Divine Help

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Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

The next morning, Nathan made his way to the police station. He stopped and stared at the building and thought to himself. Should I get involved? Of course I should, Sarah would if the roles were reversed.

Nathan approached the front desk. “I have some information on the Sarah McBride case. Who do I need to talk to?”

The officer at the desk gestured toward a row of chairs. “Please take a seat, sir, and I’ll get the detective.”

He sat down and glanced around at all the police officers. He thought about what he needed to tell the police. Doubt again assailed him, and he almost left. Just as he was about to stand up and leave, Detective Armstrong walked up to him.

“Hi, I’m Detective Armstrong. I hear you have information concerning Sarah McBride?”

“Yes, sir, my name is Nathan and I’m…or I was Sarah’s boyfriend. She broke up with me the day before she went missing…told me that she never wanted to see me again. I heard that she was into some heavy stuff, so I decided to follow her around. I followed her to the club where she disappeared from. While at the club, this Mexican looking guy walked up to her and started talking to her. I overheard him talking about her owing someone a bunch of money, and something about the price if she didn’t pay up. He got up to leave and as he turned toward me, I noticed that he was that Mexican dude on the Most Wanted. He looked right at me, so I got freaked out and left.”

“So, let me get this straight. You followed your ex-girlfriend to the club, just to keep tabs on her, saw that a wanted fugitive talking to her about owing a debt and the price if she didn’t pay up, and instead of calling the cops, you ran because you got scared?”

The young man looked down at his feet. “Yes, sir.”

“Well, thank you for the information, you have been a big help…but you should’ve contacted us sooner.”

As the Detective turned to leave, the young man asked. “Do you think Sarah is still alive?”

Detective Armstrong turned back toward the young man. “Yes, I believe so.”


Jake, Jaxon, and Megan got into the van that would be used to make the delivery and headed to the slum district of Avalon City where the deal was set to go down. It took most of the day to get there.

As they traveled, Jake contacted the Captain. “Captain, we are about to take down the people behind the human trafficking ring that The Mexican is in charge of. There is a possibility that The Fist will also be there. We need you to send us some back up so we have the man power in this area.”

“You trust this information you have, Jake?”

“We don’t have much of a choice, Captain. We need to find those young women that were taken, and this is our best chance.”

“All right. What do you need?”

“We need a surveillance team and back-up for entry.”

“Your back-up and the surveillance team will meet you there.”

“All right everyone, it’s show time. We’re where we’re supposed to be. Megan and Jax are in the van with a hood over their heads and tied up. I’ll be taking Zander’s place as the driver of the van. As soon as we have made contact and he inspects the cargo, we will follow him to where he is supposed to make the drop. Everyone understand what’s happening?”

A few minutes later, another van pulled up to the appointed place and flashed the lights twice. Jake returned the sign by flashing his lights twice.

The person got out of the van, and Jake met him in the middle.

“Do you have the cargo?”

“Yep. Would you like to see them?” Jake asked, and the man nodded. “Right this way, then.”

Jake took the man over to his van and opened the back door. The two women in the back were tied, with bags over their heads.

The man checked them over. “They look good, and they should fetch a good price.”

Jake shut the door. “Good. Where are you supposed to take the girls?”

“That is none of your business. You are just supposed to deliver them to me. What happens after that doesn’t concern you.”

“Actually, it does. The package I got in the mail says that I’m to accompany you to the drop off site. Read it and weep.”

The man took the note and read. “This doesn’t make sense. They have never done this before.”

“You know they change things whenever they want. Just deal with it and let’s get this done. We can take my van.”

The man nodded and got into the driver’s seat, and Jake got into the passenger seat.

They headed off to the other end of the city, to the docks. Jake sent a text to the captain telling him to keep the back-up a good distance away so the driver didn’t see them, and that they were heading toward the docks. The captain sent some snipers to the area.

The van came to a stop.

“All right, take the girls in that warehouse over then and then wait for me to come get you.

Jake nodded.

“Just don’t take too long. This place gives me the creeps.”

Jake led the girls to the warehouse. While they waited for the other man to come back, he untied the female officer.

The man who drove the van came in. “Bring the girls out, and follow me.”

Jake pulled the two girls to a standing position. “You heard the man. Let’s go.” He took each girl by the arm and led them out to where the other man stood.

They all went to one of the docks where a big cargo ship was docked at.

“Our contact is on the boat, and he’s ready to see the cargo he was promised.”

“Lead the way. The girls and I are right behind you.”

