Divine Help

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter Twenty-Seven

As Jax laid there unconscious, she started to dream. Suddenly she is back with Jacob and all the other cops she has known on the force. In fact, the whole police force was there. They were all sitting around in full dress uniforms at some kind of function. Jax moved to get a closer look and realized they are all at a funeral.

She went to look to see whose funeral it was when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned and saw a young woman dressed all in white. She recognized her bright red hair and green eyes.

“Rachel, is that you?”

Rachel smiled at Jax. “Aye, Jax, it is.”

Something drew Jax eyes down and she saw a little boy as well. “This must be Isaac. I have heard so much about you both.”

Rachel smiled at her again. “No, Jax, ye ain’t dead, far from actually.”

Jax breathed a sigh of relief. “I must be dreaming then.”

“Aye, ye are dreaming, Jax, but this is no random dream. We have come to help ye.”

“How are you going to help?”

“When the time comes we will be here to help ye get out of here. The time is not yet however. Ye must endure this a little longer. Ye have to give Jake time to convince everyone you aren’t dead so they can find ye and help ye and Sarah get out of here. Ye have to take care of Sarah. Ye can’t do this alone. We will be here for ye, to help ye be strong and to keep ye safe.”

“So everyone thinks I’m dead.”

“Aye, Jax they do. Well, everyone but Jake, Megan, and Kaleb.”

Isaac took Jax’s hand and pulled. “I told Kaleb that ye aren’t dead and he told me dad.”

Jax kneeled down and embraced Isaac. “Thank you, sweetie.”

Isaac smiled and hugged Jax back. “You’re welcome.”

“We must go now, Jax. Never lose faith. Yer friends will find ye.”

Rachel and Jax embraced, and suddenly Jax woke up and found herself handcuffed to the bed, but despite that, a renewed hope for the future and the situation she and Sarah found themselves in.

Jax looked over at Sarah sleeping. “We will get out of this, Sarah. Jake will find us.”

She noticed that the clothes she had on before were gone and new ones had replaced them. She could pretty much guess what happened to her. She did her best not to let it affect her, but a tear did run down her cheek. She then heard a soft whimper as Sarah started coming to.

“Ugh, what happened?” asked Sarah as she struggled to a sitting position. She tried to collect her thoughts and looked over to where Jax was laying, handcuffed to the bed.

She groggily got to her feet and moved to Jax’s side. “Jax, are you okay? Why are you handcuffed to your bed? What has happened?”

Jax looked into Sarah eyes. “Yeah, I’m okay, except for a really bad headache. And to answer your other questions, I’m handcuffed to the bed because I knocked you out and tried to escape this hell with you on my shoulder. We were almost free of this place, when we were caught and I got wounded in the process, hence the headache.”

“See, I told you we would get into trouble if you tried to escape. You need to listen to me more.” Sarah gently placed her hand on Jax cheek, and got a sad look on her face. “You could have gotten killed Jax, and then I would have to be alone again. I hate being alone. You have to promise me that you won’t try anything else like this. I need you here, Jax.”

The tears started to fall from Sarah’s eyes as she laid down next to Jax and placed her head on her shoulder. Jax did her best to place her arm around Sarah to comfort her.

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