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Chapter Twenty-Four

Chapter Twenty-Four

Jakes nodded. “Yeah, we know him. That is Jax’s ex-husband, Charles Bennett. He found Jaxon, broke into my house, and held my family hostage until Jaxon and I were able to stop him. He must’ve gotten out somehow. Dang lawyers, finding loopholes in the law to get slime like that out of jail. We need to bring him in and question him on what he knows. He will know if Jax is still alive or not.”

Jake grabbed his cell phone, called up the station, and asked to talk to one of the other detectives. After a few minutes then hung up the phone.

Megan looked at Jake. “What’s that all about?”

Jake smiled. “The detective I talked to has been bugging me for a “bigger” case for a while now, so I told him to work on the Calloway case and bring me everything he finds out.”

“All right, here is what we need to do first. Sophia, when you get to the office tomorrow, set up a tail on Charles Bennett. I want to know where he is going and what he is doing. This has to be off the books; they are to only contact you with what they find. Also, see if you can put a tap on his phone and pull his phone records. No one can know we are working on this case.”

Sophia nodded. “What are you going to be doing?”

“I’m taking a different angle. I’m going to continue working on Rachel’s case. Both the Calloway and Storm cases are related, and they may be related to Jax’s case. Charles Bennett is the key.”

Jake turned to Megan,

“Sweetheart, I need you to search the Internet for any information on Charles Bennett. Anything at all, no matter how small okay?”

Megan nodded and got to work as Jake turned to Sophia. “Let’s see what else we can find.”

As they continued to look through the case files, Sophia looked up at Jake. “You said that you think that Rachel’s case and these other two are related?”

Jake looked at her questioningly. “I’m starting to think so, why?”

“Mind if I take a look at it? A fresh pair of eyes might find something you may have missed.”

“Not at all, Sophia. Let me go get it.”

Jake ran upstairs to the bedroom, grabbed the file, and came back down. “This is everything I have collected over the years.”

He handed the file over and continued to work on the others.

She started by reading the report filed by the detective assigned to the case. She noticed that everything was done exactly the way it should have. EMS was dispatched to the scene. This was pretty standard, so she skipped over to Jacob’s phone records which showed the call to 911. She read the statements that he made to the detectives and that Jake was cleared of all charges.

“Jake, may I talk to you alone?”

“Of course,” Jake kissed Megan. “We will be right back, Megs.”

They went out into the other room to talk.

“What’s up?”

“I compared the crime scene photos and the official report and there are somethings that just don’t mesh. You said that you found her on the bed?”


“Well in the official report, it said that she was found on the floor. At first I just thought it was a mistake, but the photos show that the sheets under here were soaked in blood. There’s more. This report is missing a lot that should be there. It doesn’t have the ME’s report or the toxicology report. Do you know if an autopsy was done on her?”

“I was told there was one done. I didn’t check, I just took the information as true. This was the love of my life and my unborn son. My head was screaming at me to check and make sure, but the grief was so consuming, that I didn’t confirm it.

Sophia looked at him, sympathy in her eyes and said. “I understand and I am sorry for your loss.”

Jake nodded. “I know. Thank you. Let’s just focus on these two cases. Hopefully we can get somewhere with these cases and if we can figure out how these are related, then hopefully we can get both cases solved.”

Sophia nodded in return. “I just thought I would talk to you about that alone so Megan doesn’t have anything else to worry about.”

He gave her a reassuring wink. “Let’s get back to work.”

They went back into the study and found Megan on the computer, deep in thought.

Megan noticed them. “Oh good. Ya’ll are back. Check this out.” They came close so they could see the computer screen.

“It says here that Charles Bennett is quite the entrepreneur. He owns quite a few corporations. One in particular caught my eye.” She pointed at one of the corporations on the screen. “Bennett Holdings Inc. it says here that this is a billion-dollar corporation that specializes in storage They will store anything for a price, but they mostly have government contracts and very high-end clients. These other businesses are just fronts for illegal activities. Problem is, I can’t find out what from here. Anyway, check out some of these names.”

Sophia whistled. “How did you find all that information?”

Megan laughed. “I just hacked into Bennett’s computer system for his corporations. It wasn’t hard.”

“I’m impressed.”

“Thanks, but it really wasn’t anything special.”

Jake smiled. “She is really good working on a computer. She has helped me lot with my cases.”

Jacob looked closer at some of the names. “There are some high ranking government officials on this list that I have met throughout my years on the force. There is also some very rich people who have mob ties, and of course it’s never been proven.” A grin slowly appeared on his face as he read down the list. He stopped at a certain name. “Sophia, do you recognize this name?”

Sophia looked at the name Jacob was pointing to. “Marshall Clarke. This does not bode well for our friend Charles Bennett. He keeps some less-than-reputable company, to say the least.”

“Who is Marshall Clarke?” asked Megan, looking at the name they were pointing to.