They boarded the vessel, and the man took them to the captain’s room. They walked into the room and saw a large man about six foot-six and three-hundred pounds, sporting a goatee and long hair. You could tell by the weathered skin on his face that he had been in the shipping business for most of his life.

“Here is the cargo you asked for, sir.”

“Ah, very good. Bring them to the middle of the room so can I inspect them.” He said in a thick Russian accent.

The man pushed the girls to the middle of the room and had them turn a complete circle. “Are they to your liking, sir?”

“Yes, you have done well. Here are the photos to provide proof so you can get paid. The others will be pleased.”

Jacob gave the signal, and the police converged on the ship with automatic weapons. The guards on the boat put up little resistance, thanks to the snipers what were positioned outside the ship. The ship’s captain heard the gunshots, drew his pistol, and grabbed one of the women, and pulled off the hood. “What is the meaning of this? You have betrayed me. You shall suffer for this outrage.

He pointed his gun at the driver of the van and shot him in the head, killing him before he hit the ground.”

Jake pulled out his pistol and dove for cover; he rose to one knee and pointed his gun at the captain. “You’re surrounded, so put down your weapon.”

“You won’t take me alive. All of you back away, or I’ll shoot this woman.” To accentuate the point, he pushed the gun into the woman’s temple.

The other woman, who was sitting on the floor, slipped a blade out of her pocket and proceeded to cut her bonds, hiding this from the captain’s view.

“Come on. Let’s be smart about this. You won’t win. Give it up.”

The woman on the floor slipped the bag off her head. The captain saw this out of the corner of his eye and made the mistake of turning his gun and attention to her.

Jake took advantage of the captain’s mistake and fired one shot, hitting him in the shoulder. The captain stumbled, and his hostage took the opening, grabbed his arm, and flipped him over into a cross arm breaker, causing his to drop his gun.

The rest of the police converged on rest of the guards and the captain, placing them in handcuffs.

Jake walked up to Jax to check on her and the other officer. “You two okay?”

“Yeah we’re good. Your plan seemed to have worked.”

“Yeah, thanks to your fast thinking. Nice move by the way.” Jake turned to the rest of the officers. “Let’s get this scum back to the office. We have some interrogating to do.”

They all arrived back at the police station and put all the men in separate rooms to be interrogated.

Jake and Jaxon entered the room where the captain was being held.

“I told you that you wouldn’t win. Look what happened when you had to do it the hard way.” Jake tried unsuccessfully not to laugh. “Worst of all, you get your arm broken by a woman half your size. What would the others think?” Jake just shook his head.

The captain smiled. “I won’t be here long enough for them to even miss me, Detectives.”

“Don’t be so sure of that. We have enough on you to put you behind bars for a very long time. You have at least four kidnapping charges on you right now. I’m sure there are more we can find to charge you with. However, we’re willing to make a deal with you if you provide the location of the other girls and your partners location.”

The captain thought for a few minutes. “Give me protection, and I’ll give you the information you need.”

“That will depend on how valuable the information you give us is. If it’s worth it, then you’ll have your deal. Start talking, Captain.”

“All right, detectives, The Leaders are all down-town in the government district. They are in the top floor, but access is granted with a swipe card. The swipe card isn’t your only problem. The floor is divided into three rooms, and there are a bunch of guards. Once you get past the guards, the door to the room that The Leaders are in looks like, a vault. You have to pass the eye scan, and then there is voice-print verification. And if you get through all of that, there are nine leaders. All of them carry automatic weapons.”

“What are the names of The Leaders? I want all of them, including yours.”

“I don’t know all of their names, but I can give you the names of the people I deal with personally. The Fist, MadDog, The Mexican, The Quill, and Napalm. One of the newest members is Charles Bennett. Oh then there is me. My name is Valdo Pachinko, or The Captain while doing business.”

“So which one is in charge of the whole organization?”

“None of them, Detective. I haven’t given you the name of the one in charge. I was just getting to that. The Butcher is the main guy. However, no one, and I mean no one has ever seen The Butcher, so taking him down is almost impossible.”

“Almost is the key word. There might be a way.”

“If you could catch more of The Leaders, their combined information may be able to tell you enough to lead you to The Butcher. That would be the only way to get even close to the guy.”

“Thanks for the info. You will be held here until this is over, then we will see about your protection.”

Jake and Jax left the interrogation room and filled in the task-force and Captain Williams about what The Captain had told them.

“We need to find every angle we can on The Leaders. Jaxon and I are going to start rounding up the members that we know of. The rest of you start digging into their pasts. There has to be something we can use to get the information we need.”

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