Divine Help

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Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

The next week went by without much excitement. As Megan got ready for church, she noticed Jake putting his suit on and gave him one of her famous amused expressions.

He returned her look. “What? I need to look my best if I’m meeting the Bishop, right? And besides, I thought it would be better to just take one car, so I’m going with you to church.”

They got to church, and went through all Sacrament, Sunday school, and Priesthood/Relief Society meetings. Jake felt very at home, which surprised him because he had never felt welcome at any church before. When church ended, they both sat by the Bishop’s door.

Megan took Jakes hand. “I’m going to head for home and start dinner, okay?”

“Are you sure? I’m sure we won’t be long.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. Have a good conversation with the Bishop and I’ll see you at home.”

“All right. See ya later.”

They kissed and Megan started for home while Jake waited for the Bishop.

The Bishop opened the door. “Ah, you must be Jacob.” He offered his hand. “I’m Bishop Mann, and it’s a pleasure to meet you. Come on in and take a seat.”

Jacob entered the office and sat down. “Thanks for meeting with me.”

The Bishop sat down at his desk. “How are you doing today, Jacob?”

“Oh, I’m not doing too bad today. Just really busy with work.”

The Bishop nodded. “Ah, you are a police officer right?”

“Yes I am.”

“I understand why you’re busy, then. Anyway, your wonderful wife has asked if I would talk to you. She has been really worried about you, Jake. She mentioned dreams you have been having. Tell me about them if you can.”

Jake struggled to know whether to tell him everything or just enough that he would know what was going on. He decided that he would be very general, no names, nothing personal.

“I have been having some very vivid dreams lately about my past and a few people I once loved. The people in the dream die, and I can’t save them. They keep coming to me in all my dreams now.”

He stopped for a moment, not sure of how much information he wanted to give into. He could feel the pain of everything trying to overwhelm him, and that was something he didn’t want to happen.

Something Jake wasn’t expecting happened as he sat there, torn between explaining everything and not. A warm feeling of peace came over him, and the pain slowly lessened, until it was completely gone

A tear ran down his cheek. “The people in my dreams are from my past. Rachel and Isaac were my family, and they were taken from me. After the dreams wake me up, I feel this void inside me. I don’t know how to get rid of the dreams or fill the void. I hope that makes at least a little bit of sense.”

Jacob finished his story. When he finished, the Bishop sat back and studied Jake for a moment before speaking.

“So what you are saying is you don’t feel whole, there is something missing?”

Jake thought a moment. “That seems pretty close. I know I need to talk to Megan about this, but I just want to make sense of everything before I do.”

“I understand that. I do have something that could help fill that void, but in order for me to tell you about it, you have to do a few things to prepare to get the answers you are seeking. Are you interested?”

He eyed the Bishop and saw only compassion, then looked down at the floor, trying to figure out what to do. “I’m interested, but I don’t trust easily. I need to know I can trust you before I can do anything.”

“Understandable. May we have a word of prayer?” Asked the Bishop.

“Not sure what that will do, but I guess that would be fine as long as I don’t have to say anything.”

The Bishop offered the prayer, and asked that the spirit of the Lord would help them know what to do to help Jake trust. After the prayer concluded, the Bishop waited for Jake’s response.

Jake looked up from the floor. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he finally was able to let go of the pain and trust someone to help him. “Tell me what I have to do about my problem.”

“Good. I hoped you would say that, and these three things aren’t even hard to do. The first one is; I want you to come to church with your wife every Sunday for eight weeks. Not too hard, right?”

Jacob smiled. “No not too hard, and Megan will be excited.”

“Good, number two is I want you and your family to read out of the scriptures every day. It doesn’t matter how much you read or what time you do it, as long as you do it every day.”

“Sounds simple enough, Bishop.”

“And number three is pray with your family every morning and right before bed.” He awaited Jacob’s reaction.

Jake took a deep breath. “This is all so different for me. For the longest time, I have done everything I could not to put religion in my life. I told myself I didn’t need it. For a while I believed it. That is until I met Megan. Having her in my life started to change something in me. It was small at first, so I did everything I could to ignore it. I would throw up walls, hoping to keep it out. Megan only needed to look at me with that certain look she has. You probably know the one. Where she looks at you with a love that can melt the hardest heart.”

The Bishop smiled knowingly, “I know that look well.”

The walls I put up, they crumbled. She knew it was only a matter of time, until I would give in and see things her way.

If you’re right, Bishop, and doing these things will give me answers about my dreams, then I’ll do what you have asked.”

“Wonderful, Jake. You have taken the first step. Let’s set up another meeting after you have completed the others and then I’ll tell you what you want to know. See? I told you they wouldn’t be hard.”

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