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The precious one

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this is a story about a girl who is precious to the family when I say precious I mean precious she is the only girl child in a family let's see how her adventures start off being an only girl child in the family and being treated like a rare and precious diamond

Mystery / Fantasy
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welcome to my story

Hey I am Emily and I am 15 years old and the only girl child in my family which means among 15 brothers I am only one girl child ya I know the huge family I have 4 older brothers and 11 cousins from 2 uncles well from childhood itself I have been treated like Princes or a very very very very rare jewel And yes I belong to one of the rich family in this world we own business, politics, and underworld ya ya underworld is like gangster my father is an industrialist and businesses man my uncle Josh is a politician and my another uncle David is gangster he is like a Mafia ya I get it huge and wired family one more weirdest thing each member in my family obsessed with something like one of my biggest brother is obsessed with a sports car, some are obsessed with plains Some are obsessed with and antique well I am obsessed with animals I just love animals you can say a bit spoiled rich kid when it comes to animals ok we had enough talk let's jump into my life story

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