Divine Help

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Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen

Jermaine stood out on a street corner, his right hand wrapped up with a bandage, a dried bloodstain where his little finger use to be. On the rough side of town, a small, white, two-bedroom house, several cars parked around it, stood on the same corner. He put a cigarette to his lips and took a drag as he reached into his pocket and he took out a card. On the card was Detective Alexander’s number.

“Stupid Leaders think they know everything and that the cops won’t ever catch them. I could take them down with just one call.”

He looked at the card and then took another drag on his cigarette. Should I make the anonymous call to this Detective Alexander? He looked at his hand with the missing finger and let out a string of profanities before taking another drag.


In the house, the rest of the leaders, including the mastermind. The Butcher, all sat around a large table discussing how best to solve some problems that beset them.

The Butcher began to speak. “Our eyes and ears in the police have brought some disturbing news. The Avalon City PD has made a new task force in charge of hunting down Avalon’s most wanted. And to make things worse, the person they got to head up this strike force is Jacob Alexander.”

One of the others spoke up. “You are the one who wanted to make this whole thing personal with him.”

The Butcher glared at the other man. “Watch your tongue, or I’ll cut it out!” He snarled. “We need to hasten our plan now that the cops have that new task force in place. And I think I know just the thing that will advance our position. Get me the world’s best assassin. Price is no object here.”

“Yes, sir. Right away, sir.”

One of the men got up from the table, walked over to a computer, and began searching the dark web for the assassin that would be best for what they needed.

“I have found the perfect assassin for what we need. His name is Andrew Hammonds. White male, 6’0” 200 pounds average looking clean cut male except for his piercing Ice blue eyes. Weapon of choice is Chinese Acupoint-Hitting Needle. He is also trained in Kung-Fu.”

The leader milled this around in his head for a few minutes. “What the hell are Chinese Acupoint-Hitting Needles?”

One of the Chinese associates spoke up. “A person trained in using those needles can render you immobile and unable to speak, but the person is very much aware of his surroundings, then he can kill you and you never so much as make a sound. And the best part is, no evidence that a crime was ever committed.”

The leader smiled. “Perfect. Pay whatever he asks. And make sure you give him the targets before he gets here.”

“All right boss.” He pushed a few button on the computer. “He will be here in three days and expects half of his fee upfront.”

“Whatever you need to do to get him here!”


In a house on a Caribbean beach, Andrew Hammonds sat in a Lazy boy chair reading a local newspaper. As he read, he heard his computer tell him that he had email in his private email. He entered multiple identification passwords and a fingerprint reader on his computer. Then the email popped up.

“Got a job for you, pays very well, double your normal fee. Location is Avalon City. Your targets are Detective Jacob Alexander, and Detective Jaxon Strong.

He leaned back in his chair and considered the job. These are Police Officers. I’m going to need more than double my usual fee.

He typed out a quick email. “I’ll need quadruple my normal fee. There is more than one target and both are cops. I’ll not accept any less.” He knew he would get the money. Because of the identity of the targets, they would be willing to pay anything.

The hit-man grinned widely as another email came through. “Terms accepted. Attached are the details of the hit.”

Ah twenty million dollars for a double target, sounds wonderful.

He read through the file on both detectives, getting a feel for how he would do the hit. A few days later, a Delta international flight left the Caribbean on its way to the Avalon International Airport. While on the flight, Andrew opened his laptop, put his earphones in, and studied his assignment, memorizing the faces of the two Homicide Detectives he had been called on to deal with. Hmm. he mused. They may prove to be worthy advisories. Looks like they are both trained in hand-to-hand combat and at least one form of martial arts. I do so love a challenge.

The plane landed in Avalon later that day. He got a room without a view and started setting up his plan on how he would be killing the two homicide detectives.


After Jacob and his family got back into town, Jacob dropped them off at the house, and then headed to work. He found Jaxon on her computer.

“Hey there, Jake, when did you get back into town?”

“A few hours ago. Find anything out about our friends on the most wanted list?”

