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The precious one

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regular but iregular day

Oh hi there you all be must be wondering why I am in this public school when I can study in private school or one of school that my family owns well it's simple I want a simple life where I have normal friends and when I am in normal friends I mean kids who are not rich as I am extremely rich kid well I was home school for 3 years after that I was in one of the richest school in UK but for my high school I want a small but public school and here I am in fair angles high in Falls church, Virginia well it is small town just like I wanted no one knows me here what my family background is , who I am or what I'm not ,it my first day all tho my my family bought a biggest house in this town all the comfort for me I insist them that I will go by school bus I don't want to get their attention around me just want to live a simple life for a while at least a simple school life here first day ,
First day at "fair angel high"
As Emily entered the door no one was looking at her just like she wanted no attention she walked to word office and collect her time table and done with paperwork her lecture falls English literature room number 102 while Emily I was searching for our classroom she found innocent girl was being bullied by some bitch . Seeing that innocent brown hair girl bing bullied she decided to save her

"Hey bitch's get out of there stop bullying her " said Emily in strict voice
All the kids in hall way trun to her they all were looking shocked
The cheerleaders bitch group trun to her the leader of group walked towards Emily and said " who do you think you are newbie do you know who I am cheerleader head and this is my kingdom and you are locked here with me you better watch out"
At first Emily laugh "omg sorry I didn't care who you are but let me tell you something Bethany I am not locked here with you you're locked here with me " said Emily looking straight it to her eyes . Emily had that evil dead eye look and it makes more scary because Emily was born with red eyes one of cheerleader girl try to slap Emily but to everyone's suprise Emily holds her hand in middle of air without even looking at her and pull her closer and pinned her down by pinning her hand on that girls head
" Babe babe babe you should think twice will attacking on anyone " saying this Emily realised her which made her fall on floor and all students in hall started laughing " don't get shocked Bethany I know your name because it's on your cheerleading name bache " pushing squad out of her way Emily reachs to brunette girl "hey you okay ?"

Brunette girl"yeah I am , thanks for helping, you know you should have helped me Bethany and her cheerleader squad won't let it go "

Emily " chill I can handle her she is nothing like I said before she is locked here with me , by the way I am Emily Michelson's and you?"

Brunette girl " I.. I'm Anna wills "

Emily " well Anna I am new here can you tell me where is class room 104 and can you be my friend"
Anna "you.... You want to be..be my...my friend"

Emily "yeah why not if you don't have any problem being friends with me"

Anna "I...I don't have any Pro...... Problem to be friends with you

Emily "Anna are you afraid of me?did I scared you somehow?"

Anna "oh no no no yooo...you didn't it's me I have fluency disorders "

Emily " oh I thought I scared you 😅😅"
Anna " caaa....can I se...see your time table ?"
Emily" show you can here you go"

Anna" you... ha..have sa.. sa.. same class as me le.. let's go or else mr..mrs.
Emerson will kill is with her taunts "

Emily "let's go then"

Both Anna and Emily goes to there English literature class

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