Divine Help

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Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Six

Sarah and Jax were asleep when the door to their prison slowly opened and a large dark figure entered the room.

“Both of you get up. It’s time for a shower and some clean clothes. We need to get you both ready for when he comes.”

The large figure tapped Sarah with a club to wake her then moved towards Jaxon. Jaxon saw the opening, sprang out of the bed with cat like reflexes, kicked the figure in the head, and watched him hit the ground in a crumpled heap.

Sarah gasped in horror. “What are you doing, Jax? You are going to get us in trouble again, and then we will get punished.”

Jaxon smirked. “I’m getting us out of here. Are you coming, or do I have to carry you?” Jaxon looked Sarah in the eyes. “I’m not going to live like this. I’m not a prisoner, and Sarah, neither are you. So, are you coming?”

Sarah went and sat on her bed and pouted. “We’re going to get in trouble again, and you know it.”

Jaxon walked up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulders. “Not if you do what I tell you to.”

“We can’t, Jaxon. If they catch us, he will be disappointed in us and we will be disciplined. I’m not going, I don’t care what you say.” She crossed her arms and turned away from Jaxon.

Jax searched for the right pressure point since Sarah wasn’t about to go willingly, she hit the pressure point and caused Sarah to loses consciousness. Jaxon left Sarah on the bed, while she searched the figure on the ground. She found a key ring full of keys, a radio, and the club. She took the club and smiled thinking to herself, now just in case I run into that big one who hit me, I’ll be ready.

Jaxon moved back over to where Sarah was laying, threw her over her shoulder, and moved over to the open door. She leaned out the door as best she could, and noticed that no one was in the hall.

She slowly crept into the hall and headed down the hall for what seemed like forever. She set Sarah down and rested for a moment. She remembered her training, and started to control her breathing. After a few minutes, she put Sarah back over her shoulder and started back down the hall. She had to stop and rest a few more times before they came to a door.

She stopped at the door and leaned Sarah up against the wall while she listened at the door. She didn’t hear anything so she slowly opened the door, she found a stair case going up, and she placed Sarah back on her shoulder, and headed up the stairs slowly. She thought about dragging her up the stairs, but dismissed that idea. She struggled, each step harder than the last one. She was dripping with sweat when she finally got to the top of the stair case and found another door.

She listened carefully at that door as well and not hearing anything, she slowly opened it, and peaked out of the doorway, hoping no one was right there. Not seeing anyone, she slowly slipped out of the doorway, and looked around trying to decide where to go next.

She chose to go right and headed down the hall way. There were three doors down this hall way, Jaxon leaned Sarah against the wall, wiped the sweat from her eyes, and went to check the doors. She put her ear up to the first door and listened carefully then checked the other two doors.

She sighed in frustration not knowing which door to choose then she remembered what she had learned. She quieted her mind and concentrated on where to go next. As she calmed herself, and slowed, her breathing a voice came to her, which told her to take the door at the end of the hall. She pulled Sarah back over her shoulder.

It was taking more and more strength to even get her up. She really needed to find the way out and fast, before she wouldn’t be able to carry her anymore. She started toward the door at the end of the hall, not knowing why or where the voice came from, she slowly opened the door. She entered a court yard and scanned the surrounding area.

She saw a few more building, like the one she just left and directly in front of her was the main gate, the only thing that stood between them and freedom. As she looked closer, she saw that there were guards at the gate and around the compound and realized that escape wasn’t going to be easy and that it was going to take some time.

She went back into the building where she came from, found an empty room, and laid Sarah down on the floor. Jax turned the radio on and started to listen to the guards, trying to find the right time to make for the gate. Suddenly she heard the outside door open and someone walked in. She grabbed the club and opened the door just enough to see down the hall. A big burley guard made his way down the hall right for them; she stood ready with the club, hoping he would just walk by. As fate would have it or Jax’ bad luck, Sarah groaned right as the guard got to the room. Jax went back over to Sarah to quiet her hoping the guard didn’t hear her.

Jax whispered in Sarah’s ear. “Sarah, you have to be quiet!”

Sarah continued to whimper, so she slipped her hand over Sarah’s mouth.

Suddenly a voice came from the radio. “HQ, this is Alpha 4, come in.”

“This is HQ. Go ahead Alpha 4.”

“There are noises coming from one of the rooms down here. Please advise, HQ.”

“Stand by, Alpha 4.”

The radio went dead for a few moments, and Jax wondered why, but before Jax could wonder why, the radio came back to life.

“There are no reports of authorized activity in that sector. Proceed with caution, and report your findings.”

