Divine Help

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Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty

Jacob and Sophia led a team of police to the abandoned warehouse, where they searched from top to bottom, hoping to find anything that would tell them anything about the case and woman that was taken. They sent the other officers to the top floor and had them work their way down while they worked from the bottom floor up.

They made their way into the building, and started looking around. They searched through the building, checked every inch, and found nothing.

Jacob kicked the closest thing to him. “Dang it! I know she is still alive. We need to get back and question Charles more. He has to know more than he is saying, and he is going to tell me.”

They all headed back to the station. Sophia and Jake entered interrogation 1, where Charles was still seated at the table. Jake eyed him with utter contempt and malice.

Jacob got within inches of Charles and stared him straight in the eyes. “You better hope she is still alive, Charles. You better hope and pray she’s…”

Just then, Charles’ cell phone went off. Jacob grabbed the phone before Charles could.

“Ah, what do we have here?”

“Uh, it’s nothing Detective, just my mom texting me to see if I’m okay.”

“Shut up, Charles, you coward. Your mom doesn’t even like you. I asked her.” Jacob opened the phone and checked the text messages. “Looks like we have a text from the boss saying there is another hit that needs to take place. It’s time for you to work for us, Charles. If you ever want to see the light of day again, you will help us.”

Charles slowly nodded. “What do you want me to do, Detective?”

“We want you to set up this hit just like you would any other hit. Who do you hire?”

“Depends on who the target is and how they want the target taken out.”

“How do you find that information out?”

“I have to call in and get the details.”

Jake tossed the phone to Charles. “Then you had better call in and get the details about the next hit. Oh, and we will be monitoring, so no funny stuff, kapeesh? Put the phone on loud speaker.”

“Yeah. I got it, Detective.”

Charles put the phone on loud speaker then dialed the number.

“Punch in the security code to continue.”

Charles punched in the security code and the voice continued.

“Please enter the job code you received in the previous text.”

He entered the job code and the voice continued.

“A text has been sent to your phone containing the rest of the information for the job you have entered.”

The call ended, and the text message alert sounded. Jacob grabbed the phone and retrieved the text message.

“The text information states that the next target is the Mayor himself. Also says here that he wants it done quietly and without a lot of mess to clean up, and wants it done ASAP.”

Charles started to nod his head. “Ah. The boss must want Napalm to do it. He is skilled in Kung Fu and what are known as hitting needles. He can immobilize you in a second, or he can stop your heart or make you suffocate in a matter of seconds. Not a man I would want to mess with.”

“Yeah, we know all about Napalm. We also know his real name is Andrew Hammonds. Make the call, Charles, and set it up.”

A man entered the room, took the phone from Jake, and set it up so they could hear the conversation and trace the call. The phone was given back to Charles. He hit one of the preset numbers, and the phone started to ring.

A male answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Encryption code 113.” He waited for a moment then continued. “The boss needs you for another job, Napalm. He needs Mayor Calloway taken care of. He has chosen you to do this because he needs it handled quietly. The details are being sent to your phone. Text this number when you are finished with the job. The boss wants no mistakes, so make sure it’s done right. As soon as possible. You will be paid your normal fee upon completion of the job.”

A few minute passed, and Napalm spoke again. “It will be done tonight at the Mayor’s house. I’ll let you know when it’s done.”

The line went dead, and Charles set the phone down and started to speak. “So, you have the approximate time and place. What happens to me now?”

Jacob looked at Charles. “Well, when we catch him, and we will, and he gives us the information we want, you will get the protection you want. For now, you will be in the holding cell. If he doesn’t, you both go down for this. It’s that simple.”

Jacob and Sophia left the room. They got their teams ready and headed over to the Mayor’s house.

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