Blacked Out

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Chapter 8

It was Saturday Morning, I woke up early and decided to say farewell to my parents. Mom and Dad were already having breakfast.

‘Hi, Should I leave now or after some time?’ I asked.

‘Depends on the flight dear.’ said Mom.

‘It’s around afternoon. I also have to do some other things.’ I explained.

Almost a couple of minutes later, as my dad was leaving for work, I decided to leave with him.

Saying Goodbye to Mom, me and Dad left for the airport. And so, in no time my real home arrived. The same targeted apartment. I thought.

As the apartment was my own property, I knew I had to give it to someone who was unimpeachable. Even though I didn’t know many people around here, I still had to give it a try. I planned to book a hotel for a day or two until I find a good new place to live.

It had been a while since I took a long sleep after night shifts. Now that I was a senior manager of the company, I had no more night shifts but it was still a hectic agenda. The hotel where I lived in, was built almost 15 years ago but it still looked newly built. It was my first night in the hotel.

Knock… knock…

‘Who’s there?’ I asked.

‘Ma’am, your dinner.’ said the person outside.

I opened the door and sure enough, it was my meal that I had ordered a while ago. After paying the bill, I immediately opened the covered boxes and was happy to relish such a fancy meal!

Not a while afterwards, I encountered something quite weird. From my room’s window, I could see an old man walking by the hotel. Of course, the man couldn’t see me as clearly as I could. He was perpetually walking and panting, as if he was doing it on purpose. After a while, someone from inside the hotel came out and told the old man to sit inside the black van which was parked in the corner where the famous Cafeteria was built. The old man walked towards the black van and nothing happened after that. I couldn’t see if there was anybody inside the van but what I saw was bizarre. The person, who ordered the old man to sit inside the black van, went near the van and sat inside himself. After a while, I could see him coming out but he was wearing a totally different outfit. Even his hairstyle looked slightly transmuted.
I was puzzled but didn’t indulge in the case. I was just ingesting my delicious meal.

Nights in a hotel are always very joyful and extremely newfangled. I have had peculiar and quite funny experiences at numerous hotels myself but this one looked a little too antithetical.
At around 12:30, I was beginning to drowse in the comfortable bed.

Even though a cup of coffee was never too much for me, I was still making sure I stayed active and focused more actively on my concerned activities. Chores like, handling my company, job and my seat. I reached the company and was grunting to see the employees in the same way I'd left them. My senior boss, Mr. Benjamin Hurdles, was sitting in his chair, all packed up by the comforts of his surroundings. I showed him my debilitated face and then went inside Connor McCarthy’s personal room. I felt sorrowful for Bruce Anderson’s tragic demise. Connor was working on some important projects, he just gestured to me HELLO and then, I went outside and into my own room.
The fragrance of Lavender hit me hard, as I entered my personal working corner. Looks like someone just air freshened my room. I thought. After a while, I got a text from Mom. She was catechizing if I was okay or not. The air looked even more fresher inside than outside. To be honest, I really didn’t want to come out of this building. I felt safer here.

A couple of hours had passed. No more night shifts for me now I thought as I was departing from the building. Connor McCarthy was going with me. We all were leaving together. Since I was staying in a hotel for a couple of days, I had to make sure I reached there on time since I didn’t like to leave my hotel room vacant for much longer and now that I felt more uneasy after Teresa’s tragedy, I felt something was watching me, or Someone.

Around 3 at midnight, I got up from my bed for no reason. There was a perpetual feeling in my heart about me being watched. To be on the safe side, I scrutinized every single piece of furniture in the hotel room and as I was assuring myself that nobody was with me, a sudden thud agitated me. The perturbation inside me grew even stronger, leaving me no choice but this cretinous decision of opening the door and knowing what made such a raucous noise. Before I could even see from the peephole, someone knocked at my door. My heart was beating to an excessively fast rate. I felt a cold chill run through my spine as I thought of Teresa’s unlucky tragedy. I was having severe paranoia and it grew stronger day by day. I told myself not to doze off because of the fear I had collected in my heart. Then, there was a voice ‘Please open the door.’ I knew it was a female voice speaking. I looked out from the peephole before opening the door. Sure enough, there was a lady ( in her mid 30’s ) standing outside. She was not even a bit familiar to me. I gave the door a slight pull and the lady said ‘Are you Cloe?’ ‘Yeah, I am. Why?’ I answered. Since the lady was well mannered, good speaking and looked lovely, I decided not to have a panic attack anymore. There was still a little chain hung in between the door which was separating me and the lady from each other. Then, the woman smiled and said ‘Actually, your parents have sent me from Ohio to be your roommate and more like, keep an eye on you.’ I wasn't sure about this, so I told the woman to wait for a second before I called my mom. After a while, my Mom told me that the woman’s name was Lucia and she was from Ohio and was surely my caretaker for a couple of weeks.
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