Divine Help

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Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen

Kitty Star paced back and forth on a street corner by the police station smoking a cigarette. Why should I get involved? I’m not even sure I know what I saw. She took a drag, and began pacing again. I shouldn’t get involved, it’s none of my business anyway. She continued to pace back and forth and took yet another drag. Why should I risk my safety? I’m not a snitch.

She put her cigarette out and walked into the police station. She stopped short of the front door to the police station turned around and walked away muttering how they wouldn’t have believed her anyway so why try.


A man passed Kitty on his way to the police station and thought to himself, I could use her, yes, she will do nicely. Hmm. He accidentally bumped into the young woman, knocking her to the ground. He bent down to help her up.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there. Are you all right, miss? Are you hurt?”

She looked up at the man “I don’t think I’m hurt.”

He smiled “Good. What is your name?”

“My name is Kitty. Kitty Star.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Kitty. My name is Drew Hammonds.”

“Pleasure to meet you, too.”

“You must let me make this up to you. Are you free tomorrow night?”

Kitty blushed “I…I don’t know… I think so.” She looked away trying to hide the redness in her cheeks. She handed him a card containing her phone number and address and smiled. “See you tomorrow night, Drew.” Kitty walked away smiling.


At the Police Station, Jacob and Jaxon sat at their desks. The phone rang and Jacob picked it up.

“Homicide. Detective Alexander speaking.”

A female’s voice came on the line. “I have some information on the murder of the Mayor’s daughter. Meet me at the old abandoned warehouse off of California and Elm Street in two hours. Don’t be late and make sure you two come alone.”

Jacob heard a click on the other end and then hung up the phone, confused.

Jaxon looked at Jacob. “What’s wrong, Jake?

“The call I just got. Some woman told me that she had information on the Mayor’s daughter’s case. She said to meet her at the old abandoned warehouse.”

“Could be a set up Jake, but we don’t have much to go on, either.”

“Very true. We will just have to be careful. Let’s go get some lunch and head that way.”

Jaxon nodded, grabbed her coat, and headed out the door. They drove toward the warehouse where they were supposed to meet the woman, and stopped at a local Chinese place on the way. They then continued to where the warehouse was located.

While the detectives were waiting a few streets away, in the warehouse, a white male was making preparations for their arrival. He tested his recording of a female’s voice, placed the other people where he needed them for the ambush to work, and then waited in the shadows.

Alexander and Strong pulled up to the warehouse and turned off their car.

Jacob turned to Jaxon. “I have a really bad feeling about this we need to be extremely careful. There could be a lot of people in this building or there could just be the female who I talked to. There are too many unknown variables, I just don’t like this.”

Jaxon nodded and drew her weapon and the both of them made their way up to the warehouse.

Jacob tested the handle of the door, which seemed to be unlocked. He slowly opened it just enough to be able to look inside.

Very little light came in the building. The windows looked like they were boarded up, and what little light there was came from in between the boards. There was dust on the floor. Rust had started to show up on the old equipment as time and weather had started taking its toll.

Jacob opened the door further and noticed a catwalk and a second level to this warehouse.

“There’s a second level. This just got more dangerous. Call for back-up, but tell them to approach silently.”

Jaxon nodded and called dispatch to get back-up.

They entered the warehouse, weapons at the ready. They each scanned the area with their flashlights as they moved forward looking around.

Jaxon moved slowly up the stairs to the catwalk that led to the upper level. As she made her way through the upper level, she saw something move in the shadows.

“Stop! Police!” Jaxon moved quickly toward the area where something moved.

She whispered into her radio. “Jacob, I saw someone or something up here!”

“All right. I’ll be right there. Be careful!” Jacob started up the stairs to meet Jaxon.

He got to where Jaxon was and also saw something move in the shadows. He motioned toward Jaxon to follow his lead, and they moved quietly toward where they saw the motion. They continued, their flashlights leading the way and noticed more movement. They shined their flashlights towards the movement and caught a fleeting glimpse of a uniformed, black male.

They closed in on him and noticed that he had been shot.

Jaxon radioed for an ambulance as Jacob checked the man’s wounds. On further examination, Jacob noticed that the man’s uniform was the uniform of an armored transport officer. Jacob motioned for Jaxon to stay with the man while he checked out the rest of the warehouse.

In the adjoining room, Jacob found the armored truck and its driver face down beside it, a bullet wound in his head. He made his way around to the rear of the truck. He found the doors opened and all the cash removed. He radioed for CSI and started taping off the crime scene.

As the CSI unit was dispatched, Jacob started looking around the crime scene. As he remembered about the female he was supposed to be meeting. He started searching for her in the surrounding area. After he finished searching and didn’t find anyone, he figured she had probably got cold feet. He turned and looked at the armored truck and wondered what this had to do with the woman if anything. Had they been set up? He motioned for Jax to join him.

She walked up to him. “What’s up?”

“The woman we were supposed to meet here isn’t here, which begs the question, why is there an armored truck sitting in this warehouse. There has to be something else going on here.”

“I agree, but what? This whole thing is sketchy to say the least.”

“We need to find answers. I’m going to talk to the other guard. Why don’t you go search the truck.”

Jaxon nodded and walked over to the truck and started searching the area.

Jacob went over to where the paramedics were treating the other guard. “I need to ask him some questions.”

“Make it quick, we’re about to take him to the hospital to get checked out.”

“My name is Detective Alexander. Tell me what happened?”

“Well we were on our rout and we were at the last stop of the day. I had gone into the establishment to make the delivery. It went smooth, but when I went back out to get in the truck it was surrounded by men with automatic weapons. They told me to get in the truck and to drive it here. Once we were here they made us get out of the truck. Once we did that, they shot the driver. I ran when they shot him and caught a bullet for my trouble. They must have been in a hurry cause they didn’t follow me. I’m not sure why they took the truck, we didn’t have much in the truck.

After he was done telling the story, Jacob realized, they had been set up, he turned to head back and warn his partner, when there was a big explosion back where Jaxon was.

“JAXON!” Jacob shouted. He started to run toward where she’s been, but a wall of fire and the heat of the flames kept him from getting too close.

“NO!” He screamed as he sank to his knees, tears in his eyes.

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