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Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen

Jacob and Jaxon decided to attend the candlelight vigil that was held for Melanie Calloway at the park near where she was murdered that night. They were hoping that someone would know something and come forward. Her friends from school and the neighborhood took turns speaking about the good that their friend was known for doing.

A young girl walked up to the front of the crowd. “I would like to say something. Melanie and I were best friends, and I miss her every day. I remember that she would go out of her way to make friends with the kids who didn’t have any. She always said that she would want someone to do that for her if she didn’t have any friends.”


Standing a good distance away, a white male in a hat and trench coat watched the two detectives, being careful to stay out of view. The man made his way through the crowd and approached one of the young women.

“Would you do a favor for me and take this note to those detectives over there?” He handed her the note and a fifty-dollar bill.

“Are you serious? You’re giving me fifty dollars to give a note to one of those detectives?”

“Yes. Are you interested?”

“Of course I am.” She took the note and the fifty-dollar bill and walked over to the detectives.

As everyone started to leave, both Jacob and Jaxon handed out cards with their numbers on them. “If any of you know anything about how she was killed or by who, please give us a call.”

The young woman slipped Jacob the note and walked off.


Jacob unfolded the piece of paper and read it. Once he finished it, he drew his weapon and scanned the area.

Jaxon saw Jacob pull his weapon, so she pulled hers as well. “What’s up Jake?”

Jacob handed Jaxon the note and continued to scan the area, looking for the young woman who gave him the note.


As the two detectives searched the area, Jacob heard a soft voice almost a whisper. “In the trees Jake.” Jacob shook his head and then headed toward the trees, his weapon at the ready and Jaxon close behind.

“Where are we going, Jake?”

He thought about the question. “I thought I saw someone or something over here.”

They reached the trees and found no one.

“Jake, take a look at this.” Jaxon walked over to a low-hanging branch and found a ripped piece of cloth stuck on it. She pulled out a handkerchief, picked up the piece of cloth, and placed it in a bag.

They called CSI to make a sweep of the area for any more evidence, and instructed them to call either Jacob or Jaxon if they found anything.


The morning after the vigil, there was a car parked along the street that Jacob had never seen before. He looked at it for a moment. “Jax, see that car across the street?”

“Yeah. I’m pretty sure it’s a bit out of your price range, Jake.”

“That car has never been there before, and I know what car all my neighbors drive.”

Jaxon pulled out a notepad and copied down the license plate number.

Jake pulled out of his driveway and they headed to the gym for the next part of Jaxon’s training.

“Today we will see if you have practiced what you learned. You will be sparring together. No kicks Jacob, just punches.”

Jacob nodded. “Yes, Master.”

They both put on their sparring gear, and entered the ring. They bowed to Master Lin, then to each other.

Lin looked at both of them and then shouted. “BEGIN!”

They began circling the ring feeling each other out. Jaxon stepped closer and threw a couple of jabs followed by a straight right hand, which Jacob easily blocked.

“Pretty good, Jax. See if you can stop my advance.” Jacob stepped in and set up a right cross with a few jabs, then followed by a left hook. Jaxon started to block the jabs while retreating a few steps. Jacob advanced as Jaxon retreated, throwing more punches.

“Not bad at all. Here comes more.”

They continued going back and forth; neither of them gained any true advantage over the other.

After about a half hour of going back and forth, Master Lin stopped them. “Very good both of you. You both have improved. I’ll see you both back here in two days.”

They all bowed, then Jaxon and Jacob left and headed back to Jacob’s place to shower and get ready for work.

“You did very well, Jaxon. I’m really impressed.”

“Thanks, Jacob. That means a lot, coming from you.”


After Jacob and Jaxon left, Megan started on some house work the doorbell rang. Megan went to the door and peeked through the eyehole to see who was there. A man with long brown hair, a beard, and a mustache was standing on the other side of the door. Something told her not to answer the door. She stepped away, her breath catching in her throat. She only managed to put a few feet between herself and the door before it flew open and the man burst in wielding a gun.

