Divine Help

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Chapter Twenty-Nine

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Jake and Sophia got back to the station, and knocked on the Captain’s door.

“Yes detectives, what can I do for you?”

Jacob looked at the captain with a new fire in his eyes. “Well sir, we finally have a break in the Melanie Calloway case. We talked to CSI and the M.E., and they have evidence that it’s not a hate crime or gang related. As you’ve probably read, the shot that killed her was a high caliber sniper rifle, which was the first shot. The rest of them were done with a 40 caliber hand gun used to make it look like a random hate crime. They shot her with the hand gun after she was already dead. Also where she was found wasn’t the original crime scene; she was placed there after she was killed.”

Sophia looked at the captain. “So when we got this information, we went and interviewed the Mayor again.”

They filled in the Captain about Charles Bennett and what he did for the Mayor.

“Captain,” Jake continued. “We need to set up an undercover operation so we can nab him. Since Sophia is new to the task force, I think she would do excellent in setting up the deal with Charles Bennett. She goes in, gets it all set up, we get the information we need, then we go in and arrest him.”

The Captain nodded. “I like it. How many people do you need, Jake?

“Four or five. We can set up some around the area, and a few in the van with me.”

“Great. Get set up and use whatever you need to get the job done.”

“Thanks, Captain. We will keep you in the loop.”

Jake and Sophia left the captains office and returned to their desks.

Jake looked up at Sophia. “Why don’t you set up the meeting with Charles, while I get the task force ready?”

Sophia nodded.

A male voice answered on the other line. “This is Mr. Bennett.”

Sophia put her accent on as thick as she dared. “G’day, Mr. Bennett. I hear you are the man to talk to if I need some…how you say, merchandise shipped out of the country?”

“I’m listening. Go on.”

“Well, ya see Mr. Bennett, the people I work for have this shipment of automatic weapons that I need to get out of the US before ATF finds it and puts my clients away for the rest of their lives, if you catch my meaning, sir.”

“I think I understand, Miss…”

“My name isn’t important. What is important is how much my clients are willing to pay to get this shipment out of the country.”

“And what is he willing to pay?”

“They will discuss that along with the details of the shipment and where we need it to go. I just set up the meetings. And if all goes well, we may work with you more.”

“All right. Tell your clients to meet me tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. at this address.”

“All right, Jake, here is what’s going down. We have arranged to have the “clients” meet Charles Bennett at this address. We have him right where we want him.”

“Sophia, I have the task force ready. Let’s go check out this building he wants to meet in and find a place to set up.”

Later the next day, the task force members set up the surveillance truck across the street from the meeting point, and set officers and detectives in the adjoining rooms. Jacob set everything up in one of the adjoining rooms, then waited for the moment they could all go in and arrest Charles Bennett.

Jacob went to check in on Sophia and the other detectives. “How are you doing, Sophia? You ready to go?

She nodded. “Yeah, I guess I am. I haven’t dressed up this nice is a very long time.” She chuckled nervously as she smoothed her hands over her strapless red dress.

“You look great, Sophia. Don’t worry. You will do fine, and you have three of the best detectives on the force flanking your every move.”

She smiled, thankful for the words of encouragement.

The time came and Jacob sent in three detectives and Sophia to make the deal

“Sophia, can you hear me?”

“Yeah, Jake. Sounds good.”

“Camera looks good too, Sophia. Be careful. If he suspects that anything’s wrong, he will do anything to get away. That goes for all of you. Keep your eyes and ears open. Stay alert. All right, here we go everyone.”

Sophia, flanked by the three detectives posing as bodyguards, knocked on the door. The door opened, revealing two males standing behind it.

Jacob spoke into the microphone so Sophia and the three other detectives could hear. “Looks like Charles has security as well. Boys, when the time comes, make sure you take them out.”

Sophia spoke in her Australian accent. “Your boss is expecting us.”

A voice was heard from inside the room. “Let them through, but check them for weapons.”

One of them went to check Sophia; she hit his hand away and glared at him.

“No one touches me. Try it again and you will regret it, Rat-bag.”

The man gave her a weird look then looked at his boss, who waved it off.

“Let them in. It’s okay.”

The man nodded. “Yes, sir!”

The guards stood aside as the four of them entered the room; the door closed behind them.

Charles smiled. “I’m so happy to see that you are here, my dear. I hoped I would be able to meet you.”

Sophia smiled. “Thank you, Mr. Bennett.”

“Please take a seat and we can talk about what services I can offer you.”

Sophia took a seat and winked at Charles.

“So, my dear, you have a shipment of automatic weapons you need discretely moved out of the country?”

“That is why I contacted you, Charles… May I call you Charles?”

He nodded. “Someone with your beauty can call me anything.”

She stroked his ego. “I hear you are the best at what you do.”

He smiled. “You are a charmer, aren’t you, my dear? My fee for these services is $500,000 up front, plus ten percent of what you make on the deal.”

She nodded. “Sounds reasonable.” She turned to one of the men behind her, and he sat two brief cases on the desk. “There is $250,000 in each case.”

Charles took out a folder full of documents and began writing. “So, where would you like this shipment sent?”

Sophia chuckled. “Home, of course.”

They continued filling out the paperwork that was needed for a few more minutes, then they both stood.

“Well my dear, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you. The shipment should arrive at the destination in three days.”

They shook hands. “Charles, you have made my life easier. I believe this will be the start of a beautiful relationship.”

The door burst open and police swarmed the room. The three detectives acting as bodyguards took Charles’ security into custody.

Jacob entered the room with his pistol raised at him and looked straight at him. “Well, well, Charles, looks like you are in a lot of trouble…again. And this time, you won’t get out.”

