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Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

The sniper’s commanding officer cautiously walked into an office in a high-rise building. He stopped a few feet in front of a desk that was placed in the middle of the room.

A person shrouded in shadows looked up and met the man eye-to-eye. “What do you have to report?”

The man swallowed hard and glanced down at the floor. “The sniper I hired failed, sir. He shot at them, but they got away.” The person at the desk nodded and waved for the man to continue. “The tour guide got in the way of my first shot, then I fired a few more, but by that time they were both hiding behind a part of the monument.”

“So I’m to assume that the tour guide is dead and the actual targets are still alive? Is that what you are telling me? You are saying that a world class assassin like yourself can’t kill a cop and his wife even when they are brought to you practically gift-wrapped?”

The man looked up at the person sitting at the desk, and met the coldest, blackest eyes he had ever seen staring back at him.

“Well, are you going to answer me?”

The man continued to look at the ground, not sure what to say to the person, but knowing all too well what was about to happen. “I know I have failed you, but if you just give me another chance, I know I can get the job done.”

The man just stared at him from across the desk.. He pushed a button, two side doors opened, and two very large men walked out.

“You have exactly two minutes to convince me why I should give you and your team of snipers a second chance. I don’t have to tell you what will happen if you don’t. Your time starts now.”


The plane touched down in Black County Washington, and Jake, and Megan exited the plane and found Jaxon waiting for them at the baggage claim.

“Hey, let’s get going. I have made reservations at a hotel not far from here.”

They got into the car Jaxon had rented and headed over to the hotel. On the way there Jake had Jaxon fill them in on what was happening.

“I have spoken with the Black County PD and they seem like they want to help. The Sheriff’s Office is another story. They won’t even take my calls, so I doubt they want us snooping around.”

Jake chuckled. “Is that what we are doing? ‘Snooping around’?” They all laughed. “Leave the Sheriff’s Office to me. I’ll get them to help.”

They got to their rooms, unpacked, and Jake started making assignments.

“All right, this is what we are going to do. Megan, you get on the computer and see what you can find about the case and any info that got released to the press. Also look into his business and find out who is running the business now. Jax, you go and see what info the Black County PD has, and I’ll go get the Sheriff’s office on our side. Let’s meet back here later.”

They all agreed. Megan got on her laptop and started to research the case and what the local media was told about it.

“Hey before you two leave, come check this out.”

Jax and Jake walked over to where Megan was working. “This is really weird. For some reason, the media wasn’t even told about the boat accident or anything. The only thing they were told is that he died.”

Jake thought for a minute. “Good work, Meg. I don’t think this was an accident, otherwise the media would have covered the story. Someone got paid to keep this under wraps. Let’s go find out.”

The detectives headed to the local PD and Sheriff’s Office to see what help they could get.

Jaxon pulled up in front of the Black County PD. She got out of her car and looked around. If she had learned anything, it was that you should always be aware of your surroundings. She took note of the people coming and going and everything that was happening.

She entered the Police station and walked up to the front desk.

“I need to see the two detectives who were involved in the Michael Person case. Please.”

The officer behind the desk looked her over. “And who are you?”

She sighed and flashed her badge. “I’m Detective Strong, I called earlier.”

“Oh, Detective, I didn’t realize it was you. They are waiting for you in their office at the back of the room. Go right in.”

Jax was met by the detectives half way down the hall. One of the detectives offered his hand.

“Hello, I’m Detective Lopez, and this is my partner Detective Brown.”

Jax shook Detective Lopez’s hand and then did the same to the other detective. “Hello, I’m Detective Strong, and it’s a pleasure to meet both of you. Can we go somewhere private and talk?”

“Of course. Right this way.” Detective Brown led them into a room and shut the door behind them. “What can we do for you, Detective Strong?”

“Well, I’m hoping that you could fill me in on an old case the both of you worked?” She paused for a moment. “The Michael Person case.”

“Ah, of course, Detective, the captain said to get you anything you needed. I’ll get it for you.” Detective Lopez got the file out of the file room and sat it on the table in front of Jax.

“So, tell me about the details of this case.”

“Well, a few years ago, a couple of teenage girls went missing in the woods just outside Black County. We searched those woods from one end to the other, but we could never find them. Soon the case went cold, and then a couple other teenage girls went missing from down-town Blackridge. That case went cold as well. We decided that these two cases were related, so we put them together. We just couldn’t figure out what happened to them. Then a call came in that gave us a break in one of the cases. The caller stated that he knew where the girls had been taken, but that he would need protection. We told him to come in and we could talk about it.”

