The precious one

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into the class

Both Anna and Emily enters everyone was gossiping about what happened in hall way they both ignores it and sat one after another Emily at last bench and Anna in front of her Mrs Emerson enters class and saw Emily she ask her to introduce herself
Mrs. Emerson " class we have new girl here Ms. Michelson's would you please introduce yourself"

Emily " of course Mrs Emerson " by saying this Emily gets up and walk to introduce herself
"Hey everyone I am Emily Michelson's and I am from Ferrara Italy and I love boxing, archery, basketball, bike riding ya that's it for now I hope I will make friends with you all "

Mrs Emerson" thank you ms Michelson's "

After few lectures it was break time
Emily was waiting for Anna near her locker

Emily" finally you came I... Was dieing with hunger

Anna" so ...sor.. sorry let'"

They enter cafeteria went to buy there food
"Hey you don't have to pay I will pay for you " said Emily giving her card

"N..noo you don.. don't need to do this"
Said Anna
" While I already did " said with wink
And the both sat on bench after few minutes 1 girl join them

"Emily this is Sarah my best friend " Anna introduce a blonde hair neardy girl to Emily

"Oh hey I am Emily Michelson's" Emily introduce herself

Sarah "Oh I know you were everyone does after that hall way incident"

Emily "Looks like I am going to be famous for while 😅🤦🏻‍♀️"

They were chatting and was enjoying their food when a boy quite handsome came to them and said

"Hey you are Emily Michelson's right I am max Shawn"

Emily " hello max it's nice to meet you"

Max"can I sit hee with you all only of you don't mind"

Emily " yeah of course why we will mind"

Max " actually I don't have any friends I mean I do have but not in this school I have online friends who played video games "

Emily"who says you don't have friends you have us right girls"

Anna blush a bit and nod her head Emily and Sarah notice it
After 2 more class they all went to library to help Emily to complete her notes and she joined school 3 months late

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