Divine Help

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Chapter Twenty-Five

Chapter Twenty-Five

“All right, I wasn’t very old when my parents died so my grandmother raised me. I moved to SLC, Utah at age twenty as a junior to attend the Pre-Med program at the U of U. In my senior year, I got pregnant by my boyfriend who had no desire to be a father or a husband. So he decided leave me to have the baby alone. So I decided to drop out of school to have my son, and raise him on my own.” She gave Kaleb a squeeze.

“As I continued to work to support me and my new son, this police officer would always stare at me from his table. One night when he was eating there, he asked his server to move him into my area and that’s how we met. After Jake and I dated for a while, I introduced Jake to my son Kaleb and needless to say, they took to each other right away. I could see an instant father/son bond forming. We were married a year later and have been happily married ever since.”

“What about you Jake? What’s your story?” Sophia blushed a bit. “I’m sorry if I’m prying. I just find people’s histories fascinating.”

Jacob laughed. “No worries. I don’t mind. I should start at the beginning.”

Jacob begins the story. “My girlfriend Rachel and I lived in Providence City, Utah. I moved there when I got hired on by the Logan Police Department. Rachel is from Ireland and left there to follow the American Dream. She got accepted to attend UCLA which is where she and I met.

Jacob found himself relating what happened to his girlfriend and what brought him to Avalon City. This surprised him for the simple fact that it took him so long to tell his wife about what happened. He thinks about this for a few minutes then decided it was one of those kindred spirit things. Sophia sat quietly taking everything in that her new partner was telling her.

After he finished his life story, they sat in silence, eating their food and letting her digest what he had said.

A short time later, Jake spoke again. “I have been meaning to ask you about your accent. Australian right?”

“Yes, Jacob. How did you know I was from Australia?”

“Rachel was from Ireland, so I started to notice accents a lot more. Jacob smiled. “So now you have to have a turn to tell us about yourself.”


She nodded yes, and began to tell her new partner and his family, and hopefully new friends, her story.

“Well, I’m from Australia. My dad hails from Australia while my mum was from America. My parents also both died in a car accident when I was very young. I was raised by my grandparents, but we never could quite get along, so I started writing to my aunt who lives in America. I wanted to know more about who my mother was, and what she was like. I don’t remember much about her. I always told that I could never do anything right. So because of the fact that I couldn’t do anything right in their eyes, I started to rebel. I wanted to get out of there so badly I did everything I could think of to get them to kick me out. I tried everything I could think of, and finally when I turned fifteen, I found the one thing that took them over the edge.”

She stopped at that point and pulls out a picture of a beautiful young teenage woman, and handed it to Jake.

As Jake looked at the picture, as she continued to tell her story, he then passed it to Megan. “When I went to school, I hung out with a pretty rough crowd. There was a boy there, who I had the biggest crush on. We started hanging out together a lot, I was only fifteen at the time, and he was seventeen and his name was Tony. Of course, when he asked if I would be his girlfriend, I immediately said yes. One night he invited me to a party he was having at his parent’s house while his parents were out of town. I lied to my grandparents and told them that Tony’s parents would be home.

The night of the party came, and I wore this little black dress that Tony had bought for me the day before. Of course, my grandparents would have never let me leave the house in the dress so I took the dress with me and changed at a nearby gas station. At the party, everyone started drinking, but I didn’t, I didn’t like the taste of beer and the like. As my boyfriend and I started dancing, he gave me a coke, or what he said was a coke. It was laced with something that knocked me out.

I was basically raped. I ended up pregnant. As the baby grew inside me, I had a change of heart. I started to love the life that was growing inside me and soon started to regret my decision to have an abortion, so I decided to talk to my grandparents about keeping the child. Needless to say, my grandparents weren’t happy and wouldn’t go along with the idea of keeping the child. I talked to my aunt who lived in America, and she agreed to take me and the baby in and help care for us, so that is how I ended up in America.

My Aunt and Uncle took really good care of me and my baby raised us as if we were their children. With their help, I finished high school and raised my baby. That picture I gave you is her. After high school, I vowed to do everything in my power to help girls who had been raped like I was, so I went into Law Enforcement. I attended the Police Academy as soon as I could after high school. I did patrol for a while, and as soon as there was an opening in the Special Victims unit, I put in my transfer papers. I felt that is where my skills and passions were. I worked as a detective in the special victims unit for almost 10 years.

As she talked about her time in special victims Jake noticed what looked like resentment and anger flash in her eyes.

“During those ten years in SVU, I met my ex-husband who I was married to for only a year. In that year, we had another daughter who we named Faith. Shortly after Faith was born he started becoming abusive to my oldest daughter, Samantha who was ten-years-old. That is the one thing I’ll never tolerate, is people abusing kids and it was my worst fear come true. Especially the way he abused my daughter.”

“That must’ve been hard for you and your daughter, Sophia.”

“It was, Jake, but she is doing a lot better now. The counseling and family has really helped. After I learned about what happened, I filed for divorce and then went and watched as detectives in my unit arrested him, since it was a special victim’s case. I can’t tell you how good that felt. After that happened to my daughter, I became obsessed and more and more passionate about my work. My captain was getting worried that I was getting lost in my work, so he had me transferred here. I really feel bad about what happened to me and marrying such an abusive person I should have known better.”

“Don’t beat yourself up over that. Sometimes when you think you really know someone, they show you their true colors and you find out you never really knew them at all. Look at it this way: things are better for you and your daughters are safe. Who knows how long it would have taken him to hurt your youngest daughter?”

Megan smiled, looking at Kaleb. “Hey, Kaleb, would you like to have a new friend?”

Kaleb look up at Megan. “I already have one, Mommy.” He then pointed to Sophia. “She is my new friend, and Isaac wants to be her friend too. He told me.”

Megan smiled. “I meant someone more your age, Kaleb.”

Kaleb jumped up and down, excitement oozing out of him. “Yeah Mommy. Who?”

Sophia handed Kaleb a picture of her. “This is Faith, Kaleb, and she is my daughter.”

Kaleb stared at the picture for a few minutes then looked up at Sophia. “She looks like you, Sophi. She has your eyes.” He then looked at his mom. “Can Faith come over and play tomorrow? Huh? Can she, Mommy?”

Megan smiled. “If it’s all right with Sophia, then it’s okay with me.”

Sophia looked down at Kaleb. “I’ll talk to Faith and see what she says. Then I’ll have Faith call you okay, Kaleb?”

Kaleb nodded.

She then looked at the time. “It’s getting late. I better go pick up Faith. It was really nice meet you Megan and Kaleb. I’ll see you all later.”

“All right, Sophia, I’ll see you tomorrow at work then. We better get Kaleb to bed as well, Megs.”

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