“Sure did. So, the night that Sarah went missing wasn’t the first time she and Juan Vieira had been together. Apparently, they are both regulars in that club. I checked with the bartender, and she said that they come and go together regularly. Not only that, but she said that they have always had two other people with them. It gets better Jacob; Juan was seen in that same club two nights ago with a different young woman.”

Jacob looked at Jaxon. “Sounds like surveillance needs to be put on that club in case Juan comes back. Did you get a description of the new girl Juan was seen with?”

Jaxon nodded. “The bartender is in with the sketch-artist now.”

“Good. Finally, we’re getting somewhere. We need to get a protection detail on this bartender just in case there is more than one mole in the local PD. We need to find those other two people are that were with them. Let’s also get the phone records from Sarah’s and Juan’s phones, if we can.”


Later that night, Jaxon pulled into her driveway, put her car in the garage then went into her home. She checked her messages, and then put some water on the stove, to make her a soothing glass of herbal tea.

As she sipped her tea, she started to pour over the case that she and Jacob were working on. The phone rang.

“Hello?” No one answered the other end, so she hung up the phone.

The phone rang again. She answered, and still no one answered back. The phone rang again a third time, and when she picked it up, she heard breathing on the other end

“I can here you breathing, I know who you are. What do you want?” She yelled into the phone before slamming the receiver down as her hands began trembling.

She picked up the phone, and tried to push the right buttons to call her sister.

She could only hear the voicemail. “This is Karen, leave a message and I’ll call you back.” Jaxon hung up and called another number.

A man answered the phone. “Hello?” Jaxon could barely talk without crying. “Jake…”

“Jaxon, are you okay?”

“Can…you come over?”


“Yeah, I’ll be right there.” Jacob hung up the phone, got up, and grabbed his coat.

Megan looked up from the book she had her nose in. “What’s up, honey?”

“Something happened to Jaxon. She was almost crying when she called me just now.”

“That’s unlike her, Jake. You better go make sure she is okay.”

“Thanks, Megs. I’ll be back later.” He kissed her and headed out the door.

As Jaxon awaited Jacob’s arrival, she went into her bedroom, sat on her bed, and cried. “Where are you Karen? I need you.”

She heard Jacob pull up in the drive, so she got dressed quickly and headed out the door. Before Jake reached the door, it burst open, and Jaxon came flying out and into his arms sobbing.

“Jaxon? Are you okay?”

Jaxon just sobbed in Jacob’s arms. When she finally composed herself, as they walked into the house.

Jacob looked at Jaxon. “What’s wrong? I have never seen you this upset before.”

She sat on the couch across from Jacob. “My ex, he has found me…he called tonight, he never says a word, just breathes in the phone. He is the only person that I have ever been really afraid of. He had almost killed me once, and so I moved across the country to here. I thought I got away from him, found somewhere he couldn’t find me, I even changed my name, and changed my appearance, but somehow he has found me.” She took a deep breath, and then continued. “When we were first dating, he acted kind and gentle, but all that changed when we got married. He decided that he didn’t like me voicing my opinion, so anytime I disagreed with him, he raised his hand to me.”

The tears started flowing again as she continued. “I learned to keep my opinions to myself, but he didn’t stop there. He had to control all facets of my life. He wouldn’t let me go out, told me what to wear, and what to eat. Anytime he didn’t like what I cooked, he would hit me. In the bedroom, he would force me to have sex with him even when I didn’t want to. He even stopped me from seeing my family.”

Jacob took both her hands to comfort her. “I’m so sorry, Jax.”

She cracked a small, pathetic smile. “Jake, no one knows. I’m not even sure why I’m telling you now.”

“Maybe because you needed to tell someone that you trust.”

“Perhaps. Anyway, I took the beatings and the rapes for a while, and then one day it occurred to me that I shouldn’t live like that. I had people who were willing to help me. I just needed to reach out to them. So one day, when he came home, I told him that I was going leave him. He got this crazy, look in his eyes that I had never seen before, and he grabbed me and screamed that if I was going to leave him, he would kill me. He hit me in the face and knocked me down to the ground. He pulled a knife and came at me. He kept saying that that if he couldn’t have me, no one would.

