Divine Help

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Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-One

Jacob stumbled into his home and fell into the nearest chair.

Megan heard the door and rushed to his side.

She took his hands. “Baby, are you okay? What happened?”

Jacob started to shake.

Megan squeezed Jake’s hands and looked into his eyes. “Tell me what’s happened, Jake. Please.”

“Jax is…” Jacob searched for the words. Tears started to form in his eyes.

“What’s going on, Jake? What happened to Jax? Is she okay?”

He shook his head, not saying a word. Megan’s face dropped, and she cried with him.

“I’m so sorry, babe.”

Jacob finally gained enough control to relate the events to Megan about what had happened to Jax. They both cried.

Just then, Kaleb entered the room and saw his parents crying. Kaleb got a concerned look and ran up to his parents. “W-w-what are you both crying about?”

Megan looked at her son and motioned him over to them. “Bubba, we have something to tell you and you might not understand at first, so if you have any questions please ask, okay?”

Kaleb nodded his head as he walked over to them. They both hugged him tight and had him sit down between them.

Megan looked at Kaleb. “You remember us telling you about daddy’s friend who died a long time ago, right?”

Kaleb nodded and crawled into his dad’s lap. Jacob smiled and wrapped his arms around his son.

Jacob continued. “Mommy, Jax, and I were out trying to find out who killed daddy’s friend, and there was an accident…and Jax…” Jacob struggled to find the words to explain to his son that one of their best friends had died.

Megan saw her loving husband struggle and started to speak. “Kaleb, Jax is…gone, and she won’t be coming back.”

Kaleb thought about what he was just told. He looked up at his parents. “She didn’t die like your friend, daddy! My friend told me she wasn’t, daddy.”

Jacob stared. “What friend, Bubba?” He glanced over at Megan, who gave him a helpless shrug, not knowing what their son was talking about.

Kaleb suddenly got excited. “H-h-he is right here d-d-daddy.”

Kaleb pointed to his right side, as if another person was in the room. His parents stared in confusion.

“Where, Bubba? I don’t see anyone,” said Jacob.

Kaleb jumped out of his seat, walked a couple of steps, and pointed to the right. “Right here, d-d-daddy.”

Jacob and Megan stared at the empty space, a questioning gaze plastered on their faces.

“We can’t see your friend, Bubba,” said Jacob.

Kaleb laughed. “Of course not, d-d-daddy, he is in-in-in...” he tried to think of the correct word to use.

“Invisible, honey.”

“Yeah, that.” Kaleb beamed.

Jacob, intrigued by this, whispered to Megan. “Megs, we should ask him more about his friend.”

She nodded.

“So, Kaleb what is your friend’s name, and what does your friend look like?”

Kaleb got an excited look on his face. “He is a little boy like me, d-d-daddy. He has brown hair and blue eyes, and his smile’s not straight.

“What do you mean his smile isn’t straight?”

“He looks like you dad, when you only half-smile. His name is umm… Isa…”

“Isaac,” answered his dad, finishing his statement. “Do you really see him, Bubba?”

“Yep, I do d-d-daddy. He comes to play with me when I get sad or hurt. “

Megan looked at her husband in shock. “How did you know what his friend’s name was?”

“He is…” Jacob sank back into his chair, and took a deep breath.

Megan suddenly remembered. “Your son is Bubba’s friend.”

Jacob nodded that same crooked grin on his face.

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