The man placed a finger to his lips. “Be still. Do not speak and no harm will come to you or your little one, for you are not the one I’m after.”

He sat Megan and Kaleb down in a chair and waited for Jacob and Jaxon to arrive. As they sat there, Kaleb looked at his mommy.

“What is going on, Mommy?”

“Everything will be all right, sweetheart. Mommy won’t let anything happen to you.” Megan held Kaleb tight and prayed that Jacob would know what to do.

As Jacob and Jaxon approached the house, Jacob noticed that that same car was still sitting along the street. He then noticed that the front door to his home had been kicked in. He got on the radio, called in for back-up, and told them to approach with caution.

Jacob and Jaxon decided to play this as if they hadn’t noticed anything. Jacob sent Jaxon around to the back door, and he headed for the front.

Jacob pushed the door open gently with his free hand while he pulled his gun with the other.

Jaxon slipped her gun out of the holster, gently opening the back door and quietly entered into the house.

Jacob kept his eyes moving as he went down the front hall, not looking at any one thing too long until he saw his wife and son sitting on a chair in the living room, a man held them at gun-point. Jacob saw Jaxon approaching and motioned for her to hold her position.

Jacob took a step toward the living room, and shouted. “Police! Freeze, dirt bag!”

The man holding Jacob’s family hostage turned toward him.

“Ah Detective Alexander, so good of you to join us.” He looked around, seeming disappointed. “And where is Detective… What does she call herself now? Strong, is it? I’m sure she is around here somewhere, which coincidentally is the reason I’m here.”

Jaxon stepped into the room and was shocked to see who it was that had Megan and Kaleb at gun point.

“Ah Alicia, or should I say Jaxon? So good to see you again. I saw you weren’t hiding the gift I gave you when you left me.”

Jaxon clenched her fist, raised her gun, and pointed it toward the man. Jacob motioned for her to lower it.

“That’s right, Alicia. Put your gun down before you hurt someone. At least you have learned to do as you’re told. My, my, you are still as beautiful as I remember you being.”

Jacob glared at the man. “You must be Charles Bennett… the man I’m going to beat half to death.”

“That I am, Detective Alexander. That I am. But I’m not so sure you will get the chance to… what did you say? Beat me half to death?”

Jaxon glared at her ex and if a look at could kill, he would drop dead right there.

“This is just between you and me. Leave Megan and Kaleb out of this. Let them go and I’ll go wherever you want me to go. Just don’t hurt them.”

Charles smiled a most devilish smile. “I’ll have to think about that for a moment. That is what I want, but having them, I could get so much more. Hmm. Decisions, decisions. What to do, what to do? I could shoot everyone and then leave the country. I could just take you and leave, then kill you later.”

Jaxon continued to stare at him. “Or I could challenge you to fight and if I win, you leave and never come back. Of course. you are too much of a coward to do that.”

Charles laughed. “I have made up my mind. You will come with me, or I’ll shoot everyone here, including the little one.”

“All right. You got it. Just let Megan and Kaleb go, and I’ll go with you.”

Jaxon started walking toward Charles, when Jacob’s dog Buff came into the room behind Charles. Buff saw him, and the gun pointed at his family. With a growl and a snarl, he went after him, sinking his teeth into Charles’s left hamstring which caused him to cry out, moving his attention to the pain. Jaxon took this opportunity, grabbed Charles’ hand with the gun, and disarmed him while she slammed him to the ground. Then she got on top of him and started punching him and screaming at him. Jacob watched for a moment, then finally pulled his partner off of Charles, calmed her down then handcuffed him. Jaxon stared at him for a moment. “I guess you haven’t made up your mind after all.”

“Buff! If he moves, kill him.” Jacob commanded. He then went over to his family and made sure that they were okay. They embraced each other while the police took Charles to the station and booked him.

Jacob looked at Jaxon. “That disarming technique you used on him was very well done.”

Jaxon smiled. “Thanks. I learned from the best.”

Buff walked up to his master and barked. Jacob laughed and scratched his four-legged friend behind the ears. “Good boy, Buff. Good boy.”

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