“Yes, sir!”

The guard paused at the door, turned his flashlight on, and tried the door knob. With flashlight in one hand and a club in the other, he slowly pushed the door open, entered the room, and scanned it from one side to the other. He saw something not quite right, and started toward the direction the movement came from.

“Come out with your hands up!” Yelled the guard.

Jaxon rushed out of the darkness, swinging the club toward the guard’s head. Her eyes went wide with fear, when she realized her mistake, but she was too far into the swing to stop it. The guard saw the club just in time and caught it with one hand effectively stopping it from connecting.

He then grabbed a hold of her by her belt with his free hand and threw her into the far wall. She hit the wall with tremendous force and crumpled to the ground.

As she struggled to get to her feet, the guard stomped her in the back, knocking her to the ground again. As her vision started to fade, she realized that the guard is the same guard that hit her the first time. Then her vision turned black as she succumbed to unconsciousness.

“Alpha 4 to HQ. Come in HQ.”

“This is HQ. Go ahead Alpha 4.”

“I found the two prisoners trying to escape. Please advise. Over.”

“Are they still alive, Alpha 4?”

“Affirmative HQ, they are both still alive. One of them has been injured during the struggle.”

“Take them back to their room, and he’ll be there shortly. HQ out.”

The guard easily picked Jax and took her back to the room, then grabbed Sarah and returned her to the room.

By the time the guard had returned them back to their room, The Fist, and another man dressed in a white med coat were already there waiting. He looked at the guard and motioned for him to lay the girls down on the beds. The guard did as he was commanded, and then fist grabbed the guard by the throat and pushed him up against the wall. The fist then drew a sword and placed it against his throat.

The man with the sword looked at the guard, fury burning in his eyes. “How did this happen?”

The guard stammered a bit before answering. “The cop knocked out the guard that went to get them ready to see you. She took his radio, keys, and club, then snuck out and made it almost all the way out of the building. The other one made some noise. So I went in to investigate. The cop came at me swinging the club at my head, so I had to defend myself.”

The man’s fury increased. He spoke through gritted teeth. “What did you do to her?”

The guard’s eyes widened. “I…um…I caught the club she was swinging at me, and then instinct took over, and before I could stop myself, I threw her against the far wall and she crumpled to the floor.”

“Is that all that you did? Don’t lie to me!” The point of the sword moved closer to the guard’s throat.

“I…I also put my foot into her back, when she started to get back up.”

The man looked over his shoulder. “Doctor, make sure they are both okay. Do whatever you have to here.”

The doctor checked out Sarah and found that she was physically fine. He then proceeded to look over Jax, discovering that she was bleeding from when her head hit the wall.

“The cop will need some stitches to close up the wound on her head, but otherwise she will be okay. She doesn’t appear to have any broken bones; she is a tough one. She will be really sore when she wakes up.”

The doctor started sewing up the wound on Jax’s head.

The Fist turned back to the guard. “I’ll deal with you later. Leave before I change my mind and deal you with right now.”

The guard left the room and the man turned back to the two women. “Are you done, doctor?”

The doctor nodded. “Yes sir, I’m leaving.” He collected his things and left the room.

The man sat on the edge of the bed Jaxon was laying on and stroked her cheek. “I’m sorry you were hurt, my dear. I promised nothing would happen to you, and I didn’t keep my promise. However, you did try to escape so you will have to be punished for that.”

He pulled out his knife and began to cut her clothes off. He laid the other clothes on the bed that she wouldn’t put on before then handcuffed her to the bed. He put his knife down and gently moved the hair away from her face, wanting to look at her, kissing her neck and lips as he had his way with her.

He unlocked the handcuffs, placed the other clothes on her, and then handcuffed her back to the bed.

He whispered in her ear. “I’m sorry about the handcuffs my dear, but you did try to escape.” He got up to leave the room, and paused in the door way, and looked back. “I promise no one else will hurt you, and the one that has will pay dearly for it.”

With that said, he left the room and locked the door behind him. He grabbed his radio. “Alpha 4, come to my office right now!”

“Yes sir. Right away sir. Without delay!”

The guard arrived at the office and knocks lightly on the door. He slowly opened the door walked into the office and saw the boss sitting behind his desk.

“Please come in and take a seat, Alpha 4.”

The guard walked forward and sat in the chair in front of the boss’s desk, and wondered what was about to happen to him. He knew he screwed up. He scanned around the room and saw that the boss’s body guards, and they all had smiles on their faces which wasn’t good for him. He swallowed hard knowing he wasn’t going to make it out of this unscathed.

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