“So what did he say when he came in?”

“That’s the thing. He never came in and never gave his name. So we don’t know if he was killed or just got scared and decided meeting with us wasn’t worth his life. Anyway, we put this case on the back-burner and moved onto other cases until about a month ago.”

“What happened a month ago that changed things, Detective?”

“Well, we got another tip on the case. The tip came from a guy named Michael Person. The name he gave sounded like it was fake so after I took the call and got all his information, I checked out the name. Any guesses on what I found?”

“Let me guess. He isn’t really Michael Person, because the real Michael Person has been dead for about ten years?”

“How did you guess? He died in a car accident. He fell asleep at the wheel and his car went on a twenty-foot cliff.”

Jaxon caught the fact that the info the detectives had wasn’t the same they had, so she decided to talk to Jake about that before bringing anything else up. She had a feeling that something about this wasn’t right.

The detective looked at Jaxon, trying to gauge her reaction to what he said, and then continued. “Anyway, he said he had info on the four young girls that had disappeared. I got the call, so I told him to come in, and we would take the information he had, and he got here about ten minutes later. He told us that he knows where the girls are and who took them. He also told us they were being held in a warehouse out by the docks, and gave us the address. I took his contact information in case we needed anything else and sent him on his way. Later, we went to the dock. None of the information he gave us panned out.”

“Would you mind if my partner and I took a look around the dock?”

“Go ahead, but you won’t find anything. Everything’s been completely checked and cleared.”

“That’s okay. We will take our chances. Besides I want to look around the docks anyway.”

“Well, if you change your mind, we will be here.”

“Thanks for all your help, guys. Oh, before I go, I did have one more question for you.”

“Ask away.”

“What did Mr. Persons do for work?” Jax watched them very carefully, trying to read their faces.

“He worked at the local steel mill. I believe he was one of the foremen there.”

“So that would put his annual salary at about fifty-thousand right?”

“Yeah sounds about right.”

Jax got up, thanked them again, went back out to her car, and then headed to the dock.


Jake got to the Sheriff’s Office and walked in.

“Excuse me, I’m Detective Alexander with the Avalon Police Department, and I need to speak with the detectives that worked on the Michael Person case.”

“All right. Give me a few minutes to look up which detectives worked on that particular case.” The man behind the desk, went to the computer, typed in the case number, and waited for the computer to bring up the results. As the officer worked the computer, Jake took this time to look around the Sherriff’s Office.

A few minutes passed and Officer Richards looked up. “I’m sorry Detective, but the two detectives that worked on that case died about five years ago.”

“How did they die, officer?”

“Who did you say you were again?”

Jake let out a sigh. “My name is Detective Jacob Alexander and I’m a detective with the Avalon Police Department.”

“Why do you need this information?”

“Well, for starters, I possibly have information that will help solve this case. So I ask you again, how did the detectives die?”

Officer Richards looked at Jake, and then back to the computer. “Well, it says here that it was an accident of some sort.”

“I need everything you have about the accident, and exactly what happened to the detectives. I have reason to believe that this was no accident.”

“You should probably talk to the captain about that. I’ll let him know what you need.” Officer Jones went to the captain’s office.

A few minutes later, the Captain led him to an empty room. “What can I do for you Detective…Alexander, is it?”

“Yes, sir. I needed to talk to the two detectives that worked the Michael Person case. I’m told they were killed. What happened?”

Captain Harrison picked up the case file. “Well, Detective Johnson owned a yacht at the local dock. They were out on Johnson’s yacht when the thing just exploded. They were both killed. There wasn’t much left of the yacht, and only parts of their bodies were found. The local ME used dental records to make the identifications. Their funerals a few days later. Foul play was suspected of course, and we had a few leads. The most promising lead was a man by the name of Michael Person, but we could never locate him.”

“Could my partner and I get a copy of all the evidence that was collected at the scene? The DNA matches to the detectives and anything else that was found.”

“I got paperwork from your captain stating that there is a connection to an open case you and your partner are working. I’ll have them sent to you. Is there anything else you need?”

“I think that is all. I’ll call you if I need more. Thanks for all the information and help you have given me, sir.”

“You are welcome Detective. If you can help solve this case, it will be worth it. We would like to be kept up to speed on the case.”

“Of course, sir.”

They stood, shook hands, and Jake went out to his car and headed back to the hotel.

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