case. They’re scrutinizing the place. We don’t have the keys to your Apartments so, the police couldn’t investigate the case properly. But, they will find the
culprits hopefully. Goodbye.

I was relieved with the text. But not enough. I had the keys to my apartments because of which, I couldn’t let the police probe the case.

Ringing… Ringing … Ringing … Ringing …

‘Hello, Who is it?’ I said on the phone call

‘It’s me, Cloe. Connor! From the company. How are you?’

‘Oh, Connor. So glad to talk to you. Yeah, I’m fine. How’s the business going?’

‘All good! But still, Can’t work like you did. When are you returning?’

‘No plans right now. I can’t tell you how I’m feeling, Connor. It’s weird and a little too aggressive. Mind if I stay here a little longer?’ I said.

‘Haha! Sure. I’ve almost settled everything now. Just wanted to tell you something … important and upsetting.’

I didn’t know what he was about to say but it surely looked menacing.

‘Yeah, Go ahead.’ I replied.

‘Actually, do you remember Bruce Anderson?.’

‘Um.. Yes, The one from our last interview right?’

‘Yeah, The same one. Actually, he…. Died a couple of days ago in a major car incident.’

‘Oh my God! That’s… very sad. He was a good person.’

‘Yeah. It’s very sorrowful for his family. Anyways.. How’s everything there?’

‘All good. Let’s talk some other time now. I’m a little caught up right now. Bye! See you soon.’

‘Okay, Goodbye.’

I ended up talking. All that came into my mind was Bruce’s death and Teresa’s blood spattered body. I couldn’t stop thinking about every single thing.

It was dinner time and we were sitting together. ‘Cloe, why aren’t you eating?’ my mom asked.

‘I am. I was just thinking about going back.’ I said.

‘Going back? Sweetie, you know how dangerous that place is. What if they harm you?’

‘No, mom. I really need to go now. My whole career depends on going back. I’ll be fine. Also, I’ll change the apartment.’

‘Okay, As you wish.’ answered Mom.

The following night, I was thinking the whole time about my departure. My mind was filled with senseless interrogations

‘I really gotta go to Connecticut back now. But, I’ll surely change the apartment.’ And while I was thinking, I soon passed out.
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