Divine Help

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Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty

As the fire burned, a black full size Chevy Van with tinted window sped away. The van pulled into a commercialized part of town and stopped in front of another deserted warehouse. Two men jumped out of the front and a third opened the sliding door and pulled a woman, bound and gagged with a hood over her head, out of the car and into the building.

Once inside, the men took the unconscious woman into a tiny room with cement walls and a small window and laid her on a waiting bed.


On an adjacent bed sat a second young woman.

After the men left the room, the younger of the two women got up and checked on the other. She gently shook the other woman. The woman began to stir.

She screamed. The younger woman tried to calm her down.

“It’s okay… No one is here. You are safe now.”

“Where am I? Who are you? What happened?”

“My name is Sarah. What is yours?”

Jaxon held her head in pain and whispered. “Jaxon but my friends call me Jax...”

“Well Jax, we are under the protection of the Unknown. He keeps us here and rewards us for good behavior.”

Jaxon looked up at Sarah with questions in her eyes.. “Who is The Unknown?”

“The protector, Jaxon. The man who brought us here. He protects us from all others, who would harm us.”

“Who would harm us, Sarah?” Jaxon asked.

“The Unknown says everyone, and I believe him. He showed us, and made us see that his way is the only way.”

“How did he make you see? What did they do to you?”

“He teaches us right from wrong. He takes care of us.”

“I don’t understand, Sarah.”

“Don’t worry, you will understand. They will make you understand. Once they give you the serum, you will understand. It makes everything clear.”

“What is this serum they give you?”

“It make everything clear. It opens your eyes to the way of things.”

“How long have you been here, Sarah?”

She thought for a moment, then looked at Jaxon. “I…” She shook her head. “It’s doesn’t matter. My eyes are open and your eyes will be as well.”

Jaxon bit her lip.

“What is our reward, if we behave?”

“He comes to visit us and sometimes he brings us playmates.” Sarah said smiling.

“Who are the playmates he brings?”

“He sometimes lets the other girls who are here, come and we can be together all day. I like being with them. It’s a lot better than being along like we are most of the time.” She giggled and moved back to her bed. “I bet they would like you too.

“Are those the only playmates?”

Sarah suddenly got very serious. “No, we don’t talk about the others. We’re not allowed. That is the punishment we get if we are bad. No I can’t talk about them.”

Jaxon sat on her bed considering what Sarah has said. Jaxon walked over and sat next to Sarah.

“Sarah, I need to talk to you. What this this man is doing to you is wrong. You are just being used. We need to get you back to your family.”

Sarah shook her head. “No, you don’t understand, he loves me and is keeping me safe. I can’t leave him. He is my family and he makes me happy. Why would I want to leave? I like being here. Look, this is my room, and now we get to share this room. He said he would be bringing me someone to stay keep me company when he isn’t here, because I have been so good.”

Jax decided that if Sarah was forthcoming, she might be willing to tell her the information she needed. She needed to find out more about what was going on so that she could use that information to get them out of this place.

“Sarah sweetie, how often does this man come to you?”

“Whenever he has time to come. At least that’s what he says. I just wish he could come more; I get lonely in here. Which is probably why he brought you.”

“Do you talk to him when he comes to visit you, Sarah? Or does he just reward you and then leave?”

Sarah sat up on her bed, looking at Jax. “I get really lonely here all by myself, so when he comes to me, I ask him to stay and talk, and sometimes he does.”

Jax started to feel more positive about their current situation and decided to keep asking questions.

“So, what do you and he talk about?”

Sarah fidgeted. “Oh, you know. Normal stuff. He usually starts complaining about the people who worked with him and how they are dumb and incompetent. Oh, and this one time he said he had to teach one of his people why they don’t betray him. It happened when I first got here. He was in here with me when one of his people came in and said there was a situation that he needed to take care of. He doesn’t like to be disturbed when he is with me. So he left and went into the other room. Soon after he left, I heard a bunch of yelling, and then I heard screaming.”

Jax moved closer to Sarah. “Tell me more, Sarah.”

“Oh, I don’t know if I should. I have probably already said too much now.”

“We are friends now and friends tell each other everything.”

Sarah smiled big and started talking again. “Then this other time, he was drunk. He gave me my reward and then he was saying something about an assassin he hired many years ago to kill some woman and her kid. That kind of scared me so I asked him to tell me more, but he wouldn’t say anything else.

Oh, and when I first got here, he told me that there is no way out of here because he is one of only three people who have a key to the door.”

“Who are the other two, Sarah?”

Sarah’s eyes grew wide and she curled up into a ball. “His second in command, but he never comes in here…” Sarah trailed off and started to shake.

Jax frowned and placed a hand on her shoulder. “What did he do to you?” she asked.

Sarah whispered so softly that her words barely reached Jax’s ears. “He is the one who brought us here…”

Sarah whimpered

“He told me what he would do to me if I ever tried to escape. He said he’d have his way with me and then kill me. Slowly. And I believe him.”

Suddenly, the door burst open, and a big burly man rushed in, club in hand. “What are you two talking about? You know it’s lights out, so be quiet! And why aren’t you in the clothes you were given? Put them on NOW before I put them on you.”

The man hit the bed with the club and turned to leave. Jax saw her opening, jumped up, and kicked the man in the back. The man didn’t fall. Instead, he turned and back-handed Jax, sending her sprawling to the ground. He smirked and turned to leave the room.

Sarah rushed over to Jax and helped her back up to the bed.

“Are you okay, Jax? You really should change.”

Jax rubbed her cheek and nodded. “Yeah, I’m okay. Man, he has a hard slap. I would hate to feel his punch. I’m not about to do anything these monsters say.”

As Sarah talked on, Jax’s thoughts wandered. There was only one thing on her mind: how to get them out of this mess. She knew that they needed Jacob’s help, but how would she get word to him?

The next time I see that fat guy again, he is going to regret hitting me that is for sure. Now all I need is a plan.

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