Divine Help

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Chapter Thirty-One

Chapter Thirty-One

They reached the Mayor’s house and knocked on the door.

“Hello Detectives, what’s going on?”

Jacob spoke. “Mayor, we have some intelligence that says you are the next target and that it’s going to happen tonight. That’s why we are here, sir. We are going to catch the assassin before he can get to you, sir.”

“Do whatever you need to do, Detective. You have unlimited access to whatever you need. Just make sure you get this guy.”

The detectives entered the house and started setting up the operation. They placed officers around the house and neighborhood. They told the Mayor and his family not to change any of their normal activities, and to just ignore the police that were around.

Night fell, and the police got ready to nab the killer before he could strike again.

In the wee hours of the morning, the sliding glass door at the back of the house slid open, and a dark figure crept in and shut the door behind him. He searched the house and found the Mayor and his wife in their bedroom, seemingly fast asleep.

He slipped to the side of the bed where the Mayor was sleeping, and paralyzed him with a small needle, then used another to hit just the right spot so that the Mayor would suffocate in his sleep,

He pulled back the sheet to admire his handiwork, but found a forensics dummy where the Mayor should have been.

Suddenly, light flooded the room and officers swarmed in with weapons raised.

Jake came up from behind and put his gun to the guy’s head. “Give me a reason, that’s all I need. Give me a freaking reason to pull this trigger!”


Andrew Hammonds gave up easily. He placed his hands on his head after dropping his hitting needles, and sank to his knees as Jake placed the handcuffs on his wrists. Once he was subdued, he was placed into the back of a patrol car and taken to the station for questioning.

Jake and Sophia entered the room where Andrew was waiting. Jake placed some pictures of the Mayor and his daughter on the table in front of Andrew.

“We know who you are Napalm, or should I say Andrew Hammonds? Who hired you to take out the Mayor and his daughter?”

Andrew didn’t say a word, just stared at the detectives. Jake walked over to Andrew’s side of the table and whispered into his ear.

“You are going down for about a half a dozen murders, so if you want to see the outside world ever again, you better start talking.”

Andrew looked up at Jake and smiled. “You don’t have anything on me, Detective. I don’t even know who these people are, except what you told me about them. I have never seen them before.”

Jake just smiled. “Ah, so you think we don’t? Take a listen to this.” Jake played him back the conversation he had with Charles. “We have you for the attempted murder of the Mayor, and your MO matches that of the murder of the Mayor’s daughter, and another we are currently looking at. So we have you on that one as well. That will get you two life sentences, and possibly a third, so you better give us information we can use if you want a deal to keep the death penalty off the table.”

Andrew grinned. “I’m glad it’s you that I’m talking to, Detective Alexander, because I do have some information that you might find useful.”

“I’m listening…”

“Well, I have information on the whereabouts of one Jaxon Strong. Does that name mean anything to you, Detective?” Jake started to ask where she was, but Andrew stopped him with an upraised hand. “Not so fast, detective. First things first, I want immunity and protection, before I give any information.”

“You know as well as I do that you’re not going to get anything, much less immunity until you give us the information. I will tell you right now, that it will be a cold day before you get immunity. If the information you give up pans out, we will talk about protection and/or taking the death penalty.”

“I guess I don’t have any other choice but to trust you. The information I have is earth-shattering, at least to you, it will be.” He laughed and then continued. “Your old partner, Jaxon Strong? She is still alive, or at least was when I saw her last. The explosion was a diversion. She was kidnapped and taken to my boss. You see, my boss fancies himself somewhat of the romantic type, and loves the females. He saw Jaxon on the nightly news quite a number of times, and decided that he had to have her. What the boss wants, the boss gets.

So he had her watched and after a couple of months, he decided when and where we were to grab her. He asked me to do the job, but not to kill her.

I brought along one of the explosive techs the boss keeps around and had him rig up a bomb that would do just enough to make it look as if she was killed in the blast. I was told that a van would be there to transport her. The van took us to an empty warehouse, where I was told to get on a plane that was waiting for us. I delivered her to the boss, picked up the money he owed me for my services, and then left.”

“Can you show us where you delivered her?” A hint of hope entered Jacob’s eyes.

“I should be able to show it to you on a map, if you have one. After I show you, do we have a deal?”

“Not until we check it out. If we find her, then you might get what we discussed.”

Jacob handed Andrew the map, and he marked the route he took to where his boss was located. Jake and Sophia then left to gather their forces.

Sophia turned to Jake. “We are going to need a small army to get in there Jake.”

“I agree. Let’s go tell the captain what we have and hopefully we can get the small army we need. We should keep the Mayor informed as well. We found his daughter’s killer.”

“We should also have the district attorney in on this as well. Let’s go talk to the captain and get the ball rolling, mate.”

They entered the captain’s office and saw that the Mayor, and the A.D.A were already there, so they started to fill them in on the plan.

“Napalm has proof that Jaxon is still alive.”

The room fell into a shocked silence. The district attorney was the first to speak. “Are you sure he is telling the truth about Jaxon being alive?”

“He knew everything about the case, including things only law enforcement knew about.. He was ordered to kidnap him. He has agreed to show us where they took her, but he wants a few things for himself.”

“Let me guess. He wants immunity and protection from these animals?”

The Mayor spoke up. “You can’t give him that. He has to be punished for what he did to my little girl.”

Jacob turned to the Mayor. “Sir, I know how you feel. He will not be getting immunity, but if we are to get all these criminals off the street, we do have to make some sort of deal with some of them to get the ones calling the shots, I’m sure you understand.”

“I understand, and as long as he doesn’t get immunity and pays for what he has done I know my wife will. She is going to be really upset if she finds out that our daughter’s killer won’t be getting the death penalty, but she will be okay.”

The ADA spoke up. “He will be locked up for the rest of his life. There is nothing for you and your wife to worry about, Mayor.”

“All right, everyone,” Everyone turned to Jacob. “Here is what needs to happen. We are going to need a small army to get in where they are holding Jaxon. If everything goes our way, we will get a lot of these people off the streets and hopefully make this a safer place for the rest of us. Captain, we will need SWAT on this one.”

The captain nodded. “You got anything you need, Jacob. I’ll make the call to the SWAT commander and let him know what’s going on. I’m leaving you in charge, Jake. Let’s just hope she is still alive when we get there.”

They all left the captain’s office and prepared for the mission ahead.

The Captain found Jake and Sophia getting ready. “There you two are. Here is the address where you are to meet SWAT. Go ahead and take a few more officers with you. Go and bring her back, Jake.”

Jacob nodded.

Jacob and the other officers waited for SWAT to get into position before they entered the compound. Jacob got word that the snipers were in position and the rest of the SWAT team was ready to go in with them.

Jacob gave the order to the snipers to take out the guards on the lookout towers. They make their way to the front gate; one of the SWAT officers cut the lock off and opened it. They all fanned out and started searching Jaxon.

Jacob and Sophia headed to the main building with several SWAT officers. They entered the building, weapons drawn, and started searching it floor by floor, arresting the opposition as they went.

Jacob and Sophia headed to the basement while the others made their way to the upper levels.

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