The precious one

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boy with book

In the library, they all were writing notes with Emily and helping her out.
" Thanks, guys for this it means a lot," said Emily

Max "how can't we help you, we are friends and that's what friends do right Anna" by saying this he put his hand on Anna's shoulder and blush red her ears were as red as a tomato Emily notice it and decided to give them privacy

Emily "umm.. Sarah I want some books to garb can you help me" she gave hint to Sarah and Sarah understood it. They both went near the history section to search books while they were looking for books Emily notice a boy with a book and the end of the library

And she felt something in her heart like she felt peace, clam, her restless heartfelt clam pure there was a smile on her face and she realised she was blushing and staring at the the the oy for a bit long she looked for Sarah
Emily "Hey Sarah pssst Sarah "
Sara came to her " what it is babe"

"Who's that cutie pie?" Asked Emily
"Wait who are you talking about" asked Sarah

"There that boy with book wearing specs and long coat at end of the library" pointing at the boy said, Emily

"Oh, that boy he is Edwin. Edwin white student call him nerd Ed " replied Sarah with a smirk on her face
Emily saw that smirk "what? what are you smoking at what's that look like?"

"Umm.Nothing by the way he is still single for your information" replied Sarah with the giggle

"Stop giggling I didn't say I like him he is just cute," said Emily blushing red and a bit annoyed about it
"Well I didn't say that you like him," said Sarah with a faint laugh

"Let's go we have to complete our work " Emily drag Sarah to where they were sitting first

"What took you so long" Asked max

"Well Emily found Edwin cute" replied Sarah

"You mean Edwin white the topper of the school "?" Asked Anna

Sarah "Yup the indeed"
Max start hooting
" Shhh we are in the library keep quiet," said Anna pressing her hand on max mouth it became a little awkward but Emily broke the awkwardness
"Guys let's do the work"

After some time they all went there home

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