Jacob smirked as he brought Charles Bennett to a standing position and cuffed him. “Charles Bennett, you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as I have explained them?”

“Yes, I understand. You will be hearing from my lawyer.”

“I’m sure we will.” Jacob placed him in the back of a police cruiser. He gathered the task force together and congratulated them on a job well done.

Charles was transported to the police station for interrogation. He was placed in interrogation room one and waited for whoever was going to question him. Five minutes later his lawyer showed up and was escorted into the interrogation room to await the detectives.

Jacob and Sophia watch him behind the two- way glass, and Jake smiled. “Soph, would you like to join me in interrogating him?”

“Jake, I would love to mate.”

Jake grabbed the files and they both went into the interrogation room. When Charles saw who entered the room with Jacob, his jaw dropped in surprise that it was the woman he just got done doing business with.

Sophia smiled at Charles. “Surprised wanker? Well you should be. We got you on smuggling charges amongst other charges, so you better start talking.”

“I’m not saying anything to any of you, not a single word.”

Jacob leaned in very close to Charles. “You had better start talking or you’re going away for a very long time. We have you on a lot of charges, and that means you aren’t ever going to see the light of day again, or we will just let some information leak that you did help us and I’m sure that the company you keep won’t be too pleased to hear that. I’ll make sure of that. On the other hand, work with us, tell us what you know, and the sentence will be a lot less and your friends won’t know you helped us.”

Charles leaned back and thought about what the detectives had told him. “All right. I’ll talk, but you have to protect me. If they find out I helped you, I’m a dead man.”

Jake placed a picture of Melanie in front of him. “Why did you have the Mayor’s daughter killed?”

Charles’ attorney turned to him. “Don’t say anything.”

Charles laughed and brushed off his lawyer. “I’m not the one who says who gets killed and who doesn’t. I just give the jobs to the people who do the killing. I get the orders then I give it to whomever they have hired to do the hit.”

“Give us the name of who orders the hits, or you are going down for this hit and all the others, Mr. Bennett. As you know, that is some serious time. You would never see the outside of a prison cell.”

The lawyer leaned over and whispered to Charles for a few moments.

“You want the name? I’ll give you all the names, but first you have to promise you will protect me from these people.”

Jake laughed. “It always makes me laugh when the criminals we bring in here want protection from the people they have been working for. Wouldn’t it have been easier just to have not gotten involved?” Jake’s expression grew very serious. “All depends on the validity of what you tell us. Give us all the names and the details behind the hits, and we will talk.”

“The person that killed the Mayor’s daughter is known as Napalm. His real name is Andrew Hammonds. His signature will tell you that it’s him. There will be a small puncture hole in her neck, very small, not easily seen, but it is there. He uses hitting needles to incapacitate his victims.”

Charles eyed Jacob. “I see my ex-wife isn’t here detective. Where is she?”

With rage in his eyes, Jacob got right up in Charles’ face. “Maybe I judged you wrong Charles. Maybe you aren’t a coward after all. You have a lot of guts asking me that. Of course, you already know the answer. You had her killed, or you killed her yourself so she wouldn’t be able to testify at your trial, you...”

He moved away from Charles, before he did something he would regret… maybe.

Charles tried to put on a look of shock. “I assure you I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Jacob moved back in front of Charles and slammed down a picture of the scene in front of him with a red circle around the driver of the van. “Tell me this isn’t you in your van at the crime scene just after the explosion. Go ahead tell me more lies, and see where that gets you.”

“Charles smirked. “That isn’t me, Detective.”

Jacob gave his own smirk and tossed another picture at Charles. “I would look again if I were you.”

He looked at the second picture and tried to hide the look of dread appeared on his face, but the detectives saw it all the same if only for a moment. “Okay Detective, you got me. That is me. However, I’m just driving the van. I was just told to park there and wait until they came back. They threw something in the back and said to head back to where the boss was.”

Sophia spoke up. “Who are they? Who was with you in the van, Charles? And you better not be lying to us, you bloody wanker!”

Charles began to sweat. “Just some hired hands, I swear.”

“Who gave you the order to have the van there? Who’s giving out the orders now, Charles?”

He swallowed hard. “The boss is. I don’t know him, and I have never met him before. All I know is that the boss is known as ‘The Butcher’. The orders come via text message. Everyone’s orders come that way. After the job is done, we text back the same number saying it’s done. I just do what I’m told. It’s safer that way.”

“For who? What did they place in the back? You had to have seen who it was.”

He looked around and swallowed again. “It was a woman. I don’t know who it was. They had a bag over her head, and she was tied up.”

Jacob cut in. “So the explosion was just a distraction so they could grab the woman and no one would be any the wiser.”

Charles nodded. “Yes Detective.”

The captain opened the door and motioned for the two detectives to join him outside.

Jacob eyed Charles. “Don’t get too comfortable. We will be back.”

They joined the captain outside the room.

“Jake do you believe anything he is saying.”

“Yes, Captain, for the most part I do, but there is something he isn’t telling us. Is there any chance that the woman they took could have been Jax, and that she could still be alive?”

“Jake, we need to get back in there and get him to tell us where he took that woman.”

They both went back into the room.

“All right, Charles. Time to get serious. Where did you take the woman? Think hard. Your protection depends on the answer you give. You better not lie to me.”

“We were told to take her to an abandoned warehouse. Someone would be there to take her, and then we were just supposed to leave. I can show you where the location is, but I can’t guarantee she is still there.”

“You better hope she is… We’ll be back, and you better hope you are right about this or you will regret ever being born.”

“I already do Detective, I already do.”

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