Jacob glanced at Megan. “He is number one on the most wanted list, and our task force has been commissioned to find him. To his crew, he is known as “The Fist,” and that’s not just a cool nickname.”

Sophia spoke up. “This is great. Now we know who we have to find in order to locate The Fist. If we find Charles Bennett, he should be able to tell us where The Fist is.”

Megan glanced over at the clock. “How about we continue this over dinner? I’m starved. I know this great deli that has the best Philly cheese steak subs you’ll ever taste, Sophia.”

“Great idea, Megs. Why don’t you go get Kaleb while Sophia and I gather all this up?”

Megan nodded and headed upstairs while Jake and Sophia started to stack the files.

Kaleb came running down the stairs and jumped into his dad’s arms and gave him a big squeeze. He then noticed the woman in the room.

Kaleb smiled at her. “Hi, I’m Kaleb. What is your name?”

She smiled. “Hi, Kaleb. My name is Sophia, but you can call me Sophi.”

Kaleb beamed up at her and gave her a big hug. Sophia froze for a moment, but then returned one of her own.

Sophia looked thoughtfully then spoke up. “How did you two meet?”

Megan answered. “I lived in a little apartment on the campus of the University of Utah, as a young woman from Donalsonville, Georgia; I knew my life would never be the same. As I sat across from my boyfriend in the living room of our little apartment, I was in tears wondering how I was going to tell her him that what had happened would change our lives forever. I just hoped and prayed that things would work out.

I looked at my boyfriend and took a deep breath before speaking, and told him I had something I needed to talk to him about. I remember he looked at me slightly annoyed because he was always that way, and he never seemed have time for me. He finally agreed to listen to what I had to say, but he only had 5 minutes to spare.

I told him I would be quick. I had to take a deep breath and calm my nerves before I could speak. I told him that I was pregnant and that the baby was his. That wasn’t quite how I wanted to tell him, but I knew if I didn’t tell him now, I probably wouldn’t get another chance to.

He stood there in utter shock and disbelief, and I could see that he was getting more and more upset by the minute. I silently prayed that he wouldn’t do anything to me or my baby. The anger rose higher inside of him. He screamed that the pregnancy was my entire fault and that this was going to ruin his wonderful life he had planned for himself, and that this baby couldn’t be his.

I told him that it took two to tango and that he needed to do the right thing and take responsibility for his child. He then said something I never thought he would ever say. I remember it word for word, he said that it’s a good thing he doesn’t have to stay or take responsibility because he was leaving me and the school. He planned on going back home and leaving me to raise our child on my own.

A feeling of shock and dread came over me as the reality of what has just transpired started to sink in. I thought I would be with him always, but as he started to walk away, he stopped and looked at me one final time, then walked out the door and I never saw him again. I fell to her knees as the tears freely started to flow. As I sobbed a feeling of love and peace overcame me as a sweet, soft voice whispered to me that everything would be okay and that I would know true love. Soon the tears stopped and I felt as if a warm blanket wrapped around and I knew that all would be made right.

I knew things would be hard, but I was determined to have this baby and give him/her the best future I could, I didn’t care if I had help or not. Even if I would have to do it all on my own. As the months progressed, I decided that I couldn’t go to school and care for my son, who would be born soon. I went to school as long as I could and then dropped out so I could take care of my son, whose name would be Kaleb.

I longed for a companion who would help me take care of my son and who would love me for me. I went out looking for work, and a daycare. It took a few weeks to find a job. I saw that a local Italian Restaurant had a help wanted sign so I applied. The owner of the restaurant saw how much I was struggling so he gave me the job as his way of helping.

I was working one day when a very handsome man came in. I secretly hoped he would be placed in my area. He whispered to the hostess and she smiled and sat him in my area. I walked up to him, introduced myself as his waitress, and asked if she could get him something to drink. He looked up from the menu he held in his hand, but he wasn’t prepared for what he found when he looked into the eyes of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, at least that’s what he told me.

Taken back with her beauty, he forgot what he was going to order. He just sat there staring at the angel before him. I smiled for the first time since I was left alone. I asked him if he would like something to drink?”

He took a few minutes, but then his senses came back to him and he ordered a water to drink. I got him his water and asked him if he was ready to order. He said he was, but then asked me what my name was again, so I told him. He then proceeded to flirt with me and to tell me how beautiful he thought my name was. He then finally ordered from the menu. Every time I walked to his table or by his table, he would flirt with me. Needless to say it was hard to concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing.

Every time he came into the restaurant he insisted on sitting in my area so he could flirt with me. After a few weeks of this, he finally asked me out and then the rest is how you say history.”

.“I love your accent Megan. So you are from Georgia then?” asked Sophia.

Megan blushed a bit. “Thank you, I love yours as well. Yeah I’m from a small town called Donalsonville.”

“What brought you all the way over here to Avalon?”

“It’s a long story, but it does have a happy ending.”

Sophia smiled. “I have time. Plus I like happy endings.”

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