I struggled to my feet and tried to defend myself, but he slashed at me with the knife.” She pulled up her tank top to reveal a scar on her stomach that ran from one side to the other. “After he slashed me, I fell to the ground, but managed to grab the phone. I hit the corner of the counter on my way down and that knocked me unconscious. It turned out that luck was on my side. He thought I was dead, with the blood coming from my stomach and my head. He panicked, dropped the knife, and left. I woke up a bit later, still bleeding and disorientated. I tried to get, but I fell. I saw the phone on the ground and managed to dial 9-1-1. I must have passed out, because the next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital with my family. A few days later, they released me, and we went straight to the police station to file a report, making sure that he could never hurt me again.

A few days after the divorce was final, I moved. I ended up in Oklahoma of all places. I lived there for a few months, and that’s when the calls started. At first, I didn’t think anything about them, but they never stopped and a strange truck kept following me. One day I saw who the driver was, so I called the cops and had him arrested. Then I moved again. That’s how I ended up here in Avalon.” The tears started again. “I’m so scared Jake. I don’t know what to do!”

They hugged again.

Jake stood up and took Jaxon by the hand. “Go pack a bag. You’re going to stay at my place until I catch this guy.” Jaxon was about to protest when Jake put up his had to stop her. “Megan won’t mind a bit, and Kaleb will be thrilled to have someone else to play with.”

Jaxon smiled a little and went to pack a bag.

Jacob called his wife and told her to make up the guest room. Jax came back into the room with her bags packed.

“Thank you so much, Jacob. Are you sure Megan will be okay with this?”

“Of course, Jax. I just called her to make sure. You will be safe with us, and I’m sure Megan will love the company.”

Jacob took out his pad and a pen. “What is your ex’s name?”

“His name is Charles Bennett.”

“What was your name before you changed it?”

Jaxon looked down as a tear fell. “Alicia Mays. I haven’t dared call my parents or anything, afraid that he would find me again. The worst part is that the police in New York didn’t do anything, didn’t even arrest him. That is why I became a police officer, so I could make sure that what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

They got into the jeep and headed to Jacob’s house, taking a different way there to make sure that no one was following them. They reached his house without any problems.

As they entered the home, Megan greeted them both with a hug. “It’s good to see you again, Jaxon.”

Jaxon smiled and returns the hug. “Thanks Megan. Are you sure it’s okay that I stay here? I don’t want to intrude.”

“Of course, Jaxon. You are always welcome here. I have set up the guest room.”

Just then, Kaleb came into the room, saw Jaxon, and gave her a big bear hug. “Hi Jax, wanna see my new toys?”

Jaxon smiled really big at Kaleb. “Sure buddy, lead the way.”

Kaleb led her into his room. While Jaxon was busy looking at the toys Kaleb was showing her, Jacob related her story to Megan about Jaxon.

“She can stay as long as she needs to, love.”

Jaxon came back into the room. “He is a real sweet boy. You two are lucky to have him.”

“Thanks. Yes, we are very lucky. The room is all made up for you.”

Jaxon smiled gratefully. “Thanks again. You both are true friends.”

The three of them stayed up and talked for a while, before heading to bed.

Jaxon closed the door to her room, sat on the bed. The pain was way too close to the surface and she desperately needed to talk to the one person who could always help her calm down. She dialed a number on her cell. A woman answered the phone.


“Karen…” Jaxon started crying again.

“Jax, are you okay? What’s wrong sweetheart?”

“Oh Karen, I’m so scared.”

“Tell me what happened, sweetheart.”

“My ex found me again.”

“Oh no! Are you okay?”

“I don’t know. I just need to see you. Can you come to me?”

“Yeah, I just got home. Where are you at?”

“I’m at my partner’s house. Don’t worry. He and his family are asleep.”

“All right. I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

“Okay, see ya when you get here. Go to the back door and I’ll let you in.”

Ten minutes later, Jaxon eased the back door open, let her sister in, and led her to her room. The moment Jaxon closed the door to her room, they embraced. They spent the night together talking, and Karen got up to leave before anyone else woke up.

On her way out, she kissed Jaxon on the cheek. “Sleep well, sis.”

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